I’ll miss baseball, but I’m glad football season is finally here. For one thing, NFL players all have their last names on their jerseys, unlike the Yankees. The Yankees only have their numbers, so, unless it’s somebody like Derek Jeeter, you have to guess who’s who.

One thing that fascinates me about NFL is the signals the umpires use to communicate about fouls and so forth. Whitley says that I’m only interested in the tight pants, and I notice that in a huddle, some of those guys are pretty trim. But not all. There are some trucks rumbling around out there for sure.

A lesson for all guys: if you want to slim down, take up running. We used to do it, and it works. Football teams are much slimmer than they used to be, when they would try to put on weight in order to make their blocking and tackling more effective. They still do, but along with that weight has come a new emphasis on speed.

A magazine article I read a few years ago quoted one NFL player as saying that he would get kicked out of all-you-can-eat restaurants. A slimmer team is faster, more agile and more fun to watch.

Slimming down might mean fewer injuries, and that would be a real blessing. The one thing about football that I DON’T like is the constant threat of injury. It’s a lovely game with a dark side. Let’s keep the lovely and lighten up the dark.And, come to think of it, that’s a good lesson for life, too!

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  1. I was one of the first Kindle
    I was one of the first Kindle readers, Anne! I loved it. I t is also a reference for helping others!

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