Tax Return Info Accessed in IRS Hack

The Internal Revenue Service has temporarily closed down their "Get Transcript" service that was available on their website, due to the theft of taxpayer information from about 100,000 households by hackers. At least, so far about a hundred thousand returns have been compromised.

The accounts were accessed through verification questions from February through May of this year, using personal information gathered from a variety of other sources, such as social media sites. The agency reports that only individual accounts have been compromised, and that their main computer system “remains secure.”
A record-breaking heat wave is currently gripping India, killing hundreds, with temperatures hot enough to liquefy asphalt.

"As of now, we don't predict any respite from the extreme heatwave for the next few days," reports a spokesman from India's Meteorological Department, B. P. Yadav. They expect to see temperatures in exce...

See video Dr. Richard O'Connor has been in the practice of medicine for 35 years. After viewing the two slides of an unknown body presented by Jaime Maussan in Mexico City on May 5, he offered the opinion in this video. He has been involved in hundreds of total knee replacements and joint repairs. He says "that's what first got my attention when I saw t...


I have been reading The Fairy Tradition in Britain by Lewis Spence at the same time that the Roswell Slides drama has been unfolding. I don’t find it surprising that the assumption that any nonhuman remains or artifacts would be indications that aliens from another plant must be here is so universal. But I certainly don’t agree with it. (This does NOT mean that I therefore think that they are not th...
The spring of 2015 is on track to be one of the most violent ever recorded in the US. While there were more violent events overall in 2014, there were fewer tornadoes and less flooding. Through May 24, there have been 499 tornadoes recorded in the US. Through the end of May in 2015 there have been 499 tornadoes. On February 20, 2015, Unknowncountry...

Dreamland is being presented from Wednesday, May 20 this week instead of starting on Friday. The reason is that this show not only makes it clear that the Roswell slides, far from being fakes or images of the mummy of a child, do indeed depict a body with extremely unusual anatomical features that are not the result of deformity and are not human....


The terrible floods in Texas are unfolding in areas where many of our friends live, in Blanco, Wimberly, Austin and Houston. As far as we know, none of our friends have been injured or lost their homes, but things are very confused at present. What’s worse, more rain is coming in a few days. Hopefully this disaster won’t turn into an epic catastrophe.

The Texas Hill Country is known fo...


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