The purpose of Unknowncountry and Dreamland is to explore the edge of reality, but do so with the most credible information and guests that can be found. The site and the show are not political, so we do not offer political commentary or political topics. What we DO offer is a treasure-trove of shows and stories, with the Dreamland archive dating back to 2004 and the site’s news archive to 1998. There is a powerful search engine where you can input any topic to see what we have covered on it.

Dreamland specializes in the very best of the unusual. The show is not adversarial, but rather encourages guests who would either be doubted on most shows or completely ignored, to tell their stories. Whitley Strieber’s interview questions are designed to encourage guests to put their best information on the table so that listeners can judge for themselves.

The site also offers extensive social media. There is a chat room open to subscribers, there are often live video meetings for subscribers with Dreamland guests, there is a comment section where subscribers can comment on Dreamland, our news feed and our other podcasts, and there is a free message board. All comment areas are subject to our posting rules, and they are followed carefully. The site immediately bans trolls, spammers and anyone violating the rules. As a result, our social community is informative, interesting and, above all, fun.

Unknowncountry. com started out as Whitleysworld in 1998. In the same year, Whitley and Anne Strieber took over the Dreamland radio show that had been founded by Art and Ramona Bell as their Saturday night show. Whitley was host of the live radio show until 2003, when it became the podcast that it has remained to this day. He has been host of the podcast ever since. Dreamland runs every week, with a new show on Fridays starting at 8AM Pacific time. It is pre-recorded and shows are archived on here on The show offers half an hour of programming free with ads, and an hour and a half for subscribers, all without ads. Unknowncountry and Dreamland are entirely supported by subscriptions. The show and the site do not run outside ads. To see our subscription plans, click here.

Dreamland is available on many podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Tune In Radio, Spotify, YouTube and many others. Podcast apps that allow password protected podcasts such as Castro, Apple Podcasts and Podcast Nation will run the subscriber version. Both the free and subscriber versions are available on Whitley’s YouTube channel.

Anne Strieber made Unknowncountry a daily news website in 2001, and it now publishes three news stories a week in addition to Dreamland and Trish and Rob MacGregor’s Mystical Underground. (You can see the first edition of Unknowncountry in February of 2001 by clicking here.) The entire run of our podcasts, Anne Strieber’s Mysterious Powers, William Henry’s Revelations, Jeremy Vaeni’s the Experience, Mia Feroleto’s New Observations and Mike Clelland’s the Unseen, are all available in full.

Our blogs are Whitley’s Journal and Anne’s Diary. While Anne Strieber passed in 2015, Whitley still keeps her diary up with occasional posts.

The site also offers a free weekly newsletter that announces each week’s show and provides up to the minute site information and the latest news. You can subscribe to it by clicking here.

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