Anne’s Diary Starts Again

December 8, 2016
On August 17, 2015, a week after Anne's death, I concluded her diary. Since then, there have been many incidents which have seemed to me to suggest that her consciousness is still intact and her presence is continuing. In the journal... continued

Anne’s Diary: Final Entry by Whitley Strieber

August 18, 2015
This concludes Anne's Diary. Her first entry was posted on April 6, 2000, her last on July 27, 2015. She loved her diary, and thought that this collection of essays, more than anything else she did, gave expression to her... continued

Ghosts and Ghostbusters

July 28, 2015
I just finished watching one of my favorite films, “Ghostbusters,” on TV. It made me realize that we’ve interviewed REAL ghost watchers on Dreamland. This has gotten me thinking about ghosts, just in general. (Subscribers can still listen to the... continued

Go Skip a Watchman

July 17, 2015
There's a ad on TV that claims that the oldest trees produce the sweetest fruit. I grew up on an orchard, and I know that this is wrong. The oldest trees produce the sourest fruit. At 89, Harper Lee has... continued

Batter Up!

July 13, 2015
When we lived in New York, Whitley and I had season tickets to Yankee Stadium, and we’re still fans. Whitley was a fan when he was a kid, largely because a local radio station in San Antonio carried the Yankees... continued

Francis vs Benedict

July 10, 2015
What a difference a pope makes! Benedict was a clothes horse. He used so much ermine in his regalia that there was an ermine shortage while he was enjoying his papacy. He dusted off thousand year old vestments and tiaras.... continued

Trump is Trumped

July 4, 2015
Anne Richards, former governor of Texas, once said that George Bush Sr was born with a silver foot in his mouth. Blindingly wealthy Donald Trump seems to have the same problem when he characterizes Mexican immigrants as rapists. Our friends... continued

A Visit from Our Magical Daughter

June 30, 2015
Our magical daughter came to visit us for an overnight, and we were thrilled to see her. You can have a child who isn't related to you by blood, but by love, and that's why our God-daughter is so precious... continued

Tubes Out!

June 28, 2015
My tubes that I have been living with since January are out! The doctor took them out yesterday, and the last one came out with a loud “pop!” Now I can taste food again, but I can taste medicine, too,... continued

How I Get Around

June 26, 2015
As I sit in a wheelchair and cannot go a foot on my own, I use sounds to inform me of what's happening around me. For example, I use what I call the "Smoochie Alarm" to let me know when... continued