When we interviewed Uri Geller, it turned out that he had a gift for me. When I told him I had cancer, he gave me a suggestion: he said I should meditate every morning and visualize my brain healing. So, I started. How to go about this? I don’t know what the cancer might look like. I thought that I would visualize a healthy brain.

But that isn’t what came into my mind. Far from it, for some reason, a missing compact which I hadn’t seen in years was what floated into my mind’s eye. I figured, well, I tried for something big—healing—but I got something kind of silly instead.

As you know (or maybe you don’t) Uri is noted for causing things to materialize in odd ways. In one incident, he was having lunch at the Stanford Research Institute with our mutual friends Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Dr. Russell Targ, when he noticed something hard in his ice cream. He took it out, asking what it might be. Edgar thought it was vaguely familiar. Then, a few minutes later, they found another piece on the floor. When the two were fitted together, they turned out to be a tie clip that Edgar had lost years before.

Something similar once happened to Whitley. Many years ago, we had a small motorboat which we used on the Hudson River. He was tying it up one night when he fell into the water. When he surfaced, it turned out that he’d lost his glasses. They were old, with a badly repaired fret, so it wasn’t much more than an annoyance. He got new glasses a few days later and we forgot the incident.

One morning a couple of years later, we woke up in our apartment in New York City, and there were the glasses lying on his bedside table, complete with badly-repaired fret.

What this sort of thing may mean I don’t know, but I do know that things like this occasionally happen to people—and often when they are around Uri.

I went into the bathroom to get dressed. I opened a drawer and there, incredibly, was the compact I had just been visualizing! I open that drawer every day and so does Whitley, and the compact was absolutely not in it. Not for years. But there it was, and here it is right now in my hand.

Now, where do I take this? It’s as if the reappearance of the compact has told me that there is real power in visualization. I intend to keep meditating and visualizing, and see where I can go with it. So, thanks, Uri!

Some people are capable of real magic, it’s that simple. In fact, when we had the Huffington Post’s Weird News editor Lee Spiegel on in 2011, he told an amazing story about Doug Henning, who had learned some real magic just before he died. Subscribers can listen to that show by clicking here.

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  1. Looks like your intention
    Looks like your intention became reality.

  2. My mother’s childhood friend,
    My mother’s childhood friend, who is a rather accomplished Sci-fi author, was at one point, over a decade ago, diagnosed with advanced breast cancer (i think it was in the breast, but maybe elsewhere, it’s been a while).
    She told me that she did a daily meditation where she visualized bees coming to her cancer and taking it away like pollen.
    She swore it worked.
    She lives actively as a writer still.
    Thank you for the diary Anne.
    Don’t stop meditating.
    With Love to you.

  3. For many, many reasons, which
    For many, many reasons, which I won’t go into here. Uri is the real thing!

  4. Anne, I am rooting for you.
    Anne, I am rooting for you. Your situation reminds me of a movie I watched in 1988-yeah I remember some things that far back ;). The movie was called “Leap of Faith” with Anne Archer and Sam Neill. It is a lovely little made-for-t.v. movie about a woman diagnosed with end stage cancer and shows one of the earliest attempts at showing alternative methods to heal illness on U.S. mainstream media. It is based on a true story and I highly recommend it. Please don’t confuse it with the 1992 movie of the same name. I am looking around to see if I can find it, if so, will mail you a copy.

  5. Anne, what a fantastic
    Anne, what a fantastic experience! I have a few questions in regards to Uri Geller. Does he use magical words, chants, numbers or any sort of mystical invocations? Does he just do his thing knowing it will work for him but not knowing exactly the physics behind it all? He is Jewish, so could some of his abilities have been handed down through genetics (DNA)?

    The Hebrews knew how to create Golems…..This required magic. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golem

    Was the knowledge of a spiritual alchemy passed down from Hermetic Principles to the Hebrews?

    Did your compact that had been missing for so many years hold some sort of emotional memory for you?

    The interview with Uri Geller is going to be a (mind-bender). Thanks Anne, I really like this Diary.

  6. I’m not sure if you’ve
    I’m not sure if you’ve realized this Anne, but you’ve got a knack for manifestation, especially in the seemingly little things that you’ve been reporting since your burst aneurism (dryer sheets, Magic Castle bathrooms, etc.). Continue with Uri’s suggestion of manifesting a healthy brain, ’cause if anyone can do it, you can.

    However, don’t try to picture what you might think of as a healthy brain, since that’s a little too specific (and as you’ve put it, what does that even look like to begin with?), but rather put your attention on your brain, and imagine the feeling of it in the process of healing. Imagine it as vividly alive, tingling with all the synapses firing merrily away. That way, it can heal in the way it should heal, rather than in the way one might expect it to heal.

    This is something I’ve done ever since Whitley broke the news about your tumor, and I just automatically do this whenever you come to mind. Hopefully it’s played a part, amongst everyone’s myriad efforts to try to manifest healing for you.

  7. Dear Whitley & Anne,

    Dear Whitley & Anne,
    Just wanted you both to know how much I care for both of you and Love Love the show.
    I don’t know what I would do if you guys stop the show, It would break my heart, to think I could not hear your voices any more. I know Annes been sick and you must always think of her first and always. I feel your pain as if you are my family. Thank You both for always letting us all know how things are going, just so you know Anne you are not alone, all your fans Love You Both. Your work is very important I love how hard you guys work for us to know about things that other shows don’t have. May God watch over you both. Sincerely God Bless

  8. I love reading about these
    I love reading about these little experiences. Sometimes they impress me even more than the interviews themselves. I did enjoy the interviews with Uri, who sounds just as exhuberant as people describe him, and this little diary entry is the cherry on top.

    You have come to a lovely point in your awakening, Anne, brain tumor and all, and whatever you put your mind to will turn to flowers. Trust in your own magic, and keep shedding light all around you. God Bless.

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