The Yips

June 2, 2014
The ‘yips’ is a term golfers use to describe a condition where they become compulsively unable to sink balls. They’ve also learned that they’re more likely to sink a putt if they don’t try too hard to hit the hole.... continued

Wise Women Who Wait

May 31, 2014
When our son was starting to study the classics in high school, one of the books he was assigned was Maya Angelou’s ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.’ He said to me, ‘mom, why is she so famous?’ I... continued

Memorial Day, 2014

May 27, 2014
I’m writing this on Memorial Day. It might surprise you to know that Whitley’s family has had at least one soldier in every war our country has ever fought, from the Revolution to Afghanistan. That includes both sides during the... continued

Unstuck in Time

May 25, 2014
I woke up today (Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend) and realized that I’d gotten a message from Dog. (God, in my own special vision. To learn more, click here.) This particular message was about time travel. It started this way:... continued

Why Life is a Can of Tuna, One Year On

May 17, 2014
Last June 27, I wrote the diary below. At the time I was on radiation and chemotherapy. Nobody really expected me to still be here in May of 2014, but here I am. I'm on chemotherapy 5 days a month... continued

Invaded by Faerys

April 28, 2014
If you've kept up with my diaries, you know that ghosts have been lounging around our apartment. It appears that we've been invaded by faerys as well. In the old days, they were feared because, among other things, they were known... continued

Ley Lines, Desire Lines–and Easter Eggs

April 22, 2014
For thousands of years in the Celtic world, people understood ley lines. They have a different meaning now, but in those days that these energy lines were the routes that faery folk took in their trooping journeys. Interestingly enough, there... continued


April 17, 2014
Last May, just before my tumor was discovered, we had a wonderful experience that has let Whitley and I to a new understanding of God--as Dog. Whitley was meditating and suddenly saw a dog from his childhood called Quagmire. Quag... continued

What’s It Like…To Go Through a Midsized Earthquake?

March 28, 2014
We had a 4.4 earthquake here in Los Angeles a few days ago. It woke us both up from sound early morning sleep. It reminded me of the late Roger Leir. He was once working with another surgeon whom I... continued

All Good Things Come to He Who Waits

February 19, 2014
UPDATE! Speaking of waiting, I'm in the hospital after a fall downstairs caused by sudden instability that came about because my ventricular shunt, which controls pressure in my brain, had failed. (This happens to these things. It's nothing to do with... continued