When we did a couple of interviews recently, I noticed that radiation was mentioned quite often. Whitley and I have always wondered what caused my brain tumor, and I am thinking that perhaps it had something to do with an event that took place in the fall of 1993.

One night when we were both in bed (I was asleep), Whitley noticed a purple glow coming from the living room downstairs. This was possible because there was a hall that led from our bedroom to a stairway, and a small balcony at the end of the hall that overlooked the living room.

He was at once concerned because he thought that there might be a fire. He jumped out of bed and ran down the hall and looked over the balcony. What he saw was a ball of purple-pink light hanging in the middle of the living room, just above the floor. Our Burmese cat Sadie was creeping toward it.

In those days before smartphones, he kept a camera at the bedside. He was desperate for any sort of physical proof, because he was being really raked over the coals in those days. He rushed back and grabbed it. At the same time, there was a flash of purple light.

When he returned to the balcony, the orb was gone and Sadie was curled up on the floor, apparently asleep.

Frustrated, he went back to bed. The next morning as we got up, Sadie came crawling down the hall yowling. Her eyes had a purple cast and we could see irregular shadows in them. She appeared to be blind.

We rushed her to the vet, who diagnosed cancer. She was dead in two weeks. Eighteen months later, after we had left the cabin, our other cat, Coe, died of cancer.

When I got my brain tumor, we both were left to wonder if this might have been the cause. Then, last June, Whitley suddenly lost his sense of smell. The doctors were afraid that he, also, might have brain cancer, but the cause of his problem has remained unsolved. An MRI scan showed a normal brain.

So far, he’s healthy, but I have to live with this thing and that is real hard. I read somewhere that living with a brain tumor is like being a character in Alice in Wonderland. I know what that means: I put things down and they disappear; I have to ask Whitley to find my underwear or tie my shoes. I have no sense of time or any ability to judge quantities. I can’t type, so I’m dictating to Whitley. While my tumor isn’t growing, I have lost a lot of myself and a lot of my ability to live life.

Whitley does all the cooking, the cleaning, all the work, and also has to keep writing to make money. I dearly wish that I could help, but I can’t. Ironically, what I can do is be creative, and I am constantly able to give him useful advice and strong ideas. I might not be able to make a cup of coffee, but I’m still a darned good muse—I can still use the right side of my brain—and that’s what counts the most.

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  1. Nice piece, Anne. I know a
    Nice piece, Anne. I know a bit how you feel. Severe diabetes has caused White Matter Disease in my brain, which are basically dead spots throughout the white matter. It affects memory badly as well as other things. Basically I live in a constant “present,” and it sounds like you do as well.

    But somehow we get by and do more than just survive. Thank God for that.

    Love your writing, love the site. Keep it up!

  2. I bet what counts the most to
    I bet what counts the most to Whitley is that you greet him with that warm smile every morning.

  3. Anne, Thank you for your
    Anne, Thank you for your strength and sharing. My brother died of brain cancer that I believe resulted from his work with radar systems and the critically damaging EMF fields associated with them. My investigations in this EMF problem led to a mineral that can only be called magical. You and Whitley owe it to yourselves and those of us who so deeply appreciate all you have given us to take a look at the information contained on cosmicreality.net regarding Shungite. If the information resonates, please use the contact button so I can send you free Shungite to see if it can do another magical healing. Your mission might be to enter the faster-than-light realms or it may be to stay with us and add your testimonial to a gift from Mother Earth that is giving us the power to become empowered. Much admiration and appreciation – Nancy Hopkins


  4. You are facing this ordeal
    You are facing this ordeal with courage and dignity. We pray you get through it.

  5. Wow, Anne and Whitley! All
    Wow, Anne and Whitley! All the years have shown how deep and how deeply you have grown together. Inspiring and beautiful. Continued prayers for you both and your family.

    Thank you both for all you have done, and continue to do… for us. I have a wee bit of a sense of your passion and dedication to your work, and feel rather humbled by that. It is a gift to us. No words can express how it feels to know that… know not with mind, but spirit. How seldom do i think about all the work, sacrifice, dedication, love, respect, etc. with which people like you, in whatever their field of endeavor, do what they do – for the benefit of others. Lives spent on others – the kind of antique i wish to become some day.

  6. Our lovely Anne Strieber. May
    Our lovely Anne Strieber. May God bless YOU and WHITLEY in every possible way. You both define courage, strength and hope. THANK YOU.

  7. Yes, you are his Muse. A Muse
    Yes, you are his Muse. A Muse is the most valuable thing in the world to an artist, writer, musician, etc. But you are also Whitley’s beloved, and you are dearly loved by us. Thanks for the very interesting article!

  8. I’ve heard that said before
    I’ve heard that said before that encounters with the visitors often involve high amounts of radiation.

    The radiation must have been intense in the situation that you mentioned with your cats for them to die so quickly. I am so sorry that you developed a cancer from this experience, and If I could, I would make it go away, so that you and Whitely could live your lives again unencumbered by its presence.

    Its been my experience that people who have a deep spiritual connection with life, seem to take on this disease with courage, and emotional strength.

    You both are in my prayers..

  9. I remember hearing on here at
    I remember hearing on here at some point from Whitley his telling of the sad demise of Sadie, whose cancer’s provenance seems to have directly been that purple orb. If it has affected you and possibly Whitley, just…what a travesty. Did it know it was giving off cancer causing emissions? Did it do so on purpose? Was it related to the close encounter experience? The greys? We may unfortunately never know the answers to those questions. We live in a highly mysterious, and indeed mysteriously dangerous, world and universe. But I don’t have to tell you or Whitley that! 🙂

    Much love, support, and prayers in your healing process and well-being Anne from this subscriber. While I can’t directly empathize with you, I can indirectly through my father who was somewhat of a prisoner in his own body due to advanced neuropathy caused by diabetes, who just passed away very young at age 64.

    My very best to you and Whitley,


  10. You two are amazing. And,
    You two are amazing. And, I’m so sorry about what happened to the cats. And, of course, what happened to you, Anne. I have nothing but admiration for both of you. After all you have been through.

    I had a brother-in-law, very young guy, who died from a brain tumor 10 years ago. He had a young wife, and 3 great kids. No one knows how he got this tumor. He was a middle child of five, who grew up in the country in the midwest. He was healthy, went hunting, and fishing, and had a great job. No one else in the family has had this happen to them.

    I’m so hoping and praying, that someone can come up with a way to safely remove these tumors, without causing damage. I will continue, to pray for you Anne.

  11. Bless you, Anne, for your
    Bless you, Anne, for your honest and open heart. I admire you and Whitley very much.

  12. Anne, thank you for all
    Anne, thank you for all you’ve done for Contactees & Experiencers. For more than 25 years I’ve looked to you both for guidance and support wherever my journey has taken me or pushed me to evolve in unfamiliar territory. You’re a lady of profound intellect and grace, and I will continue to send you both Healing love and prayers.

  13. I think Anne should ingest
    I think Anne should ingest some cannabis regularly. Yes, I am very serious.

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