Imagine a future where everyday apparel like a hat or smartwatch can read their wearer’s brainwaves to report to an employer on whether a worker is slacking off, or concentrating on their task; that same technology allows law enforcement, searching for co-conspirators in a crime, to subpoena brainwave records toread more

Most of us have tried to communicate with the dead. Some have succeeded, many have not. BUT just as the relationship of mankind with the visitors is changing, so is our relationship with human consciousness, which includes what we think of as the dead. This week’s guest, Mark Anthony, isread more

Join Trish and Rob for a conversation with… Andy Paquette is back. Andy was here recently, but just as it was getting really interesting, we were cut short by technical difficulties. So we asked Andy to come back. Andy Paquette is the author of “Dreams: 20 Years of Psychic Dreams”read more