Professor of Biological Anthropology at Montana Technological University, Dr. Michael P. Masters joins us to talk about his latest book, The Extratempestrial Model. Applying his expertise in hominin evolutionary anatomy, archaeology, and biomedicine, Dr. Masters is the first Ph.D. in Anthropology to credibly posit that UFOs and “aliens” are ourread more

Whitley and his experiences at his family cabin in upstate New York are the focus of a new documentary titled Shock Docs: The Visitors, airing on the Travel Channel and streaming on discovery+ on Monday, September 5. After nearly three decades Whitley returns to the cabin where his 1985 encounter with the Visitors took place, documentedread more

Despite receiving classified reports on the data collection efforts being made by the Pentagon’s new UAP investigations office, members of the Senate Intelligence and Armed Services committees are dissatisfied with the information being delivered to them, calling for the Department of Defense and other intelligence collection agencies to take theread more