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Is there a difference between the quality of contact experiences that take place in the external world and those that come from an interior domain? Why? What is truly happening here? These are the types of questions our guest Karen tackles, drawing on her lifetime of experiences to do it. And it might just be that what experiencers are ultimately being shown are the ways reality does and does not work from whatever perspectives they hold an interest and deep sense of inquiry in.

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  1. I don’t have any clear direct
    I don’t have any clear direct memories of what she is talking about here, but as I was listening to her talk, I kept sensing that I had experienced some of these things. I could picture and sense them in a somewhat foggy way with a sense of ownership, like I know this. Interesting.

  2. Another great show, Jeremy.
    Another great show, Jeremy. Thank you Karen.
    Lots of thoughts…. hope this makes sense…

    Lots of “stuff relating to other stuff”… your shows enlarge aspects of something else that was broached either by you, your guests or the folks who post, Whitley’s work, stuff out there, our own experiences, etc. It feels wide-open and getting allowing for whatever comes rather than controlling and closing-in:

    1 not narrowing down to finely tuned definitions or a single understanding – with both a way to make things happen AND have total control of outcomes

    2 the sense of well integrated creation where everything fits together… but maybe not in a “single answer discrete way” like we tend to think –

    3 perhaps so many aspects coming to the fore … all at the same time rather than one after another… trying to make this clear… imaging you are doing all the following at the same time

    playing peek-a-boo (with ?)
    blowing bubbles and watching them move
    poking some bubbles to see what happens
    chasing the bubbles
    getting inside the bubble and poking the inside edge
    watching others as they encounter the bubbles
    planning what to do next/different with the bubble mix to get a different result
    just being alive as both watcher/observer and participant
    being aware of having effect on stuff and self, others but that it is limited
    a sense of belonging and that there is more…

    4. not needing control or reproducibility to “prove to others” a sense of “ok” and no judgement about experiences or experiencers… no need to do that … live and let live kind of being

    5. Seems that the things experienced were not “sought out” so much as happened and they have huge effects … as we come to live beyond them…

    6. People who seek experiences through drugs, meditation, etc… Is it different when there is a sense of oneself “causing it to happen” versus “it just happened” if so… what is the difference?

    7. Seems that more and more folks are “coming out” about their experiences. Have the number of folks/ percentage vs. total population who have experiences increased this generation? Or is it just more folks talking openly about them? If yes for either or both questions… what changed/ is changing?

    Oh, man, is there an explosion / exploding universe of thought going on?

  3. Karen’s encounter with the
    Karen’s encounter with the other worldly woman buying cigarettes and the Kundalini activation remind me of when someone asked Terence McKenna if psilocybin is dangerous: “…the answer is, only if you fear death by astonishment.”…..
    So rich are these are opportunities for SoulBirth and Death. We are travelers of Eternity and meet these other beings in Journey. As Terence said:
    ‘We have come to the end of our sojourn in matter. We have come to the end of our separateness.’

  4. How utterly refreshing it is
    How utterly refreshing it is to hear Jeremy approach these topics with 3-dimensional reality and humor! We usually experience humor in anything “woo-woo” with either the nervous giggle-factor or else sneering scorn. And here’s Jeremy, an experiencer himself, who can discuss the subject(s) with complete respect, yet still be able to insert a reality check with a laugh.
    We’re all aware of Whitley’s keen sense of humor, yet he rarely shows us this side of his delightful self! So it is very fitting to give Jeremy a voice on this site with that ability.
    I also really appreciate that Jeremy interviews so many “regular” people who have deeply moving experiences, but are not particularly interested in writing books or giving talks about it at conferences. It makes this all seem so much more a part of our society than might be apparent. For me personally, I find it a relief that I am not alone in my adventures into the, well, I won’t say unknown, but it is certainly into the “unacknowledged!”

  5. These stories of encounters
    These stories of encounters with beings ‘not quite human’ is fascinating to me. There seems to be a striking consistency among them. Something is trying to fit into our society, but at the same time doing a ludicrous job of it.

