Russian Nuclear Accident Involved a Nuclear Reactor, According to Experts

August 28, 2019
On August 8, a nuclear accident occurred at a Russian weapons testing site near the village of Nyonoksa, located on the shores of the White Sea. Five people were initially killed and three to six injured in what Russian officials... continued

Rampant Deforestation is being Blamed for the Record Number of Wildfires in the Amazon

August 26, 2019
The country of Brazil is experiencing a record number of wildfires, up 83 percent over than last year, centered in the Amazon, the world's largest rainforest and a crucial natural carbon sink in the fight against global warming. The fires... continued

Nessie Spotted for the 14th Time This Year… This Time from Hong Kong!

August 23, 2019
Another potential sighting of the legendary Loch Ness Monster has been made, the fourteenth such sighting of the elusive 'Nessie' made this year alone. This new sighting is somewhat more unusual than earlier claims, in that it was made from... continued

A Wild and Wooley John Hogue Show Full of Predictions AND an Interruption from a Mysterious Voice!

August 23, 2019
John Hogue is back with his usual scary, controversial and often right predictions. Listen close under the opening roll music and you're going to hear a strange voice say "retropy" "entropy" or "retrograde." Then you hear Whitley say, "Hey, wait... continued

As Above, So Below: Greenland’s Glaciers are Being Threatened by Warm Ocean Temperatures

August 21, 2019
It turns out that record-breaking weather systems aren't the only threats to northern ice sheets: researchers measuring the temperature of the water at the face of Greenland's Helheim Glacier found that the water was abnormally warm, not just near the... continued

Experiencer and Nobel Laureate Kary B. Mullis has Died

August 19, 2019
Nobel Laureate, author, researcher and experiencer Kary B. Mullis has died at the age of 74. Mullis revolutionized the field of DNA research—and indeed all disciplines that involve the use of our genetic code—with his invention of the biochemical process... continued

Martian Methane Is Not Ancient Gas Being Released from Rocks, according to Researchers

August 16, 2019
Researchers have ruled out the possibility that the methane that has been detected in the atmosphere of Mars is due to the erosion of rocks by the Martian wind, yet another step in determining whether the organic molecules in question... continued

It Turns Out That Contrails are Bad for Global Warming Too

August 14, 2019
One might assume that anything that might reflect sunlight back into space, like bright aircraft contrails, would be good for decreasing the effects of global warming, but a new study predicts that the atmospheric heat trapped by the water vapor... continued

A Large Object Has Impacted Jupiter, and its Great Red Spot May Be Safe—For Now

August 12, 2019
Jupiter has found itself in the spotlight again, this time with news that reports of the demise of its famous Great Red Spot may have been greatly exaggerated, and also that the Solar System's largest planet may have once again... continued

Scientists Create Controversial Human-Monkey Chimeras

August 9, 2019
A team of researchers working in China have announced that they have successfully created human-monkey chimeras, in the form of monkey embryos that grow human cells as part of their biological structure. This experiment aims to develop a new method... continued