The finale of The Experience is here. Host Jeremy Vaeni leaves us with a dynamic way of understanding the universe, our place in it, and beyond, that will stick with you long after the final goodbye.

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  1. Wow. “Do it better than I did?” Nobody does what you have done for us here at UC better than you. Crap, now I’m crying. I felt like you were in the room talking just to me. I’m heading over to to say “Aloha!” there. Thanks, Jeremy.

    1. Author

      That’s amazingly sweet, thank you. I’m in the midst of creating a free version of the message board so you can do just that. But if you have the funds and the need, Lifetime membership is over half off.

      1. Thanks, Jeremy. I just found out today that we sold a propery that we’ve had on the market for over a year! Guess membership IS in the cards! Synchronicity! 😃

    2. Author


      If you are into what Our Undoing is about, please join the Sitting Circle message board and help me build a safe “spiritual” community unafraid to not know.

      It’s completely free! (That much we do know.)

  2. Jeremy,
    Could you repeat that?
    Thanks for all the fish!
    …And for being part of THE Experience…

    1. Author

      Deep breath, aaaaand…. No, I guess I can’t.

      Thank YOU!

  3. @54:00 “Knowing” it keeps you locked into this universe. A powerful, parting quote fr Jeremy I hear that I must turn my back on beliefs, time, all constructs to know or be pure, to know truth, to return to the source. TURE Truth within the Universe IS REality. Ashé Jeremy.

    1. Author

      See the falseness of them and then you won’t have to turn your back. It’ll just be the case. When the false is exposed, what happens?

  4. The names the brain invents to explain the essence of life becomes personalised and we end up naming these entities As Buddha, Christ, Maitreya etc which are only names for that which is beyond the capacity of the brain to comprehend. Science attempts to explain its miracles in scientific terms and this gives assurance to scientists and to others that they understand the processes they are describing and attempting to discover. In the end, at best, they discover what is already there in the universe.

  5. …Further: No scientist ever creates anything. Creation is beyond the capacity of the brain to understand. The brain can never understand creation, because it can never stand outside the boundaries of its own thought. All explanations are a product of thought, so explanations can never be the thing itself. It can merely point in the direction of the thing explained.” The explanation is not the mystery itself!

    1. Author

      I think we are capable of comprehending more than we believe. The problem area is the explanation not being the thing itself, as you say.

      There’s explaining (and story-telling) and there’s being. If you spend your life as an explainer/story-teller, it may never dawn on you to be that which you’re babbling about, or even that you could, even when the story you’re telling is that we all can.

  6. I hope Im not too terribly late.
    Hey Jeremy.
    Well done.
    I have sifted thru… rearranged puzzle pieces… matched colors… even said, “Just be.”
    Shhhh…I got something out of your last show I didnt have: another puzzle piece! Since Im probably the lowest common denominator, sometimes I get lost in jargon… hem and haw and then spill a bunch of dots out in my sentences! =)
    I could say Aloha. I could say thanks dude! I think I’ll stick with via con dios. or maybe till our paths cross again.
    Do what you do.
    *two thumbs up and a cheesy smile (Grant McGee)
    Harley HG (gobekli tepe)

  7. Thanks Jeremy for all the years. Agreeing with Jean, that nobody does what you have done for us here better than you.
    Congratulations on such an exceedingly great final episode. One more in a long line of them.

  8. You have opened up so many pathways for me to contemplate. I truly appreciate all you have done . See you at Our Undoing

  9. Undoing yourself… That’s like the opposite of bondage, right?! 😂 Talk about an actual and metaphorical nemesis…I seriously hope ‘you-know-who’ just slinks bank under that bridge. Anyway, it’s been a pleasure to make your vague aquaintance, sir…and so in an un-stalkery effort to continue that, I shall endeavour to sample your other offerings and maybe stump up the heavily discounted £107 GBP for the full unwrapping. Anyway, best of luck, not that you need it and hope to ‘see’ you again, either here or elsewhere.
    Oh yeah…and Thanks…a lot.

  10. I’m not sure how waking up / going clear / self dying helps to comprehend dimensions beyond space-time and those who exist there, but then I don’t comprehend existence without experiencing space, time, mass and force, and I’ve never sought more than management of self.

  11. There is very little chance of the next podcaster being better than you, Jeremy. Thanks for contributing so much.

    Pardon me, but I think of the universe as a subset of multiverses and multidimensional existence beyond space time. I don’t think the universe has to be denied to experience beyond it, and I don’t see the universe as actively trying to constrain us. Maybe our ego is so encumbered that it must be killed. I don’t see it, but then I have no comprehension outside of space-time.

    That’s just me thinking out loud

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