This account was sent to us by filmmaker and close encounter witness Steve Neill. It was given to him by a friend of his who is very ill with cancer and has not long to live. It is, in other words, a deathbed account of a truly remarkable experience. The author is, of course, beyond any possible motivation to lie or invent stories at this point in his life. We would like to thank him for his story, and Steve for sharing it with us. To honor the struggle that was involved in writing this, we are publishing it unedited, just as he wrote it.

This is the story:

yes steve, people put blindes on ,and look at yoy and many others like you are all freaks, christ they are things in this worls we can’t explain, but from time to time certain people are chosen, like you, that they can trust,they can talk to you, or share the wonders of the cosmos cause they belive you can understand,even its a small part, it might be locked in your mind,til a certan time,then its released in a series of going to share something with you and mary, i truly, belive, in 1980 i was at silverwood lake off hwy 138 parked my truck and walked down to the edge of the lake, with my friend dan, laied out a tarp, i sat back enjoying the trees all around us, to the left of us, we can see where the car was parked, a white mustang car,parked, a man in his 30s looked to be tha’t also walked down to the stream, he looked at both of us, and said hello dan hello felix??? i looked at dan,dan looked at me,then dan turned to him and said do we know you???? he said no you dont then i said,then howcome you know both our names,he sensed i was panicking,are he said its ok,im not here to hurt you, im going to do some thing that will scare both of you, but again i mean you no harm……….ok i said to him, what are you going to do???? he looked at both of us, and said i got to leave soon?? ok i said again to him , boys he said do you belive there is life on different worlds??? there has to be something other than us….has to be! ok he said. look at me, thih his right hand reached to his right eye and pulled out, what looked to me as a contact lens, and looked at both of us lowered his right hand and with his left peeled awayhis skin at the joint all the way up the skin peeled back, and his arm ‘s skin was a vivid blue, and jet blace eyes all of it, now i truly got scared and started to move away from him, now dan couldn’t move, he was scared, he said to both of us, im going walk into the water, to about the center and go underwater, he said goodbye,turned and walked into the water, but he didn’t sink??? he walked on the top of the water!!!!! now i have to tell you,i was so scared that i wet myself, there on the spot……he went out to about center and went under………we were still in shock, we grabbed our things ran back up the hill, put our things in the car, when 4 army jeeps, 2 trucks came into the turn out, blocked our car, 2 army soldiers took a long road closed sign and put it about a 100 feet from us and blocked the road a sargent said have you seen anything strange around…….and just as he said that a golden ball of light shot up with the speed of a bullet then gone no noise came from the light at all, he turned to us, and asked us for our id we both had our licenses he took down the numbers, and im asking the sargent, what’s going on??? that light you saw, yes i said, you boys didnt see nothing, do you understand me!!, we both said yes he gave us back our id’s, and then questioned us about the other car in the parking lot, we said we didnt know anything???he said rather forceably, you saw nothing you heard nothing, if you say this to anybody else, you your families will disappear, do you get that yes sir we said, then he said get out of here, we got into the car and left, we didnt say anything till we got home, so we kept quiet, i hardly told anyone about this, cause of my special effect works, they dont belive me, they think im nuts, or wrte this a asci-fi x files story……….i think you would understand im glad i told you this before i die, i think you would belive me. i wanted to tell you this i person, cause of my failing health, i only go out a few times in the month, i know what happened that dayill leave it up to you…steve.



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  1. How great that Steve was given the gift of this remarkable story by his dying friend!

  2. The longer I am here, the more I am amazed by the things that go on here. I’ve been rereading The Holographic Universe. I last read it about 20 years ago. It’s been a help for me in adjusting my perspective to accommodate things like this, hopefully.

  3. That was incredible! I think the majority of the population sees the world as “normal”. There are others that see it is more complex then ever thought of.
    It is unsettling to see something that you can’t explain, no matter what it is, but think it is trying to show us a way out of the box.

  4. My efforts to write my story and make films about my experience has brought me many such accounts and letters from people who feel they can only share with me. It has been an eye opener and continues to be. We are all blessed to see this larger, wonderful, and less mysterious universe. Bless you all because I feel the warmth of our deep connection. Amazing things lie ahead.

  5. Now if we only knew what connection the government has that lets them know so fast when these things happen!

  6. Author

    If it is the government. That’s what it looks like, but it may be some other organization like Rich Dolan’s breakaway civilization , or a hybrid entity that uses the government as a cover, or hides within it without the knowledge of people at the top. I suspect this because it just doesn’t seem possible to me that something that extensive could exist in normal channels all these years without being discovered.

    1. This report interests me greatly .

      I have seen the creature he described but not in the flesh , rather on a book cover many years ago . I just finished a search of the top two hundred fifty Sci Fi paperbacks for each of the years 1940 thru 1980 ad did not find the artwork but it does exist .

      I must assume it was not a best seller but I did have a copy and read it once long ago . Now t will haunt me until I find it .

      My question is this , did he to see that artwork and read that book and put to memory a version of it in his mind that placed him in it as an actor with the eventual outcome of it becoming a false memory or did he indeed have an encounter with a creature that some one else had also encountered and put to art ?
      In the art I saw the creature was standing on an alien world on the right hand side of the front book cover and was facing to the left side and in the background was an alien ship resting on rocky terrain.
      The background was a orange and yellow sky and above it a black sky with stars . I will keep looking , it’s got to be around . Some times I wish I still had every book I’ve ever read and a B52 hanger to hold them all : (

  7. I love story’s like this! But what a repressive thing to hold it in for decades-it must have been so hard to be silent. The race of being encountered sounds like an offshoot of the angelic creature Hayydoth which has multiple eyes all over it. Will the wonders never cease? I hope the author of this story receives a reprieve of comfort of strong prayers soon from on high.

  8. I appreciate Steve sharing this story. It helps me feel hopeful. I believe, and I believe that our visitors are peaceful, so this story helps me feel at ease. I know that we will experience fear, the way that Steve described, but it’s an issue of the unknown, and not about anything threatening. I know it’s easy to say in a forum like this, but I want to make contact–I cannot help but look at the sky at night, in the dark, and feel a longing….like the same feeling one would have when thinking about home, when one has been away for a while. It is hard to explain.

  9. I come back to this story from time to time to remind myself of the sense of truth it conveys. On the surface it’s just a tale told to Steve by a man on his death bed, but obviously there’s more to it than that.

    As stated in the preface, “The author is, of course, beyond any possible motivation to lie or invent stories at this point in his life.”, and I find this more and more credible as I reread his story. He has nothing to lose at this point, and I can only imagine the weight that had pressed upon him over the years. Sweet relief finally, and a gift for us.

    That gift being a lesson in fear, and its ability to completely overwhelm us. But the author perseveres, and we’re the beneficiaries. And yes, I’da peed my pants too in all likelihood, but I hope that my exposure to this phenomenon over the years would steel me enough to appreciate the wonder of it.

  10. I’ve seen some wild and unexplainable things in my life…..but nothing like that! I Love It!

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