Tails, Birds, Nests and the Passing Seasons

November 19, 2014
It’s fall, and birds and squirrels are stocking up on food for winter and building materials for their nests. Squirrels, like some dogs, have long fluffy tails. Other dogs have their tails docked. This is an old tradition, which originated... continued

Why I Got a Brain Tumor: a Possible Answer

November 3, 2014
When we did a couple of interviews recently, I noticed that radiation was mentioned quite often. Whitley and I have always wondered what caused my brain tumor, and I am thinking that perhaps it had something to do with an... continued

Becoming an Antique

October 26, 2014
When we visited a producer recently, we were surprised to discover that his office contained a proud display of all the sort of furniture Whitley and I grew up with—circa around 1957. There was a dining table with chairs that... continued

My Uri Geller Experience

October 16, 2014
When we interviewed Uri Geller, it turned out that he had a gift for me. When I told him I had cancer, he gave me a suggestion: he said I should meditate every morning and visualize my brain healing. So,... continued

Football is Back

October 14, 2014
I’ll miss baseball, but I’m glad football season is finally here. For one thing, NFL players all have their last names on their jerseys, unlike the Yankees. The Yankees only have their numbers, so, unless it’s somebody like Derek Jeeter,... continued

A Contented Traveler on the Bardo Express

September 26, 2014
Football season has started, there’s a fat hummingbird on the feeder, and I am content, but it’s not just sports and bird life that are making me happy. It’s also because things are going surprisingly well. I mean, I haven’t... continued

Think Pink

September 8, 2014
I’ve talked about green, I’ve talked about blue, now I’m going to talk about pink—Pepto-Bismol pink, which is soothing not just because it's the color of a notably gentle medication. The color itself is soothing, so much so that it's... continued

Stuck in a Laundry Basket

September 1, 2014
It’s very hard to predict earthquakes. So far, nobody has found a reliable method. There was just recently a major quake in Napa, the winemaking capital of California. It didn’t reach us down here in southern California, but I ended... continued

We’re Losing Our Clowns: ADDITION August 24

August 18, 2014
The recent suicide of Robin Williams reminded me that we are losing our clowns. They are so important, because scientists tell us that for optimal health we need to have at least one good laugh a day. A friend of... continued

Blue Pills, Blue Beads…and Seeing the Visitors

August 14, 2014
In my last diary, I talked about the color green. This time, I want to talk about blue—or rather, blue pills and other things blue. As you can imagine, I take many pills and supplements and in many different colors.... continued