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Peter Levenda interviews Mark Gaffney on the mystery plane that flew over Washington on 9/11. Many news organizations reported on the presence of this plane, and now Mark Gaffney, in possession of FAA radar records, shows that it was NOT a command control plane that also appeared over the city that morning and has been acknowledged by the Air Force, but another, so far unacknowledged, E4B Command aircraft.

So, what did happen? What plane was involved? A piece of raw footage filmed at the White House on 911 by CNN proves that the plane was there.

According to the government, there are only four E4B command and control planes, and they are stationed at Offut AFB in Nebraska. On that morning, though, there were a number of military exercises in progress across the United States and the E4Bs were in or near Washington.

But why on that particular morning? What was really going on that drew them to Washington prior to the attacks?

Listen as Sinister Forces author Peter Levenda explores the mystery of these planes with Mark Gaffney, and the fact that the Air Force continues to deny the presence of the one that flew over the White House.

FLASH: Listen to Whitley Strieber’s report on Flight 77 at the beginning of this program. It has just been revealed that the cockpit door on that plane was NEVER OPENED on that morning, meaning that hijackers never entered the cockpit of the plane that allegedly struck the Pentagon.

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