Mediums can be fakes, and skillful fakes, and in our modern world, we dismiss them all. We do this under the assumption that there is no soul and therefore no afterlife. But is that a true assumption? Maxine Meilleur would say it’s false, and in this wide-ranging interview with Whitley Strieber, she relates some profoundly convincing stories of mediumship that all add up to the same thing: the modern world is making a fundamental mistake. Just as science is gaining the capacity to understand why there might be such a thing as conscious energy, the general media, intellectuals and many scientists are retreating into rigid denial. read more

Maxine Meilleur is not your average psychic medium. She is the first Masters of Divinity student at the Harvard Divinity School and first Spiritualist and working medium at Harvard since they expelled Frederick Willis in 1857. She also author of Great Moments of Modern Mediumship Volume 1. She is here not only to talking about mediumship and surrounding phenomena, but also to give host Jeremy Vaeni a reading on air and walks us through the process as it’s unfolding.

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