An increasingly popular theory in the fields of UFO and paranormal research posits that phenomena like UFOs, alien abduction, near-death-experiences, after death communication, synchronicity and past life experiences are all elements of a unified whole, what author and researcher Raymond E. Fowler calls the “Meta Phenomenon,” which also serves as the title of his most recent book.  

“Meta Phenomenon” consists of Fowler’s diary of “incredible occurrences,” a record of his many paranormal experiences spanning the years 1990 to 2023 and is intended for his own personal study as well as for interested readers and other researchers. Fowler writes that he began the diary in 1990 after discovering that he had his own history of alien encounters, the memories of which had been long repressed, as is usual with most alien abductees. 

On his way to that realization, Fowler had been a UFO researcher for decades, beginning by chasing down sightings reports in his native New England and writing a series of very well-received books on his efforts, such as “Casebook of a UFO Investigator.” So great was the trust and respect he had earned that Fowler’s research was even entered into the Congressional Record when hearings were held on flying saucers by the House Armed Services Committee in the 1960s. 

Fowler also worked with Massachusetts housewife Betty Andreasson, who had a long and complex relationship with the gray aliens that would come to involve her children as well. Under regressive hypnosis, Andreasson related many fascinating stories of time spent onboard alien spacecraft, much of which she viewed through the lens of her devout Christian beliefs.   

In 1990, certain repressed memories of his own alien abduction encounters bubbled to the surface of Fowler’s mind, and, when combined with other consciously recalled events, the recollections forced him to conclude that he was himself the same sort of abductee he had been researching for so many years. He relates this story in his book “UFO Testament, The Anatomy of an Abductee.” It was at this point that he began the diary we are concerned with here.  

The diary entries in “Meta Phenomenon” offer a mountain of raw data on what it is like to live in a constant state of paranormal contact. One of the simpler aspects is something Fowler calls “the clock phenomenon,” which is a thread running through the entire book.   

This involves something everyone has experienced, glancing at a digital clock and seeing the same three numbers lined up together, like 4:44 or 5:55. To have it happen randomly and occasionally is normal, but it began to happen so frequently to Fowler that it far exceeded what the law of averages would lead us to expect. Fowler would constantly awaken for various reasons and, when glancing at his bedside clock, see that three identical numbers were aligned. He recorded the phenomenon in his diary for several years, until it became so commonplace that it ceased to have the urgency it once did.  

Another frequently recurring paranormal phenomenon that Fowler experiences is called a “time slip.” While there are numerous such moments in the book, the following is an excellent example: 

“April 29, 2003. Another incident where I might have seen the past or the

future in the present. I arrived to go fishing at the Merriland River and found three cars parked at the river. I hoped that whoever was fishing was not at some of my favorite places. I figured that there were at least three fishermen, so I decided to count them as I made my way along the stream. I saw the first one and continued walking along the path. I then came across number two. He was standing in the water, about 70 to 100 feet from me. I stopped to watch him and counted to two. I then started to walk but glanced again to see what he was doing. There was no fisherman there! The area was wide open and there was nowhere he could have gone in several seconds. I kept looking and looking up and down the river but there was no one there and yet several seconds earlier I saw him clearly!”  

Granted, this is not a particularly profound or deeply meaningful story, but, when combined with the sheer frequency of such moments in Fowler’s life, it is undeniable that he sometimes becomes unstuck in time and the past and the future intrude into his present moment with an eerie sort of “playfulness.” He recounts many similar moments happening with his wife Margaret around their family home, including one that involves her appearing as a nearly transparent mist as she busied herself in the living room. She appeared again shortly after and carried out the same exact movements, that time in her solid, corporeal form. Fowler had received some kind of precognitive vision of Margaret as a mist which was shortly followed by a repeating moment of “normal” reality. 

On May 1, 2003, a couple of days after the time slip at the Merriland River,

Fowler recorded what he calls “an incredible synchronism.”  

“I glanced out the sliding glass doors to our outside deck and saw a large, beautiful fox prancing around the backyard. I called Margy to look. As we watched, he stopped in front of the deck and began scratching himself. I ran upstairs and grabbed a camera but when I looked out the upstairs window, he was running through the yard again. I took some pictures through the window before he ran off but was disappointed not to photograph him sitting still and scratching himself. 

“Several hours later I happened to glance out the sliding glass doors and was amazed to see the fox running around the yard as he did before. I grabbed the camera and was shocked to see him come to the exact spot in front of the deck and sit down and scratch himself again. Needless to say, I took the picture that I had missed before.” 

Again, admittedly, the fox story is not one of earth-shattering philosophical implications, but it helps one to see that reality and our own desires can sometimes be in delightful communion with a benevolent guiding force. The fox returning to Fowler’s backyard and posing for the exact photos Fowler was hoping to obtain makes one think of a child being indulged in some small whim in a completely unexpected way. Fowler got what he wanted – not by demanding it, but instead because the powers-that-be “deigned” to give it to him in a way that followed synchronistic patterns already established in Fowler’s thinking.  

The fact that the time slip and the fox synchronism happened within two days of one another illustrates a fundamental truth of “Meta Phenomenon,” as it demonstrates Fowler’s daily grind, one paranormal experience following another with a regularity and sameness that staggers the mind. 

Precognitive dreams, a poltergeist that moves objects from one place to another, after death contacts from Fowler’s deceased father, the list goes on. All the boxes are checked by the forces guiding Fowler’s day-to-day existence, though an appropriate name for those forces is hard to extract from within the confines of human language. Aliens? Angels? Unnamable Supernatural Entities?  

The Biblical God once answered a question about his identity by saying, “I Am Who I Am.” That may be, for the time being, the straightest answer we will get.  To get your copy from Amazon, click here.



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