Are the Grays Autistic?

February 24, 2010
In his book "Transformation," Whitley talks about what have come to be known as "the 9 knocks:" 3 sets of 3 knocks each that he heard on the side of our cabin in upstate New York very late one night.... continued

Valentine’s Day: A Realization

February 14, 2010
I had a delightful Valentine's Day this year. About a week ago, I remembered that in the fall, we stopped by our favorite jewelry store, where I spotted some cute earrings. I said, "Get these for me for Christmas," and... continued

Gays in the Military (cont.)

February 9, 2010
My Dad was what might be called an "Equal Opportunity Hater," by which I mean that he hated EVERYBODY, including blacks and most other ethnic groups. But he had an odd sense of fair play: He felt that it was... continued

Left & Right

January 26, 2010
I've been thinking a lot about the brain lately. Since an aneurysm burst inside my head 5 years ago, I guess you could say I almost lost my mine. One thing that continues to fascinate me is the difference between... continued

Tea Dancing

January 19, 2010
When I was a kid, there was a strip in the comics section about a wise possum named Pogo. His most famous statement was "We have seen the enemy and he is us." I see some of the current political... continued


January 6, 2010
Ever since I woke up from having almost died of a brain aneurysm on October 16, 2004, I've had flashes of what I call "psychic intuition." I also often find myself in the right place and the right time and... continued


December 30, 2009
We all have revelations at the turn of the year when we, like the Roman god Janus, look both forward and back. This was the year I discovered that I am, in effect, homeless. I haven't really felt at home... continued


December 8, 2009
As part of a documentary that our filmmaker friend Timothy Greenfield-Sanders is making about Whitley, we recently visited the "Communion" cabin in upstate New York where we were menaced by one of the locals. On the way back to New... continued

On NOT Going to a Movie about UFOs

November 10, 2009
Sometimes you can learn as much from not going to a movie as you can from actually seeing it, because it lets you know where you are in the metaphysical landscape. There are two movies out right now that have... continued

The Laughing Buddha

October 20, 2009
The Stargate Conference during the weekend of October 16- 18 was a time of incredible synchronicity for me, and some of it was downright funny. It started on Friday afternoon, when I rubbed the belly of a fat, golden Buddha... continued