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Dr. John Lerma has been with us before, and his popularity has brought him back, this time to be interviewed by Anne Strieber on his latest book, Learning from the Light. As a hospice physician, he is exposed to the dying every day of his life, and has come to some startling conclusions about what happens when we die, and also why the idea of the persistence of the soul may have a sound scientific basis.

But Dr. Lerma goes beyond that. He is also the doctor who attempted to remove Whitley’s implant, and he talks more than he ever has before about that experience, what he found, and what the very shocked pathologist thought when he examined the fragment that Dr. Lerma did obtain. Anne Strieber talks frankly about the fact that Whitley has learned to use the implant, and tells a little bit about what they both think it might be doing.

Dr. Lerma also talks about a surprising aspect of his career: his experience as hospice doctor for a very powerful and well-connected man who knew many extraordinary secrets, including the truth about the Kennedy assassination and Roswell.

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