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Project Core was an anonymous online survey comparing and contrasting experiences of every type of high strangeness phenomenon conceivable. Assembled for the first time to talk about some of the results and where we go from here are team members Jeff Ritzmann, Tyler Kokjohn, Ellen Tarr, and host Jeremy Vaeni. One anomaly that has come up in other surveys, which has baffled researchers for years–the association between Rh- blood and abductees–takes a turn toward the even more bizarre in a discovery made during this very conversation!

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  1. Great show. I wish I had
    Great show. I wish I had known about this survey. I would have loved to participate. My life has been filled with high strangeness, and I’ve never told anyone about my experiences. I hope you do another. I would love to be a part of it.

  2. Jeremy, glad you are healing.
    Jeremy, glad you are healing. Keep on taking care of yourself.

    I was glad you were going to do a show about Project Core. Nice work.

    On a different note – sort of –
    I am reading Urgency. It is well written and gives voice to that which i suspect many have come to as well.

    1. Yes, Not So Much, hope Jeremy
      Yes, Not So Much, hope Jeremy is well on the mend. I too, am savoring “Urgency” 🙂

      This was a very interesting show and important one, with a different perspective from both Ellen and Tyler. Jeff Ritzmann shared some important truth from his perspective and I found it fascinating when he and Jeremy discussed that when ‘one surrendered to the demon, the experience often releases you (or itself)… That really hit home with me.
      I am both excited and looking forward to following the Project Core findings. While I don’t know if I participated in it, I did visit the website and found the questions to be legitimate, neutral, and concise without leading the participant. I hope it is continued, refined, and or/redirected at any cost.

    2. Thank you. I’m almost 100%
      Thank you. I’m almost 100% better. And Urgency. is probably the only “important” book (if such a thing exists) that I will ever write. Glad it speaks to ya.

  3. Hi Jeremy, I’ve been
    Hi Jeremy, I’ve been downloading your show off and on, but every show I’ve tried has such low volume levels that it is unintelligible. The Dreamland shows have had much better volume levels. I’ve just been waiting for your volume to go up and your topics look interesting.
    Looking forward to enjoying them.

    1. Afraid that I must second
      Afraid that I must second what DoHickey said about the volume levels. I’m a bit surprised that the people at UnknownCountry haven’t insured that the levels are up to snuff before posting your shows. Maybe they’ll look at the discrepancy in overall levels between The Experience and Dreamland, and match them up better.
      Dreamland is always at a workable, listenable level, BTW.
      Please, all of you, keep up the excellent work! I feel that I’m/we’re all getting our Subscriber fees worth – and then some!
      Stay well!

    2. Sorry this is happening for
      Sorry this is happening for you. I know many of the earlier episodes suffered from low audio on my part, but I’ve lately been splitting the audio tracks to up the levels. I don’t hear a problem with this episode, so I’m not quite sure how to fix it. It could just be I’m using too quiet a voice instead of projecting.

  4. First off, kudos to Project
    First off, kudos to Project Core for even attempting to survey and analyze on such a wide range of paranormal topics. It is all very complex, and while there may be certain commonalities among the various experiences, my feeling is that these experiences are also quite personal ones, and discussing going forward and finding out more about the person and things going on in on in his or her ‘real-world’ life would be a daunting task. Getting to their ‘real’ lives could be more of a challenge than the out-of-the-ordinary-high-strangeness stories, but worthwhile for everyone, including the participants.

    As for whether learning if a person negative or positive for the Rh factor may only scratch the service in determining a connection between experiencers: That may be a waste of time, especially if other blood-typing factors are not also considered. Blood-typing is way more complex than most of us realize or understand, and it even goes beyond the simple O, A, B, AB typing model that we learned in our high school biology class. For instance, a simple question: Type O is recessive. So why is type O so dominant in many parts of the world, including the U.S.? (There is an answer in there somewhere, but this is just one example of the complexity involved)

    As to how people know their blood types, I know my blood type because when I got married years ago to husband number one, I was required to get a blood test here in my state of residence. After I got the blood test, I was given a card with my name and blood-type information on the card. While most people may not know their blood types, their doctors probably have it in your noted in their charts somewhere. Just ask…

    Genetic history would be the best way to go, but can be very expensive too. I have had experiences throughout my life all across the board, from ghosts, to UFOS, to experiencing time shifts. I do not feel that my being a B+ has anything whatsoever to do with any of it. I do feel that reality is not at all what we think it is, and that my experiences may be linked to me on some ‘soul’ level that I do not yet totally understand, or maybe I am just an avatar in this reality of May 2015, planet Earth, for a Master Soul seeking the thrill of a variety of experiences and experiments including ‘Cosmic Librarian’.

