Congressman: Administration won’t Investigate Shocking Terrorist Connection

March 12, 2008
These remarks were delivered in Congress on February 26 by Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. They are deeply troubling, because they suggest that the Bush Administration is pro-actively seeking to impede investigation into extremely serious terrorist links between Timothy McVeigh and... continued

Landmark Court Settlement Requires NASA to Release Documents on Mysterious UFO Case

October 29, 2007
NOTE: Investigative reporter Leslie Kean has called our attention to the following press release. On the heels of the news of NASA's attempt to withhold survey data on aviation safety problems, the Coalition for Freedom of Information (CFi) today announced... continued

Nostradamus & the Coming Bush Bombing of Iran by John Hogue

September 19, 2007
Are the coming US airstrike plans revealed in prophecy I used to think at the height of the Cold War that the following two prophecies of Nostradamus described the unthinkable and near simultaneous launch of a full-scale thermonuclear attack by... continued

Chat with a Psychic

May 27, 2007
This is the Unknowncountry Subscriber Chat Transcript for May 19th, 2007, with Psychic Medium Marla Frees. Whitley participated in the chat as well. (Note: you can contact Marla directly by writing to Put the word "Marla" in the subject... continued

Is This a Communication from the Visitors

May 2, 2007
Ed. Note: We received this letter on April 26, and have obtained permission from its author to post it. The reason is that it contains a message of change, and also some reassuring notions about how that change might affect... continued

Phoenix Lights Flare Theory Finally Extinguished! by Lynne D. Kitei, M.D.

April 11, 2007
Now that former Arizona Governor Fife Symington has come forward to disclose that he actually witnessed the "Phoenix Lights" and strongly claims that they could not have been flares, the misleading and dubious flare explanation for the "around 10 p.m."... continued

The Coming Economic Catastrophe

March 25, 2007
By Whitley Strieber ED NOTE: This article received more than a million hits over the weekend of March 23-25. As of noon today on March 26, it has received another million hits. We have asked Mr. Strieber to make some... continued

Former Arizona Gov. Now Admits Seeing UFO by Leslie Kean

March 19, 2007
Keep up with the work of Leslie Kean, click here. Ten years after the Arizona UFO incident known as the "Phoenix Lights," former Arizona Republican Governor Fife Symington III now says that he himself was a witness to one of... continued

What REALLY Happened at that O’Hare UFO Sighting by Leslie Kean

March 19, 2007
On Nov. 7, during the late-afternoon rush at Chicago's bustling O'Hare International Airport, something truly astonishing happened. Pilots, managers and mechanics looked up from their ground positions at the United Airlines terminal and saw an odd, disc-shaped object hovering silently... continued

The Tomb of Jesus: Casket of the King of the World by William Henry

March 7, 2007
"Cameron Crazies"it used to be that they were just the fanatical student supporters of Duke University's basketball teams, named for Duke's Cameron Indoor Stadium. However, after the hubbub around the release of Cameron's film The Tomb of Jesus, I'd say... continued