    Is this intentional on their part or an indicator of where their information is coming from? The cigarette thing is cool. What can it mean? I think asking or buying a pack of cigarettes is a very innocuous thing to do and may seem very ‘safe’ for them to engage in. Perhaps the idea of going out to buy food is not understood by these creatures, but buying an unhealthy and addictive item somehow seems okay.

    Remember in the COMMUNION Movie when Whitley went out to find the Visitors he said to Anne ‘I’m going to get a pack of cigarettes.” Anne said, “But you don’t smoke”. There are clues hidden in these metaphors.

    If anyone out there encounters one of these entities I wonder how they would react to their request by answering, “No, but I will trade your sunglasses for a pack.”!

  6. Jeremy, I received an e-mail
    Jeremy, I received an e-mail from a friend today and thought it to be synchronistic to the chain smoking entities. PERHAPS those chain smokers know more about the benefits of tobacco then we do, although, modern day cigarettes are not as pure as once was. Anyway thought this website and her e-mail to be most interesting.

    The ritualistic use of plant smoke stretches back to the prehistorical era and is still used, the world over, as a way of ‘cleansing’ the spirit. Now modern scientific research reveals that the practice may actually have life-saving implications by purifying the air of harmful bacteria.

    The cigarette thing. I thought of the White Buffalo Calf woman and the pipe/tobacco spirit ceremony she brought to the Lakota Indians.
    The White Buffalo Calf Woman showed the people how to use the pipe. She filled it with chan-shasha, red willow-bark tobacco.

  7. Ah, PLAAAAAAANT Smoke. I had
    Ah, PLAAAAAAANT Smoke. I had a great Saturday on that stuff!!!

  8. I’ve had similar experiences
    I’ve had similar experiences to Karen. Regarding her experience in New Mexico: I’m very curious if the volcanic area that she referred to was at Bandelier National Monument? New Mexico is not called the Land of Enchantment for nothing! My experiences also tend to come in waves, and now she is talking about Serpent Mound (yikes) that I have connections to also. I have been going through a different wave recently that centers very much around nature and Mother Earth.

    And White Buffalo Calf Woman? I went out early one Sunday morning in my robe and slippers a few years ago only to glance up to see her walking down the sidewalk across the street. She said, “Good morning!”. Just a few weeks before that experience, I knew nothing about her, then, Wham! She was in my life. It all started when I did nothing more than meditate on abundance. For months I had so many unusual things going on around this being, the Sacred Bundle and the Buffalo that I had to start a journal to record it all (Best advice my ex ever gave me!). And yes, there is even a connection to UFOs!

    The ‘magic’ ebbs and flows…It has to. We need some down time every now and then in order to absorb and examine it before we go on to the next wave of new experiences, and mine include premonitions, UFOs, ghosts, past lives, etc.

    And no, I am not sure what’s going on with it either, but I do feel that I am getting the tools and things I need to progress to whatever comes next, whatever that might be. It’s highly personal on one level, yet very connected to everything and everyone else too.

    Karen sounds like a kindred spirit, and a no-nonsense individual too. I like her.

  9. I could listen to these tales
    I could listen to these tales forever ~ please keep telling your stories, everyone, with Jeremy and Whitley the careful yet adventurous questioners. You reflect and light all worlds.

  10. Last night, after a very

    Last night, after a very
    long week , I laid down before going to sleep and listened to this Experience. I felt like I was listening to 2 old friends. Thank you Jeremy and Karen, for a great interview.

    Jeremy, thanks for keeping the mystery uppermost in the Experience. We really have very little understanding for what’s really going on in this world.

    Good work!

  11. Interesting timing on the
    Interesting timing on the audio distortion at 13:51.

    1. Just thinking that myself.
      Just thinking that myself. Listening to the ‘cast now, and I paused it to see if anyone else had commented on it. 😀

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