Politics and Unknowncountry.com

March 18, 2004
These days as never before, Americans are inflamed by politics. Radio and television commentators cynically howl out extremist poppycock in order to get attention and the ratings and money that go with them. The print media panders to the powers... continued

Bedside Visitors

March 10, 2004
As part of our new Communion Letters, "Amy" writes: When I was about 7 years old (the year was 1961), I slept on the top bunk in a room I shared with my younger sister (who was 5 years old),... continued

Black Triangle UFOs

March 4, 2004
As part of our series on new Communion Letters, "Gary" writes: It was about 9:30, Sunday night, November, 1993 when I saw the Black Triangle UFO. I noticed three red lights low in the sky ahead of me. They were... continued

Mad Cow Man Tells More

March 3, 2004
Dave Louthan, the man who slaughtered the cow in Washington State that started the Mad Cow madness, has a chilling update on his website. He writes: Hi there, Dave Louthan here. See I told ya we'd get it figured out.... continued

Air Force Pilot Sees UFOs

March 2, 2004
As part of our series of new Communion Letters, we present the experiences of "Bill," an Air Force pilot who had a UFO experience. If anyone should be able to tell the difference between a secret military craft and a... continued

The Haunted Wine Box: A Real Chiller

February 26, 2004
This is the Haunted Wine Box listing, exactly as it appeared on Ebay in Feburary of 2004, written by Kevin Mannis: All of the events that I am about to set forth in this listing are accurate and may be... continued

Multiple Sightings of a Strange Kind

February 24, 2004
As part of our new Communion Letters series, "Robert" writes: One of the most amazing discoveries I have had in the last few years was on the NBC broadcast of Confirmation. On that program you divulged a story involving police... continued

A Day at the Playgroundwith Aliens

February 19, 2004
I wrote down my experiences in the first place at the request of a film producer friend who wanted a script for a sci-fi film or TV series. I said, Im not very good at making things up but I... continued

An Alien Exercise Class

February 11, 2004
As part of our ongoing series of new Communion Letters, "Jennifer" tells of being put through a baffling series of physical "exercises," then being shown a secretthat in order to learn more, she needed to resist them. She writes: Only... continued

Learning to Make Contact

February 4, 2004
In one of our new Communion Letters, "Nicholas" writes: I really don't know whether or not I had a so-called UFO sighting, but it has changed my opinion about what we are. On Wednesday, December 3rd, I was traveling in... continued