Remember that Missile Contrail off Santa Catalina in 2010? No? You Should...


On November 8th, 2010, television and radio news media announced that a missile of unknown origin had been fired off the California coast near Catalina Island. While the Pentagon denied it was one of theirs, anyone and everyone else who, one would assume, know about such things, ummed and aaaahed stupifyingly. Soon, hapless fingers soon started to point to the Chinese. After a few days of the usual limp wristed investigating by the news media, the incident was soon forgotten, never to be addressed or resolved on any public level, replaced by news of a much more entertaining bent. The public having forgotten the incident probably even sooner than the news media. God forbid anyone would allow their day to be ruined by news of a missile being fired off the coast of California. I mean, really!

Watching the news segment on this missile incident, I was immediately struck by the poor quality of the video (despite being filmed by a professional crew, serendipitously on location). It seemed far too saturated. Too unnaturally orange. The incident occurred around 5pm so one could expect an orange hue maybe, but screen grabs of the video and accompanying imagery taken indicate to me that the video has been "tinkered" with in a major way. I watched the original broadcast of the news segment that went out Tuesday morning and other segments, broadcast later that day. Interestingly, an object that was visible in the early segments had been removed from later ones. This object seems to have been ignored by everyone in the news media (that's a shocker), and doesn't appear to be a conventional type of aircraft or helicopter.

The other revelation was something far stranger, more inexplicable and forces one to risk looking foolish. I discovered there were three objects of concern during this event. Three. So suspend your disbelief for a wee moment and let me explain...  Concluding that the general appearance of the video had been tinkered with, I strongly suspected that other elements within the video had also been manipulated.  After years of examining NASA's Apollo Image Archive I'm well acquainted with the idea that what the public is shown in imagery may not always reflect the truth. Utilizing Noise Ninja 2.0 and Akvis Noise Buster elements of the imagery started to make their presence felt. To describe, in words, what the event was appearing to turn out to be, would classify me as a certifiable raving loony. So I'll just let Noise Ninja do the talking.


What was so obviously a cloud in the earlier images now, clearly, is apparently something else. It's not a plane or anything conventional hiding inside a cloud - the cloud shape is an entire object with what appears to be a strange nose cone and unusual cockpit windows. It's very bizarre. So. If my image noise removal and enhancement are accurate then, and I believe they are, one can safely assume that someone, somewhere has devised a craft that can float silently and stationary, cloak its appearance by disguising itself as a cloud and can withstand a missile attack. What other conclusion could any rational person reach after scrutinizing such image data?

We have at our fingertips, the most powerful and easily accessed library in the history of modern mankind, yet despite the incredible power of the net, so many of us remain as uninformed as any technologically backward nation. A line I tend to hear a great deal, when debating with friends, on subjects that fall in the category of the above event, is the "so what? so what if's real, its not going to make any difference to my life". Such narcissism and ignorance would be readily acceptable were it true. But a modicum of reading or net research would yield information in plenty, revealing exactly why news of such events not only matters, but should be demanded, with fists banging on tables, by all of us. People are prepared to march on DC for gay marriage, while people who seek truthful information are labelled "truthers". What does
that say about us? We should all be asking both ourselves and those who (should) serve us politically, that if the above mentioned craft IS one of ours and can do what it appears to be able to do, then why are we spending so much money on gasoline, when there is obviously something else we could be utilizing. And if it IS NOT one of ours, then who, or what, possesses such a ship? Where do they come from? What do they want? Are we in conflict with them? How long a period has this conflict lasted? What will its outcome be?

The above questions are reasonable ones, considering the unusual nature of the above visual data, yet not one person I have shown them to bothered to ask such questions. Instead I get an eyeball-roll or labelled a "conspiracy theorist". The tedious use of that tired expression is normally reserved for use by those who are usually too damned lazy or stupid to argue, debate or god forbid, concede an argument. Not that I'm the brightest bulb in the chandelier, its just that I've become painfully aware of just how much factual, informational deception and suppression we've grown up around. It's not the fault of the American public. They have trusted for too long a Government that essentially has lied to them endlessly about a wide variety of subjects. Those lies created more lies to hide the first set of lies. So what we have now is a National Security State, where so much is wrapped up in absurd "need to know" classification or secret "black budget projects" that the people paid for and are denied access to.

