Extreme Energy, Extreme Implications: Interview with Michael Klare

June 26, 2013
If oil and gas is a profoundly dynamic phenomenon, then so too must be environmental risk and conflicts over natural resources—and we are not getting the full picture from the mainstream media, according to Michael T. Klare, professor of peace... continued

Anatomy of a Black Triangle Sighting

May 15, 2013
Created by the Object Report   On March 20th, 2013 we received an exceptionally detailed email from an eyewitness who recounted an up close and personal sighting of a very large black triangle craft near Camarillo, California, which he observed... continued

Evaluiating the Sirius Documentary by Tyler A. Kokjohn, Ph. D.

May 3, 2013
Researcher Jeremy Vaeni has an excellent blog on WordPress called JayVay This entry on the recent Sirius film, by guest blogger Tyler A. Kokjon, is typical of the blog's high quality, and also offers some excellent and though-provoking insights into Dr. Steven Greer's recent... continued

The Kabbalah’s Remarkable Idea

April 6, 2013
Author Paul Levy is Whitley Strieber's guest on Dreamland April 5, 2013. He contributes this searching exploration of Kabbalah's radical and powerful ideas about evil. Reading and contemplating his essay is a deeply freeing and informative experience. During the question and... continued

Disclosure? Not a chance in hell

April 3, 2013
This impassioned testament from a close encounter witness really lays it on the line, revealing what might happen if disclosure ever took place. And there's another side to the coin: in the ensuing chaos, what happens to the procedures of... continued

Powerful Multiple-Witness UFO Experience

March 5, 2013
This report was received from an individual who has had personal encounters with lighted objects in his home in the company of his wife, a multiple witness encounter of a huge UFO, and the apparent healing of a beloved pet.... continued

The Revelations Symposium

March 1, 2013
The Revelations Symposium will be held May 17--19 at the Scarritt Bennett Center in Nashville. Presenters will be Graham Hancock, William Henry and Whitley Strieber. The ambiance will be the same as at the beloved Dreamland Festival normally held this time... continued

The Chelyabinsk Meteor: Separating Fact from Fiction

February 20, 2013
Thanks to the Object Report for this excellent and sensible article.   THE OBJECT REPORT WEBSITE THE OBJECT REPORT PODCAST The Chelyabinsk Meteor: Separating Fact From Fiction   Almost as soon as footage of this extraordinary event hit the internet,... continued

Prophecy of St. Malachy

February 15, 2013
Since Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation, there has been a battle going on in Wikipedia between editors who want the entire Prophecy of St. Malachy to be available and those who want to remove all of the mottos that... continued

UFOs: Silencing the Insiders by Nick Redfern

January 24, 2013
This article originally appeared in Mysterious Universe Magazine and is used with permission. There is probably not a single person within Ufology who isn’t familiar with the controversy of the Men in Black; those dark-suited characters who do their very... continued