n this exciting show, Bill Philipps proves one thing: he really is a medium and a darned good one. There are at least three moments in which he and Whitley connect psychically, Anne comes in, Bill’s mom comes in through Whitley and—well, it’s just a wonderful show! Anne tells aread more

Maxine Meilleur is not your average psychic medium. She is the first Masters of Divinity student at the Harvard Divinity School and first Spiritualist and working medium at Harvard since they expelled Frederick Willis in 1857. She also author of Great Moments of Modern Mediumship Volume 1. She is here not only to talking about mediumship and surrounding phenomena, but also to give host Jeremy Vaeni a reading on air and walks us through the process as it’s unfolding.

You can learn more about Maxine’s work at ModernDaySeer.com.
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This is an excerpt from The G.O.D. Experiments by Gary Schwartz. Anne Strieber wrote in two of her recent diaries about her adventures with Gary Schwartz and medium Glennys MacKay, who brought us a special message from the late UFO researcher John Mack. Keep reading for wisdom from the box!

“A black box fell out of the sky and landed somewhere in the Southwest of the United States. It produced a crater of enormous proportions. The government immediately dispatched investigators to the scene. They fenced off the crater and kept everyone away, save the military and some key scientist and politicians.

“Headlines screamed, ‘What Could the Black Box Be?’ Leading researchers were asked to examine it.
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