New UN Report Warns of Massive Species Decline that Threatens Earth’s Biodiversity

May 7, 2019
A new report from the United nations is warning that the world's biodiversity is in serious jeopardy, with roughly 1 million animal and plant species at risk of extinction, a die-off rate never before seen in human history. Although the... continued

A New Fossil from the Enigmatic Denisovans has been Found… In Tibet?

May 4, 2019
High atop the Tibetan Plateau, a Buddhist monk ventured to Baishiya Karst Cave, a sacred Buddhist sanctuary, to pray and meditate. During his sojourn there, the monk, whose name has since been lost to the passage of time, found a... continued

Another Record-Breaking Cyclone has Struck Southwest Africa—The Second in Two Months

May 1, 2019
Tropical Cyclone Kenneth, having struck the southern African countries of Seychelles, Comoro Islands, Northern Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania and Malawi, is the record-breaking tenth intense tropical cyclone to strike the Indian Ocean this season, handily breaking the 2006-07 record of just... continued

New UFO Reporting Guidelines are being Drafted by the United States Navy

April 29, 2019
In response to a series of anomalous encounters involving carrier strike groups and secure facilities, the Unites States Navy is drafting guidelines that will enable its personnel to report encounters with unidentified flying objects, in a move intended to create... continued

The Miracle of Notre-Dame de Paris

April 24, 2019
On the evening of April 15, 2019, a fire broke out in the attic of Notre-Dame de Paris, destroying two-thirds of the 850-year-old cathedral's roof and the spire that towered above the central nave and altar. This catastrophe is a... continued

A Tough Season: The First Three Months of 2019 Saw Record-Breaking Weather Across the U.S.

April 19, 2019
The sordid tale of the first three months of 2019 is one of record temperatures, both high and low, record snowfall and rainfall, and the resulting multi-billion-dollar disasters caused by the violent inland storms and massive flooding that followed in... continued

Astronomers Have Released the First Direct Image of a Black Hole

April 17, 2019
An international team of astronomers have released the first direct image of a black hole, a long-distance snapshot of high-energy particles as they irreversibly plummet toward the black hole's event horizon, the point where nothing—not even light—can escape. "We have... continued

Catastrophe in Paris: Notre Dame is Gutted

April 15, 2019
Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the world's most beautiful and iconic cathedrals, has experienced a catastrophic fire. The stone roof has collapsed into the nave and many if not all of the magnificent stained glass windows have been severely damaged... continued

An Ancient Species of Humans — and a New Mystery — has been Discovered

April 13, 2019
Paleontologists have announced the discovery of yet another new species of ancient human, one that lived in the Philippines between 50,000 and 67,000 years ago. Much like the 'Hobbit' species known as Flores Man that was found in Indonesia in... continued

Canada’s Climate has Warmed by More Than Double the Global Average

April 10, 2019
The increase in average annual temperatures across the country of Canada has risen by more than double the current global average, according to a report commissioned by the Government of Canada that was leaked to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)... continued