Congress Votes on Human Cloning–Behind the News

August 4, 2001
From Genetic Crossroads. After three hours of intense debate the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday voted 265 to 162 to pass the "Weldon bill" (HR 2505), banning both the creation of clonal embryos and their implantation in a woman... continued

My Disappearance Explained by Barry Chamish

July 9, 2001
Ed. Note: Barry Chamish is an Israeli journalist. The opinions he expresses here are his own and are not necessarily the opinions of Whitley Strieber or Mr. Chamish has made a vitally important contribution to political journalism with his... continued

John Hogue on the Current Portents in the Sky

June 21, 2001
A SOLAR SUMMER SOLSTICE and King Surids Dream of an end to the world by fire in July 2001 (19 June 2001) Dear friends, Today on the eve of the summer solstice the Solar Maximum continues unabated. The astronomers had... continued

On the Execution of Timothy McVeigh

June 12, 2001
June 11, 2001: Timothy McVeigh died today, defiant even as the lethal drugs entered his body. He was responsible for the murder of 168 people, including 33 children. Since his act of terrorism, the militia movement that he believed would... continued

A Brilliant Rebuttal to the Skeptics

May 18, 2001
It is no secret that many scientists are becoming disenchanted with skeptics groups and the skeptical paradigm in general. Skeptics groups have been losing membership, and some institutions now take a dim view of membership in groups like CSICOP, the... continued

Major Revelations on Dreamland

May 15, 2001
Both guests on Dreamland on Saturday night made major revelations in the areas of interest. Our first guest, Terry Hansen, along with such authors as Richard Dolan, author of UFOs and the National Security State is a member of a... continued

God Laughs and Plays

April 16, 2001 offers this sublime sermon for Easter reading. It is one of the greatest things ever said by man in service of God. It was written by Johannes Eckhart, known as Meister. He was a Dominican monk, a German, who... continued

CSICOP Founder Says Denial is not Skepticism

April 13, 2001
Marcello Truzzi, one of the founders of CSICOP, has allowed this essay to be reprinted on an important new website, This website is part of a sea-change now taking place in science over the UFO question. The physical evidence... continued

The WTO’s Water Monopoly Plans

April 7, 2001
Our New Resource Crisis By Peter Phillips Monsanto plans to earn revenues of $420 million and a net income of $63 million by 2008 from its water business in India and Mexico. Monsanto estimates that water will become a multibillion-... continued

Hillary’s Haunted Neighborhood

April 5, 2001
This story appeared in the January 25, 2001 edition of UFO Roundup (Vol. 6 no. 4) It is especially interesting in view of the fact that it has been revealed in the Robert Hanssen spy investigation that the FBI has... continued