We welcome Jeremy Vaeni back for one of his occasional specials, and this one takes us deep into…Magonia!
Emma Woods is the  experiencer who famously broke off ties to David Jacobs before he could feature her in his upcoming book because she realized he was going off the rails in his approach. What most people don’t realize is that she kept a record of all of her experiences and possibly related phenomena that she recalled prior to their hypnosis sessions. Glimpses of Magonia is that record and it is as thorough as it is fascinating. 
Now, in this exclusive first interview since her book’s release, Emma and host Jeremy Vaeni take us to places we’ve never gone. Let’s go to Magonia! (And on the way, visit Emma on her website: click here!)
Curious about going deeper with Emma? Try a little reading (you remember, you look at a page with words on it and it changes your life…) Click here to get this treasure.
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    1. Awe, thanks. Not that you’d know it from the newsletter. Whoever writes that hates my guts, I am convinced. Even if you hate me, an audio special is added value to the site and should actually be promoted.

      1. Jeremy, I have the feeling that things didn’t end well between you and Whitley, since he pretty much does everything on UC now, probably also the newsletter. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway, I’m thrilled to see you back, if only for a brief visit.

        1. Actually, I’m glad to say, you are wrong. Whitley and I are friends. He has always been supportive of the show, and me, even when I said things you might think he’d find offensive or disagreeable. He’s never asked I tone it back or anything like that. I think he has a genuine appreciation for a diversity of voices in this.

          I’ve had an issue with the newsletter and voiced my concerns privately in the past. To my knowledge he doesn’t do the newsletter. I’m only whining about this publicly here to let whoever it is know that what they’re doing is not benefitting the site or the guest.

          Or I’m just being paranoid, so you can take this as a PSA about me!

          1. I’m glad to hear that. I didn’t mean to come down as harsh on either of. I respect both of you so much. I am also having cognitive issues that make me say or write atypical things, but that’s still no excuse. Please accept my apologies (while I can still read and write). Love you both. Great show as always, Jeremy, and we all do miss you. It was a thrill to see you posted on the website!

      2. Maybe they just forgot to mention you. Can you do your own newsletter?

  1. Hello, Emma Woods and Jeremy. Just wondering Emma if you THINK YOU MIGHT have had earlier experiences before the age of 15 that you simply cannot remember?

    1. I asked. Her reply is:

      “I did have quite a few experiences as a young child, and my earliest memories of them go back to when I was a toddler. I have written about them in my book, Glimpses of Magonia, if you would like to know more about them. Thank you for your interest.”

      Take care!

  2. Thank you for this interview, it made my day to listen to sound, intelligent people talking about something so interesting to me.

  3. Jeremy, I think I get what you are saying about non-attachment and it is not something that is very easy for humans to grok because of the egoic operating system and the duality/polarity of the dimension that we live in. We tend look at it as being a thing that separates us from what we love, but in truth, it is the egoic operating system, what it has become in humanity, what separates us. When can only truly love from what the ancient Taoists called our Prenatal self, or what many people may call our soul, which exists in a place of unity originally. I did not understand that for many years–decades– and the idea of non-attachment was not a goal for me but then I had the realization that I am not that which is attached. If we are able to move out of non attachment, we are in a place of unity and not attached even to our personal identity, our life even, and that fluidity is what allows us to move more freely, which is what they may have been looking for.

    1. Fascinating! I will order the book asap. I’m another who has had anomalous encounters since early childhood–maybe since 1952 or so. Over the years, I read everything that looked at all plausible, and tried on many different explanations. None ever quite fit, whether ET/UFO, UT, or a form of spiritual entity. Nor have I ever been hypnotized.

      Although there is something IMO that does fit: “…what the force of evolution looks like when it is applied to a conscious mind” (The Super Natural, WS, JJK, 216.)

    1. Thank you. I’m sure I’ll be back. Soon. And in a surprising way!

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