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Rose and Rand Flem-Ath were the first authors to bring develop the idea that earth’s surface area may at times shift on its mantle, causing radical changes in the geography of the planet that result in the almost total destruction of civilization.

In this searching interview with Whitley Strieber, Rand Flem-Ath brings us up to date on their latest findings. He discusses such things as the recent discovery of a gigantic 9,600 year old stone structure at Gobkeli Tepi in Turkey, tells us why so many important ancient structures are located on the same meridian as the Great Pyramid, and why many of them are oriented to a north pole that is fifteen hundred miles away from where true north is today.

Whitley and Rand also talk about recent discoveries that explain why geologically frequent crustal shifts do not result in massive surface changes, and Rand vividly describes just what DOES happen during these shifts, and why they result in such profound destruction.

This is one amazing Dreamland, the kind of show we all come here to enjoy!

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