Whitley and his experiences at his family cabin in upstate New York are the focus of a new documentary titled Shock Docs: The Visitors, airing on the Travel Channel and streaming on discovery+ on Monday, September 5.

After nearly three decades Whitley returns to the cabin where his 1985 encounter with the Visitors took place, documented in “Communion”; –a new edition of the 1987 bestseller has been released that includes a new introduction by Strieber.

Whitley is accompanied by investigative journalist Melissa Tittl and UFO researcher Jeff Belanger, who conduct a paranormal investigation of the cabin and the woods where Whitley would encounter the entities that would later come to be called “The Visitors”: is the land the cabin is built on a doorway to another world, or is it something about Whitley himself that facilitated contact? Or is it both?

Whitley’s initial experience unlocked what would prove to be a lifetime of anomalous experiences, contact and discovery, and his recounting of these episodes would go on to connect thousands of people that previously thought they were alone in what they experienced.

The two-hour special Shock Docs: The Visitors airs on Monday, September 5 at 9pm EST/PST on the Travel Channel, and streams at the same time on discovery+; the trailer for the documentary can be viewed on YouTube.



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  1. Looking forward to it! Returning to where the journey began. I’m sure there are tons of emotions attached to the cabin.

    1. The Travel Channel doesn’t appear to broadcast in Germany, and their streaming service appears to be tied to US broadcasters, so I’m not sure if that will be a viable option outside of the US.

      Discovery+ does have a German site (https://www.discoveryplus.com/de); it’s a subscription site, and although I can’t tell if the .de one offers the same, the English version seems to be offering a free trial of some sort.

  2. Worked wide scale in Germany and I haven’t see T Chan either. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to dig into UK media.

  3. I watched this last night. Thank you for this great documentary. I had been on a long, research hiatus since going Catholic in 2013. Now, I’m back in the ring and have just ordered your Jesus book. I was interviewed by Anne in 2012. I last saw you at the UFO Congress in 2012, where I asked you about the zombie motif in culture and what it might portend. I think we are there.

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