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Maxine Meilleur is not your average psychic medium. She is the first Masters of Divinity student at the Harvard Divinity School and first Spiritualist and working medium at Harvard since they expelled Frederick Willis in 1857. She also author of Great Moments of Modern Mediumship Volume 1. She is here not only to talking about mediumship and surrounding phenomena, but also to give host Jeremy Vaeni a reading on air and walks us through the process as it’s unfolding.

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  1. Thank you, Jeremy! This
    Thank you, Jeremy! This week’s audio levels were much, much better, and it was so much easier to understand the dialogue.
    Very interesting reading of you. Although I don’t know you personally, what Maxine said seems to fit what you appear to be here on The Experience.
    GLAD that you’re finally over the pneumonia – that must have been an awful experience (no pun intended) for you.
    All the best in future, and please keep up the excellent work on The Experience! You never fail to have a fascinating podcast.

  2. interesting lady! To put
    interesting lady! To put herself out there and admit to feeling lonely at times showed her vulnerability too, and how sometimes being ‘gifted’ carries price.

    On a personal note, when she was reading Jeremy, several times I thought she was talking directly to me! I am somewhat ‘gifted’ AND extremely curious myself, and my boyfriend has pointed out to me on numerous times that I need to get out of my head and get more into the feeling/doing thing too.

  3. Just to point out, your work
    Just to point out, your work on “the experience” is a not quite coherent, not a book sort of a thing. Perhaps you ought to follow up and see how specific things can be?

  4. My husband had an experience
    My husband had an experience strikingly similar to Ms. Meilleur’s possible childhood remote viewing of the Battle of Gettysburg.

    While a class of his class in Catholic grade school was discussing Gettysburg, he blurted out something about “the smell of the dead horses.” He got odd looks.
    At the time, he was not well-read about Civil War history.

    I attribute my husband’s comment to a reincarnational memory. He grew up to be a history buff, especially of military history. (With a special interest in WWII rather than the American Civil War.) I am convinced that if reincarnation is true, he’s been a soldier, probably multiple times.

  5. If rapid (faster than light)
    If rapid (faster than light) informational transmission is dangerous or impossible, then perhaps the very fabric or substrate of the void could be used as a conduit for instantaneous data transmission. This would involve sending information along through perfectly balanced energies. Using a template of balance, information could be transmitted, given it was also balanced appropriately.

    This brings up the subject of alien languages. Some have suggested that there is an ancient alien language that is used for universal communication among alien races of all kinds. If the information in a data stream must be properly balanced for imminent transmission, then finding the appropriate balance for that information is of paramount import. A supercomputer might be used to fathom this problem, to discover the hidden ancient language that conveys meaning using perfect balance, after the parameters of the balance problem are defined. Once energies and language are in sync, transmission along the nothingness conduit could commence. The two requirements, balanced energy and a balanced language, would assist in the creation of a valid device.

    Alien contact may also be achievable using telepathic means, by accessing the void. Knowing the alien’s universal ancient language may help the process.

    Quantum entanglement may use the void conduit for communication between conjoined entities (particles, photons, atoms). Quantum entanglement may be the result of opposing energies coming into contact (by association somehow), forming a conjoining or confluence of perfectly balanced energies. In essence, quantum entanglement accesses the void structure in order to achieve its feats.

  6. Going through many
    Going through many experiences myself, I agree about quantum entanglement, and research is coming closer everyday to proving this theory:

    Everything IS connected, it is all about nature, and even Native Americans were aware of it hundreds of years ago.

  7. The void is innocuous,
    The void is innocuous, salubrious, peaceful, harmonious, in equilibrium, frictionless, resistance free.

  8. If you want to travel
    If you want to travel instantaneously, utilize or instigate psychic phenomena, or time travel to other dimensions within the multiverse, then the void is the avenue by which you can achieve these goals. If you want to exist limited inside of a bubble of space-time, then you will be unable to perform any of these feats. Space-time is a cul-de-sac, for Science and humanity. It limits speed for information transfer to light speed, imposes limits on travel to far away galaxies due to distance, keeps one’s perceptions confined to the present moment in time, and limits psychic abilities. It keeps one’s body and mind mired in a confined area. We collectively depend on it to maintain the illusions of classical reality. We depend on it to reinforce our ignorance. Space-time is a dead end. The void has no boundaries, and is thus the best chance we have for propagating our species into other environments. The void reaches beyond our Universe.

    Space-time is a prison.

  9. I don’t agree with the
    I don’t agree with the article, that quantum entanglement is responsible for the fabric of space-time. The void seems to be something that is separate from space-time, in that it exists in other dimensions as well. If it were merely space-time exclusively, it would not exist in other dimensions too. It would constitute everything in our universe, and nothing else. Additionally, the speed limit for informational transfer would be permanently set at light speed. The void is something that gives us a peek into higher notions of reality, as evidenced by fleeting phenomena. The energy from the void can enter our reality, and it is perfectly balanced. It may be a fabric of sorts, but not the fabric of space-time. It exists beyond space-time. It is the result of the confluence of balanced energies.

