The Danger of Another Fukishima…20 Miles North of Los Angeles

July 24, 2019
The Quake to Make Los Angeles a Radioactive Dead Zone Thanks to CommonDreams. Nothing significant has been done to improve safety at two coastal reactors upwind of ten million people that are surrounded by earthquake faults in a tsunami zone... continued

Lonely Love and a Beautiful Lesson from Anne

January 5, 2018
A few days ago, we received this heartfelt and moving letter from a Unknowncountry subscriber who lives a lonely life. He had read Anne's diary from last Valentine's Day and had a burning question about it, crucially important to his... continued

We CAN Save Our Planet by Whitley Strieber

October 16, 2017
President Trump doesn't believe in climate change and is doing everything he can to destroy environmental protection in America, wreck the solar power industry and bring coal back. So why is there any reason to be optimistic about saving our... continued


August 26, 2017
by Sean Casteel    Authors Philip K. Dick And Tim Beckley Say Synchronicities Are Key To Turning The Matrix Inside Out *** Everything we think we know about the world and the universe in which we live, whatever we have been... continued

Profound Wisdom from an “Alien Video” by Whitley Strieber

August 22, 2016
A video has been uploaded to YouTube that purports to show an alien under interview by an unidentified young man sometime in the 1960s. I am not going to essay an opinion about its authenticity, but I would like to... continued

The Danger of Gene Drives by Dr. Tyler Kokjohn

January 31, 2016
Genetically modified salmon has just been approved for human consumption by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (1). It is unclear whether AquAdvantage salmon will be accepted by consumers, but this consent suggests more genetically modified animals will appear in... continued

US Air Force Textbook on UFOs from 1968: Introductory Space Science- Vol II

November 14, 2015
This is a copy of a chapter from a US Air Force Academy physics textbook published in 1968, prior to Project Blue Book and the 1970 announcement that the Air Force would no longer take an interest in UFOs. It... continued

A New Crop Formation with an Ominous Warning

July 5, 2015
On June 28 in a field near Torino, Italy, a magnificent crop formation appeared. Like the Crabwood formation of 2002, this formation contains at least one message, and the one that we have thus far been able to translate should... continued

The Alien-Ation of Childhood by Trish and Rob MacGregor

April 10, 2015
You might think there’s nothing quite so eerie as the idea of being abducted by alien beings, placed on a table and probed with strange instruments as entities with large black eyes or insect-like appearances hover over you. Even more... continued

A Most Remarkable Visitation by Leigh J. McCloskey

February 3, 2015
Ten years ago, on January 30th, 2005 at 1:30 PM I discovered a Great White Heron, standing in our living room in the center wheel of a large red Persian rug, looking at me. I'd wandered downstairs, excited by a... continued