What has our trusting public gotten for their loyalty to a corrupt system and an empty suit of an American dream? They've become a nation of vain, tormented, money driven, bill paying, over weight, over taxed, under paid, over worked, under insured, under educated, misinformed, arrogant, ignorant, narcissistic, war mongers. 

Actually I do remember this and I remember an RT interview in which a woman claims that a ufo actually shot down the us launched missile...then the u.s. shot at the ufo...hmmmm

Thank you for that link. I saw that lady's interview shortly after the incident and I remember feeling uncomfortable with it. Now, a couple of years later after having just watched it via your link I'm inclined to think of the interview as possibly some element of disinformation. That's just my hunch. Perhaps to steer any mainstream viewer away from thinking of the event as having any ET connection. JH

I believe this link (below) is a much more scientific, exhaustive, and rational analysis, that leaves little doubt that it was CLEARLY a plane contrail from flight UPS902.

The flight path analysis with a timelapse compilation of photos is the slam dunk, IMO, although there is a lot more of this type of evidence presented.

Back to the above: the obvious cloud in the foreground is now a cloaked flying saucer? Sorry, that really strains credibility to say the least, although I will resist rolling my eyes. Image "enhancement" creates pixels that didn't exist in the original image, but I guess one person's image enhanced artificial pixels are another's evidence of a row of "cockpit windows". Other photos of the event clearly show it was an unrelated foreground cloud, but those are conveniently omitted above. And what are the other similar clouds at apparently the same altitude in the photos? More giant saucers? An alien deception?

Visit the link I included and see what you all think. I'm not a debunker. I believe there is an alien presence. But we need to have good science and rational discernment. I don't believe the article above represents that point of view.

Also what stands out to me is that Catalina Island is far from uninhabited, it's in fact loaded with people, and lots of boats, and traffic going back and forth from the CA coast. If this were really a missile launch close to Catalina, don't you think someone with a cell phone would have shot a photo or video of what must have been a much more spectacular occurrence from their closer vantage point, or even reported that they saw such a thing? None of that exists! It's like a rainbow, it looks like someone a few miles away should be seeing giant bands of light shooting up out of the ground-- but of course that's not reality, is it. Which all helps to strongly favor the explanation that this was an illusion of lighting and perspective (from the LA side).

It's clear from this, and even from the sometimes insane comments that appear below the analysis given in my link above, that people will believe what they want to believe. "Don't try to fool me with facts!" Conspiracies are so much more delicious than contrails.

I concur with BobinNJ. Jet contrail. Do you think we would let anyone launch a missile anywhere near LA. That object that was removed was just anther UAP, so what. Time a dozen these days. Show me a structured craft if you want to whew the populous.

Actually I find the comments posted above to be very mean spirited and extraordinarily unimaginative. Your comments I would expect from an amateur debunker not from an intelligent and open minded Unknown Country reader. As for my "insane" comments, all I can say is, I'm glad you noticed. What you have so spectacularly missed is the fact that I'm simply a guy on the street, who took time examining these and other images and gingerly came to a conclusion. I'm sorry if isn't "scientific" enough for you. Frankly, if you think my comments are insane, then sir, you live in a world I would prefer not to inhabit.


