Football season has started, there’s a fat hummingbird on the feeder, and I am content, but it’s not just sports and bird life that are making me happy. It’s also because things are going surprisingly well. I mean, I haven’t died yet, and I consider that VERY surprisingly well! Another thing that hasn’t died is my interest in the world, and the little miracles that form the texture of my life still seem to happen almost every day.

The other night at our weekly discussion group, some of us fell asleep. (It’s a terrific group, but it was also a very hot night!) Whitley said I came to him out of my body and said to him, “it’s wonderful here.” He said that I was very happy and trying to let him in on the secret of the other side.
I don’t remember the incident, but I have to ask, was I dying then and becoming a ghost? If so, then it looks like I’ll have a happy ghosthood!

Whitley and I see ghosts all the time, and Whitley meditated for many years with people who told him that they were from between lives. Seven of them used to make themselves known by crashing down on the roof of his mediation room. I went in with him one night, but when those thuds started, I had to get out of there! How he did that night after night for all those years, I’ll never know. It was completely incredible and totally real. I witnessed it.

Our group has been going for over thirty years (we’ve been members for five) and we all feel that many of the deceased members are still with us. There are about 20 of us in this life, but the room where we get together is often crowded with the unseen! Sometimes, orbs have showed up and even been photographed. I think that the group might itself be between the worlds.

In fact, one long-time member who is passing right now, came for a final visit week before last. So we’re all wondering if, once he gets his bearings in his new state, whether or not he’ll continue to attend.

We shall see.


  1. dear anne i’m sending
    dear anne i’m sending strength and courage for your journey. contentment is a world unto itself. now if i could only figure out how to stay longer each time i visit there. i’m happy things are going so good for you.

  2. I am happy for you as well.
    I am happy for you as well.

  3. We die every time we go to
    We die every time we go to sleep dear Anne and we learn also.How to cope with being here mostly xx

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Thanks for the great diary
    Thanks for the great diary entry, Anne. Please keep up the good work!

    When that happened to Whitley (visiting him out of body), didn’t it frighten him to think you might have died and crossed over?

  6. It didn’t frighten me at all.
    It didn’t frighten me at all. We are long past fear of death, me and my beautiful one. She looked the way she looks when she’s telling me something exciting and wonderful.

  7. Anne (& Whitley) … these
    Anne (& Whitley) … these journals with the experiences of Anne’s travels in and out of other dimensions (don’t quite know what else to call it) are so interesting and enlightening. My sister went to the train and boarded it. Our great aunt sat with her a while. She told my sister she could not go further as it wasn’t her time. My sister didn’t want to leave … she was ready and willing to go. There was much peace for her there. Obviously she got off the train or i would not know about her experience.
    My sister’s experience is reinforced by Anne’s similar story. It will be so sad for me if my sister dies first… as i have always called her my twin (although we are 1 1/2 years apart) and she is my closest friend. I love her dearly. I will miss her so much. The sense of joy and peace which i receive from Anne’s journals, makes me free from fear. Whitley said exciting and wonderful, is exactly what i want for her. She has had a very challenging life with similarities to Anne’s story. She is a gentle soul and i want only the best for her. I find these stories of overlapping “dimensions” life, between life, and next life to be reassuring. Thank you both for your openness. Perhaps contentment is a sign of the well-developed soul, not clinging here or going forward too soon, and excitement and wonderful express readiness and work here well done.

  8. Dear Anne, Your out-of-body
    Dear Anne, Your out-of-body visit to Whitley suggests to me that on some level, you are experimenting with death, and finding it not so bad at all. It’s not quite the same, but I have been aware in many dreams that I am trying out possible futures. I do believe that we have that capacity. When I was seriously ill a few years back, and the doctor gave me a 50-50 chance of recovery, I would test the waters, so to speak. One time I asked my deeper self what it was like to die, and distinctly ‘saw’ myself high up on a cumulus cloud; then I just stepped behind one part of it. So that’s it, I realised, and I was greatly reassured. However, I am still here, fifteen years later, so clearly that vision was not an omen, just a very helpful insight.
    Whatever your soul chooses, dear Anne, you will be happy. And I suspect that either way, here or there, you will be the same witty, warm, genuine person that writes these lovely journal entries.

  9. when it’s our time we
    when it’s our time we transcend space and time, or go into our personal caves. It is our decision! I wish it were my time! We create our reality! It is the gift. All the creativity and work by Ann is profound!

  10. I just picked up your book
    I just picked up your book “Miraculous Journey” yesterday and am halfway through it already. I am very touched by your story as I have been there myself. I feel a kinship with you both. I pray for your peace.

  11. “There are certain magical
    “There are certain magical formulae which operate throughout the centuries of Man’s mental history in ever new ways, In Greece one such formula was regarded as an oracle of Apollo. It runs: ‘Know Thyself.’ Such sentences seem to conceal within them an unending life. One comes upon them when following the most diverse roads in mental life. The further one advances, the more one penetrates into the knowledge of things, the deeper appears the significance of these formulae. in many a moment of our brooding and thinking, they flashout like lightning, illuminating our whole inner being. In such moments there quickens within us a feeling as if we hard the heart-beat of the evolution of mankind. How close do we not feel ourselves to personalities of the past, when the feeling comes over us, through one of their winged words, that they are revealing to us that they, too, had had such moments!”

    Rudolf Steiner
    Berlin, September, 1901
    “Mystics of the Renaissance”

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