Communion is the iconic classic in which Whitley Strieber describes his 1985 close encounter experiences. This book, which fundamentally changed the way we understand close encounters and alien abductions, is presented here with a new introduction by the author.

The message of Communion, that something unknown is really happening to people but that we have not studied it enough to understand it, remains as timely now as it was in 1987 when the book was first published. And Whitley Strieber's riveting account of what he experienced, along with his relentless and expert pursuit of the reality behind the experience, is to this day the greatest such account ever published.

Do not miss this great classic and the powerful introduction that explores the situation as it stands today--even more provocative now, as official sources are admitting that UFOs are real unknowns and that they seem to have something to do with close encounters.

Now available as a Kindle, a Paperback AND an Audiobook. Click on the Amazon link to order

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  1. I love the new render and am assuming that the eyes of the being have been altered for this version. Or does the original portrait look like this and the eyes we have been used to the altered ones?

    Interestingly, this version gives a strong feline impression IMO, and the other is distinctly insect.

    Congratulations on the reissue of a true classic!!!

  2. Howdy Mr Strieber, I was just about to order the latest print of Communion from Amazon UK when it occurred to me to ask if there’s any way I can order an autographed copy? I’ll gladly pay any extra postage from US to UK. I understand it may not be possible but no harm in asking. If it can’t be done then I’ll just order from British Amazon.

    My 90’s copy of Communion is old and tattered, plus I’m excited that you’ve added a new introduction. Bless your heart.


    1. Author

      I’ll be glad to sign a copy. Send it to Whitley Strieber, 1112 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA, 90403, USA with a postage-paid return envelope.

      1. Thank you Mr Strieber, I appreciate that. Will enclose a Postage Paid Envelope as requested.


  3. Whitney, I am SO glad to see that you were victorious in restoring your right to republish this book. Just bought the Kindle version. (Money’s super tight right now due to the exorbitant cost of food & gas, as I’m sure you know.)

    On another note, you need to raise the cost of membership and stop giving away 2/3 of the show. Most other podcasts — who don’t have a tenth of your content — charge more than double and only share half the show for free.

    Your hosting fees must be exorbitant! YOU DESERVE AN INCREASE. I’m sure most subscribers will stick with you — I know I will continue to support you, regardless of expense.

  4. Author

    It is the worst of the visitors that as much be free as possible. So I kind of just scrape along. I have wondered why they don’t figure out some way to get me money like winning the lottery but apparently that’s not on the cards. I would assume they can’t affect chance that much.

  5. Hmm, I queued for half an hour at my local (UK) Post office today to be informed that they cannot provide or arrange return postage for a copy of Communion to be sent to you with postage paid that the US Postal Service would accept. Phew..ok….

    Is there any way I can make a donation (in advance of sending) to UC to cover the postage (plus a chunk more for your time) Mr Strieber? I’ll gladly make a donation, say $100 to cover return postage and contribute to Unknown Country.

    Your show has formed my Saturday morning’s since 2002 and a signed copy for me would be worth ten times that amount. I understand that you’re busy but I’m currently short of a solution as I’ve also been warned that US Postal Service doesn’t accept International Reply Coupons (which was the only other alternative return postage method).

    Ideas? FedEx would be five times the price of using US Postal service methinks.. Aye carumba.

    It’d be perfect if we could order an autographed copy straight off UC? It seems to me that the new issue of Communion with a new introduction as an autographed copy, posted internationally (at cost) could make UC quite a few quid (bucks).

    Bless your heart.



  6. Ok, here’s an extra penny’s worth.

    I absolutely understand that the life above us, the visitors, the family, call it higher understand, the tapestry of consciousness, whatever you will, requires as much to be free as possible to open minds and that’s terrific. Makes sense.

    However, IMHO, a signed copy of Communion, sold through this website would be a special something, perhaps a gift, perhaps a collectors piece. It would be a treasured collectable.

    Personally, I would suggest a basic price, say, $40/50 Paperback for a signed copy with the option of making an extra donation on top for UC though this may clash with tax exemption for donations, obviously.

    Chances here to capitalise on your exclusivity, yet I understand that there are important peripheral considerations.

    Currently, there don’t appear to be any ways to buy an autographed copy of Communion. Bless your hearts for being so transparent but I’d think it a win win situation for everyone should that change.


  7. Author

    We are planning to sell signed hardcovers through the site. They are still in preparation.

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