To be clear, I did not call you or your writings "insane", and I'm sorry you read it that way. I was referring to some of the comments from internet posters under the analysis I referenced on

And I'm sorry if I appeared "mean spirited" and "extraordinarily unimaginative". Imagination is necessary to science as much as to poetry, as it helps develop ideas and hypotheses about understanding the universe (or omniverse?). And these hypotheses can then be tested by the scientific method, where I believe the scientific method and statistics are the main tools we have in the modern world for separating probable-facts from probable-falsehoods. Often we've found through science that things we thought were intuitively true, like "a feather will always fall more slowly than a rock", are simply not true. And so I think we need to be careful to not let imagination run wild to the point of spreading beliefs as facts, and worse, using a contrarian belief as an excuse to mistrust everything and everyone. One could argue that the world's religions are extremely guilty of exactly that, but I won't go there right now.

Back to the main subject, I do think it's important to know whether a rocket was launched from the ocean off the CA coast, or if it was just a harmless optical effect of sunlight hitting a plane contrail and seen from a specific vantage point. IMO, for the version of events (concluding it was a contrail) I referenced above to be wrong, it would be necessary for the sequence of photos by Rick Warren from the "event" to be fakes, and that would suggest a conspiracy to suppress the truth. Those photos, stitched together and aligned by objects on the horizon, then blended with the radar track of flight UPS902 projected in 3D on Google-maps, produced this composite image on the referenced site:

That is compelling evidence, among the other extensive analysis done there, to match the alleged rocket contrail to a specific airplane. Or to some, it's apparently part of an elaborate conspiracy. And to all of the analysis found at that link, I added my points about the total lack of other eyewitness or photographic evidence from either closer to the CA shore or the very busy area that extends out to the popular tourist destination, Catalina Island. If you have specific rebuttals for all of these points, I'm sure anyone here including myself would be happy to hear them.

Finally, while again I am not calling you "insane", I think you did launch into a solid rant toward the end there, based apparently on indignity over the public indifference to material like this. I'm sure many of us are frustrated that topics like UFO's, alien abductions, Bigfoot sightings, and so on are almost universally presented in the media with chuckles and either Twilight Zone or X-Files music in the background, but I don't think it warrants the blanket statement that we're all now, "a nation of vain, tormented, money driven, bill paying, over weight, over taxed, under paid, over worked, under insured, under educated, misinformed, arrogant, ignorant, narcissistic, war mongers." That's a little bit harsher IMO than me calling a few internet commentators "insane".

So let's all get along, respect our differences, and try to comb out the few grass seeds of truth there might be in a giant field of weeds that is this world of "ufology." It's a good thing that we're able to debate these points freely and even agree to disagree. Perhaps I didn't change your mind, but this discussion allows readers to consider different points of view and form their own conclusions.

I'll end by saying that I think UC can be a little bit too slanted toward "right brained" at times, if I may say so, and would benefit from mixing in a little bit higher percentage of "left brained" thinking, which has gotten a bad rap in recent years. I suppose it's what makes me sometimes want to post comments here. But it's the merging of the two, the yin and the yang, feminine and masculine, left and right, whatever you want to call it, where I think we're most likely to learn and grow. I think because Whitley demonstrates that merging so extraordinarily well at times, he inspires many people in his writing, and no doubt in person as well. He does land a little bit on the fanciful side here and there, and I suppose thankfully so.



Great comments BobinNJ. While I am far from convinced that what was seen was a ufo or a missile contrail I also find it hard to believe that so many people in the media would mistake a plane contrail, which is a very common occurence all around the world, for something unknown. Think about it, there are so many contrails in that part of the world that for a news story to come out about one being something unknown leads me to believe that there was something unknown about it. There is a video with comments made by the man who shot the footage, this was not seen only once: “Nobody within the Department of Defense that we’ve reached out to has been able to explain what this contrail is, where it came from,” Pentagon spokesman Col. Dave Lapan said." That is sad, however I can see this as just the media playing up a story and the pentagon not caring about something that to them is just obviously a jet contrail. Of course the vid I linked to with the woman talking about Pleiadians is hard to believe and IF what was seen was a genuine e.t. guided ufo then I would have to agree with Jeremy that the interview with her was disinfo. Listening to her for ten seconds is enough for most people to turn it off or put on a big grin and roll their eyes, not many will take her seriously.

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