Child prodigy in meditations at chalkboard

Human Beings – 2.0

Many people believe that an evolutionary upgrade in human cognitive abilities is evident in many members of the youngest generation. All you have to do is go to YouTube and search for Child Prodigies to see examples of very young children and adolescents doing extraordinary things in the arts and sciences as well as in business. Whether you choose to label them as ‘Indigos,’ ‘Crystal’ or ‘Rainbow’ children – the proliferation of ‘Baby Mozarts,’ ‘Baby Einsteins’ and maybe even ‘Baby Buffets’ is evident. But is there any science to substantiate the obvious?
time tunnel The subject of time travel has intrigued both scientists and science-fiction writers alike for centuries, but now scientists are suggesting that the concept is theoretically sound.

Back in September of this year, UK physicist, Professor Brian Cox, declared that time travel was certainly possible, but only to the future and not to the p...

Brain Cells More than 5 million years ago, the evolutionary path of humans split from that of other primates. And now – after a mere 25 years of intensive research – scientists in Dresden, Germany have identified the gene responsible for creating this divergence and leading the human brain to become the most complex structure in the known Universe....


When in his final tweet as a presidential adviser, John Podesta said that he was disappointed that he had been unable to achieve release of still secret UFO files in 2014, the general media at first assumed that it was a joke. When his past record on the subject became clear and it was realized that he wasn't joking, most outlets fell silent. The New York Times, the Washington Post and the Wall S...
We’ve all heard for dozens of years of innovative cancer cures confiscated by the government. Often, the innovation had to do with esoteric technologies that could be mistaken for quackery by the uninitiated. But what happens when a miraculous cure comes from a super-molecule that is already part of one’s own body – and it appear...

Huge new craters are spontaneously opening up in the melting permafrost in northern Russia. Though the exact cause is as yet undermined, the sudden appearance of an enormous new crater surrounded by 20 little ones – within six miles of a major gas product plant – has put residents and scientists on high alert.

Professor Bog...


After two strokes, I am spending most of my time in a wheelchair. I'm practically a bionic woman. I have to be fed through a tube that has been inserted into my stomach. I can look at my left arm, which is nice, but I can't make it do anything. I cannot see well enough to read, which is a real bore. I can eat only bits of pudding and thickened drinks like tea and coffee. Whitley reads the papers to me in t...
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