How I Get Around

June 26, 2015
As I sit in a wheelchair and cannot go a foot on my own, I use sounds to inform me of what's happening around me. For example, I use what I call the "Smoochie Alarm" to let me know when... continued

Dawgs in Our Life

June 10, 2015
Billy Collins wrote a hilarious poem about dogs called “Why I No Longer Keep a Gun in the House.” It’s about his struggles with a constantly yapping dog. I have two dogs in my life. One is purebred and very... continued

Cheer Up!

June 7, 2015
I'm sitting in a wheelchair recovering from a stroke, so I find I need cheering up. Part of what I do is watch my clumsy husband lurch around, part of it is remembering all the funny stuff that has happened... continued

The Fire Next Time?

May 27, 2015
The terrible floods in Texas are unfolding in areas where many of our friends live, in Blanco, Wimberly, Austin and Houston. As far as we know, none of our friends have been injured or lost their homes, but things are... continued

My Moment as a Medium

May 22, 2015
I was listening to Jeremy Vaeni’s terrific interview with Maxine Meilleur when I remembered my own moment of mediumship. We attend a study group on Tuesday nights, and many members of it are accomplished in things like mystical and alchemical... continued

Anne’s Diary: Race

May 22, 2015
In view of all the racial unrest taking place in this country right now, I am reposting this diary from 2007: A recent altercation at our local Farmer's Market got me to thinking about how segregated the world has become.... continued


May 14, 2015
I've been thinking again about angels. Actually, I think about them a lot. A big part of the reason is that both Whitley and I have had angel experiences. I have written about the angel I saw in a Kinko's a... continued

Mother’s Day

May 7, 2015
This is a repeat of my Mother's Day diary entry from 2013. It's still very relevant! When you have kids or grandkids, in this day of iPhone photos and videos, you are ALWAYS comparing pictures of the little ones with... continued

Serious Crimes at Dog Shows

March 20, 2015
Over the past two years, the kind of serious crime that is usually reserved for humans has extended into the world of canines. In February of 2013, Cruz, a dog in contention at the 18th Annual Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog... continued


March 5, 2015
After two strokes, I am spending most of my time in a wheelchair. I'm practically a bionic woman. I have to be fed through a tube that has been inserted into my stomach. I can look at my left arm, which... continued