April 12, 2006
Jesus died around 30 AD. We know this because Pontius Pilate ran Judea for the Romans from 26 to 36 AD. However, the first gospel to be written, the gospel of Mark, did not appear until around 40 years later.... continued

The Gift of Time

March 25, 2006
At my first birthday celebration after I got out of the hospital, my new daughter-in-law brought me a Splenda cheesecake, since I was still on a strict diet. We put some candles on it for me to blow out. I... continued

A Message From John Mack

March 10, 2006
So many of you wrote about my recent Diary telling about the Australian medium Glennys MacKay contacting the late UFO researcher John Mack, that I felt it was unfair not to report on John's message right away. John was there... continued

Anne’s Diary: Seize the Day

March 9, 2006
Glennys MacKay, an incredible medium from Australia, contacted us suddenly by email a few weeks ago, saying she had been "called" by her spirit guides to come to the United States. I took this opportunity to get her together with... continued

It’s Over Isn’t It?

February 28, 2006
Now that we know that gayness is a physical state that some people are born with, just like skin color, gay bashing has to become a thing of the past, doesn't it? Surely we can't continue to tolerate any kind... continued


February 18, 2006
I got a message from God because I successfully ordered something over the internet. If you don't think that's too crazy (or even if you do), keep reading. While I think of myself as a reader of serious media, there... continued

A Visit to Art

January 15, 2006
We visited our bereaved friend Art Bell this weekend. Ramona, his beloved wife of ten years, died suddenly on January 5th, and now he's very much alone. As has been happening so often lately, I got a message about Art... continued

I Met an Angel in Kinkos

January 6, 2006
This event occurred just after we heard the tragic news about the sudden death of Art Bell's wife Ramona on January 5th. Besides being devastated for Art, whom he has always considered to be his "twin" brother, Whitley was shaken... continued

Christmas Memories

December 24, 2005
Every Christmas season, like most people, I take photographs of the Christmas tree and of everyone opening their presents. But I like to take a mental photograph as well, of the one event that defines the season for me. Last... continued

Anne’s Diary: God as a Mathematical Formula

December 7, 2005
This coming weekend, in a subscriber interview with Gary Schwartz, the author of The Afterlife Experiments and the upcoming book The G.O.D. Experiments, I discuss my near death vision of God as a mathematical formula. While I have never written... continued