A Dying Man’s Extraordinary Testament of a High-Strangeness Experience

August 5, 2021
This account was sent to us by filmmaker and close encounter witness Steve Neill. It was given to him by a friend of his who is very ill with cancer and has not long to live. It is, in other... continued

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius by Rachel Capurso (Aeolian Heart)

December 21, 2020
The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius takes place December 21st, 2020. Rachel's website is AeolianHeart.com   If last week’s Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius signified the end of an era, it was because it was the herald of The Great Conjunction, the dawn of a new age.... continued

In Search of America

August 9, 2020
This post is by a marriage and family therapist who has been in practice since 1985. He goes by the name "Strawhat." Me and my razor, we’ve got a thing goin’ on – abuse   A related thought.  Automakers manufacture cars that... continued

The First Review of A New World in the General Media–and It’s Great

April 17, 2020
“A New World” by Whitley Strieber; Introduction by Jeffrey J. Kripal, Ph.D.; Walker & Collier, Inc., 2019 By Ed Conroy CORRESPONDENT San Antonio native Whitley Strieber and his stories of encounters with extraordinary beings—and their vehicles that reportedly defy the... continued

PEN America’s Guide on COVID-19 and Disinformation

April 3, 2020
Whitley Strieber has been a member of the PEN American Center for many years. Offered here is their excellent guide to recognizing COVID-19 disinformation.  PEN America’s Guide on COVID-19 and Disinformation March 25, 2020 Building Media Literacy Skills During a... continued

Coronavirus Q&A: What We Know, What to Expect and What to Do

February 27, 2020
To watch TV or listen to the radio, it appears as if coronavirus is a dire threat. Words like "pandemic" conjure up images of vast numbers of people falling victim of a virulent, out-of-control disease. Unfortunately, with COVD-19, this could... continued

Previous Analysis of TTSA Magnesium-Bismuth Material by Dr. William Mallow by Whitley Strieber

October 11, 2019
I received a sample of the magnisium-bismuth material that TTSA presently has under analysis from Art Bell in the mid-nineties. In February of 1998, it became possible for me to obtain an analysis of it from William Mallow, then the... continued

The Danger of Another Fukishima…20 Miles North of Los Angeles

July 24, 2019
The Quake to Make Los Angeles a Radioactive Dead Zone Thanks to CommonDreams. Nothing significant has been done to improve safety at two coastal reactors upwind of ten million people that are surrounded by earthquake faults in a tsunami zone... continued

Lonely Love and a Beautiful Lesson from Anne

January 5, 2018
A few days ago, we received this heartfelt and moving letter from a Unknowncountry subscriber who lives a lonely life. He had read Anne's diary from last Valentine's Day and had a burning question about it, crucially important to his... continued

We CAN Save Our Planet by Whitley Strieber

October 16, 2017
President Trump doesn't believe in climate change and is doing everything he can to destroy environmental protection in America, wreck the solar power industry and bring coal back. So why is there any reason to be optimistic about saving our... continued