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What do crop formations mean? Do they have something to do with 2012, or human transformation, or are they a secret message of some kind?

Explore the answers to these questions with famed researchers Steve and Karen Alexander.

We are coming to the end of the 2009 crop circle season, which has been the most prolific and complex ever. Steve and Karen Alexander are among the leading researches in the field, and in this interview Karen tells us just why this season has been so important, and what its implications are for the future. More and more, formations are being seen by researchers as pointing toward 2012, and Karen thinks she knows the reason why.

She explains in cogent and clear language just what sort of a change the formations are predicting, and she suggests that a new understanding of time is involved, which corresponds to Whitley Strieber’s instinct that changes in our relationship to time are happening now.

They also discuss the National Geographic’s upcoming attempt to debunk the formations, and how they may have sent people into legitimate formations to damage them with boards, then claim that the whole formations were made with boards. This leads to startling ideas about just why governments and the scientific establishment would be so relentlessly dedicated to the fiction that the formations are nothing but human vandalism of the fields, and how damaging is the effort to close the human mind to these and other wonders.

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