    I enjoyed the different perspectives and points of view in this session, and I do feel that Project Core could expand and come up with some interesting findings and correlations.

    1. Cosmic, you share an
      Cosmic, you share an excellent point about blood types. When I was in high school blood donation trucks came to campus to retrieve blood. I then found out my type: O+ as are both my parents. While the data Ellen mentioned definitely indicates something, I don’t feel blood type is the determining factor in the experiences of paranormal, UFO’s, visitors, or time shifts. What if these blood markers or types are merely blueprints of our specific Avatar (body) and nothing more? The feeling I have garnered from my own experiences is that this is about The Soul.

    2. The Rh- thing won’t tell us
      The Rh- thing won’t tell us who is an experiencer or why. But it is an intriguing thread that science can actually pull on to see what unravels. Not the end all/be all by any stretch. But intriguing. And if it turns out that there’s nothing to it, then that’s a discovery worth making as well.

  5. I’d love to know what Anne
    I’d love to know what Anne Strieber thinks about Project CORE and a continuation of all of her meticulous detailing, correlation, and conclusions concerning close encounter reports. My guess is that she’s probably overjoyed that her hard, diligent work was not only not in vain, but that her legacy will continue. Kudos to all involved, especially you, Anne, for being the pioneer in all this.

  6. Thank you all participants on
    Thank you all participants on this project – it will take a combined effort such is so strongly evident here to move the ‘experience phenomenon’ forward. It will be sense and sensitivity that will lead the way. Whatever it is that is ‘experienced’ cannot be separated from the ‘experiencer.’ The fundamentalist/material skeptics may be the last to acknowledge this emerging scientific truth. As knowledge grows through initiatives such as Project CORE, the old paradigm will struggle more and more, and the task of convincing their advocates will become less and less necessary. Project CORE and Unknown Country are at the forefront of this change.

    1. Robin, this could not be
      Robin, this could not be stated any better. But in all honesty to try and convince the skeptics by data seems futile.
      There will be skeptics who upon reading any statistical evidence will desparetely cling to their myopic paradigm to deny what is read before them. A shift in consciousness is a deeply introspective initiation; and ‘the experience’ uniquely tailored to the experiencer.

    2. It’s funny how physicists
      It’s funny how physicists talk about the intimate, affecting relationship between observer and observed, but then don’t seem to put into practice–or shift the science in any practical way–to accommodate that discovery.

  7. very interesting… one thing
    very interesting… one thing I wonder is – was Ellen outdoors? every time she was speaking, there was a wind howling sound in the background that gave it a creepy edge – added to the interviews for me 🙂
    O- blood type here – first learned in HS biology class but teacher rechecked b/c thought I did it wrong, later, at dr. office, asked just b/c curious – confirmed again, O-… meanwhile, my Mother was surprised b/c she was O+ and Dad was A- I just think it’s curious and yes, have had interesting experiences…

    1. Ellen was indoors. I have no
      Ellen was indoors. I have no clue what that machine sound was. I thought it added creepy atmosphere too, so I didn’t ask if she could turn it off!

  8. Lisa, that sound creeped me
    Lisa, that sound creeped me out too at first – until I realised I had heard it plenty of times before…I am pretty sure it was the sound of a laptop / PC CPU fan…but it did sound ominous!

    With regards to the Rh- blood type correlations at the end, one of them was that they are more likely to have corroborating witnesses…which prompted me to wonder if these experiences initially happen on a non-physical level, that these subjects might possess a latent ability to manifest their experiences into the physical…for the other witnesses to see?…just a thought.

  9. I’m an experiencer – A+ Rh
    I’m an experiencer – A+ Rh here. I didn’t know anything about the survey, but wish I could have participated. Just curious, what was the sample/study size? Was there a question about Earth’s environment?

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