    Giving quantum entanglement the designation that it comprises the fabric of space-time in my opinion belittles the phenomenon. The void is ubiquitous, it is not confined to a narrow band. Keeping the void and the fabric of space-time separate in the mind allows one to consider the possibility that interdimensional and multidimensional travel is feasible, because the void has no boundaries. It is this lack of boundary that makes it so enticing philosophically and spiritually.

    I would say that the void exists NEARBY the fabric of space-time. The confusion that this may cause is understandable. It is hard to pinpoint what is nearby and what is fabric. Everything is connected, but not by the fabric of space-time. It is all connected via the void.

  10. What is the difference
    What is the difference between the void and space-time? Space-time is the realm of vibration, frequency, entropy, tension. These are all fundamentally manifestations of frequency. Frequencies take time to unfold, they exist because of a process that elapses. Frequencies propagate over time. Entropy is an example of a frequency that evolves due to erosion and the breaking down of matter into light. A succession of musical notes is an example of a situation where frequencies evolve over time. Anything that takes time to unfold involves a frequency. There are high and low frequencies, which take differing amounts of time to take place.

    The void is the realm where nothing has a frequency. Therefore, no time can transpire, everything occurs instantaneously. The void is a confluence deposit where all frequencies combine and thus cancel each other out. This creates a complete absence of frequency. The non-frequency is entirely balanced, in perfect equilibrium. Signals can be sent instantly across the void conduit to distant locations because no space or time exists within the void. However, this may only be achievable given that the signals themselves are also in balance, which may be a general requirement in the void. In this case, if one attempted to send a signal that contained a frequency across the void it would immediately surface in space-time, rather than remain inside of the void.

    Certain topics, such as quantum entanglement, have been wrongly associated (in my opinion) with space-time, when they are part of the void. The void can creep into our reality, impacting it in certain regards. However, when events occur instantly, and are not well understood scientifically, it should not be assumed by default that they are phenomena related to space-time.

    Pain is generally an unpleasant type of frequency that exists as part of space-time. Waiting is another inconvenient aspect of space-time, frequencies take time to elapse. There is a conflict with the higher mind in this regard, which exists time free. There is therefore a conflict between waiting and instantaneous gratification; there is urgency yet one must wait for an event to unfold in time. Like Tom Petty stated, “The waiting is the hardest part”. Humans are locked into the present time, which moves from one frequency to the next—frequencies tend to demand attention, they require our attention and conscious expressive abilities in order to elapse.

    To sum up, our space-time physics is based on frequencies, waveforms. These can be repeating or evolving frequencies. The realm of the void is the realm of non-frequencies. This is where frequencies meet at a confluence, cancelling each other out to null. The changing Universe acts as a contributor to the void, previous to the ultimate void confluence. Once everything has merged, the energy of change and unfolding becomes the non-frequency of the void. Thus, space-time is a precursor to the void. Once the limits of space-time are arrived at, the void takes over. The void reflects the changes that were made to energy during the energy’s transit through space-time.

    Space-time is something smaller that is embedded inside something larger, to paraphrase Jeremy. In my opinion, this larger entity is the void. The void exists outside of space and time, outside of space-time.

  11. Telepathy may occur through
    Telepathy may occur through the channel that is the void.

  12. Time dilation may be the
    Time dilation may be the result of frequencies coming into contact with the fabric of space-time.

    When an object accelerates, it may also come into contact with the quantum foam or ambient energy that exists in empty space. As it accelerates further, more and more ambient energy comes into contact with the object. This creates a resonating rising frequency (or group of frequencies), which become(s) more powerful with passing time as the object continues its acceleration. The heightening frequency or frequencies begins to increasingly thump on the fabric of space-time, and the time dilation effect becomes more pronounced. The limit of the acceleration through regular space is light speed, when the object breaks down into energy (light). The broken down matter has thus reached its limit for frequency increase. Another situation where the frequency limit is reached involves black holes of sufficient density. When matter is packed into a singularity of infinite density, the frequency limit has reached its destination (mirroring light, in essence). In the case with light and black holes, time stops at this point. The frequencies within the black hole and light have effectively merged with the fabric of space-time.

    Once a high enough frequency is reached (specifically in the case of black holes), all further frequencies up the scale may then merge with the fabric of space-time.

    Thus, when a high enough frequency oscillation is reached, time stops. This happens for black holes, light’s velocity exists there (light speed and ALL speed is a type of oscillation), and a tendency in that direction happens for any accelerating object, when time slows down and the time dilation effect occurs.

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