Pentagon to Replace its UAP Task Force With a New, Less Restricted, Office

November 8, 2021
An amendment has been added to the National Defense Authorization Act for 2022 that would see the dissolution of the Pentagon's recently-formed UAP Task Force and replace it with a new investigative office with broader powers, strengthening a movement to... continued

The Release of the Remaining Classified JFK Files Has Been Delayed (Again)

November 6, 2021
The release of the remaining classified government documents related to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy has been postponed again by the White House, due to pandemic-related delays that slow down the research process being conducted at the... continued

Five Million People Have Died From COVID-19

November 3, 2021
Five million people globally have been confirmed to have died from COVID-19 since the first known patient was diagnosed with the SARS-like disease just 23 months ago in China. Infections from the fast-spreading coronavirus have now become the world’s third... continued

“We have a critical need to know”: Former USAF Officers Call For Investigations Into UFO Interference With Nuclear Weapons

November 1, 2021
A group of retired Air Force officers who were stationed at nuclear launch facilities in the 1960s held a press conference on October 19 to provide testimony that they had witnessed UFOs tampering with the nuclear weapons that they were... continued

X-Class Solar Flare Heads Our Way

October 29, 2021
The Sun is awakening from its long slumber, and has released an X-class solar flare that resulted in a coronal mass ejection (CME) being cast in the direction of Planet Earth. Although the flare itself was a relatively strong one,... continued

Spacecraft or Secret Weapon? China May Have Developed a Hypersonic Missile

October 25, 2021
China conducted two successful hypersonic vehicle tests over the summer, feared by US intelligence officials to be high-speed nuclear delivery systems. The tests surprised US officials in what appears to be an apparent leap in spacecraft technology that went unnoticed... continued

Antiviral Drug Shows Effectiveness Against COVID-19

October 22, 2021
Pharmaceutical company Merck & Co and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics are reporting that their antiviral drug, molnupiravir, is showing promising signs of being effective at preventing severe cases of COVID-19 in patients with mild to moderate forms of the disease. Taken orally,... continued

A Clinic in the Netherlands Is Curing Crippling Phobias With a Single Pill

October 21, 2021
A clinic in Amsterdam has been helping people with crippling fears overcome their phobias by hacking their neurochemistry, with the dose of a single pill being all that is necessary to allow many of the clients of the Kindt Clinic... continued

Stanton Friedman Was Approached to Potentially Develop Secret UFO Technology

October 18, 2021
A personal letter sent to the late Stanton Friedman in 2010 divulging the testimony of a witness to the recovery of debris and bodies—along with the subsequent attempts to back-engineer the technology—recovered from a flying saucer that crashed in New Mexico in... continued

Global Warming Is Making the Earth (And the Moon) Dimmer

October 13, 2021
The Earth is reflecting less light from the Sun than it did two decades ago, according to a survey that studies the light of the Earth as it lights up the surface of the Moon. This effect is yet another... continued