President Moved to Walter Reed Medical Center

October 2, 2020
President Trump went to Walter Reed Medical Center Friday afternoon, 24 hours after testing positive for COVD-19. The president is on a treatment regimen that includes an experimental polyclonal cocktail of antibodies developed by pharmaceutical company Regeneron. He is also... continued

New Bodies of Water Have Been Found Under the Surfaces of Mars and Ceres

September 30, 2020
Two years after first finding evidence of a liquid-water lake under the southern ice cap of Mars, the same research team responsible for the 2018 discovery has found evidence of even more bodies of water under the frozen Martian wastes.... continued

Scientists Developing a Vaccine that Spreads Like a Virus. What Could Go Wrong?

September 28, 2020
Should artificial self-spreading vaccines that confer mass immunity be released. Or is that a good idea? A group of scientists believe that it may be possible to use the self-spreading qualities of viruses to spread immunity instead of disease. If... continued

COVID-19 Has Killed Two Hundred Thousand Americans

September 26, 2020
On September 22, 2020, the United States marked a grim milestone in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with the coronavirus having killed its 200,000th victim. The number of American casualties currently stands at 203,800, the highest of any single nation in... continued

It’s All Greek To Me: NHC Runs Out of Names for Atlantic Storms, With More on the Way

September 24, 2020
For only the second time in history, the National Hurricane Center has run out of names for tropical storm systems that have formed in the Atlantic in a given season, having to resort to labeling new storms with the backup... continued

A Long-Abandoned Idea From Einstein May Transport Us to the Stars

September 22, 2020
Long-range space exploration is currently hamstrung by having to accelerate spacecraft in comparative fits and starts using rocket engines that can only fire for a few minutes at a time, followed by months, years, and even decades of the spacecraft... continued

Astronomers Have Detected Potential Signs of Life in the Clouds of Venus

September 19, 2020
For the last few decades NASA has been leaving few stones on the surface of Mars unturned—quite literally in some cases—in the search for extraterrestrial life within our own Solar System. But now an international team of researchers has found... continued

False Rumors About West Coast Wildfires Spread Quickly, Detracting from Core Issues

September 15, 2020
Authorities in Oregon have been calling on the public to refrain from sharing unsubstantiated rumors currently spreading on social media that claim that political extremist groups have been deliberately starting the fires that have ravaged nearly 1 million acres of... continued

A Canadian Tourist May Have Been Stricken With “Havana Syndrome”

September 10, 2020
Earlier this year, a Canadian tourist became the first known civilian to exhibit symptoms consistent with a mysterious affliction previously only seen in U.S. and Canadian diplomats, dubbed "Havana syndrome" by researchers that leaves its victims with a range of neurological... continued

The Study Results for Russia’s Controversial Sputnik V Vaccine Have Been Released

September 8, 2020
Details of the Phase 1 and 2 clinical trials conducted on Russia's controversial Sputnik V vaccine were released on September 4, nearly four weeks after Moscow's approval of the yet-unproven COVID-19 inoculant. The paper, published in the medical journal The... continued