Construction Work Halted By...Elves!

Plans to build a new road in Iceland were halted recently when campaigners warned that it would disturb elves living in its path.

Construction work had to be stopped until a solution could be found.

" It's not every day in Iceland that we divert roads for elves. It's just in this case we were warned that elves were living in some of the rocks in the path of the road - well, we have to respect that belief,"
explained Petur Matthiasson of the Icelandic Highways department.
A recent study could help scientists predict impending floods months before they occur.

The study states that a pair of NASA satellites, known collectively as GRACE, have detected variations in gravitational pull from saturated river basins that appear to be accurate indicators of flooding.

The report, which was published...

A newly discovered planet in a binary star system located 3,000 light-years from Earth is expanding astronomers’ notions of where Earth-like—and even potentially habitable—planets can form, and how to find them.

At twice the mass of Earth, the planet orbits one of the stars in the binary system at almost exactly the s...


In 1975, a paper by physicist Michael Hart inspired Enrico Fermi to ask the question: where is everybody? He asked it because of the silence of the universe around us--no radio signals, nobody coming in for a landing, indeed, nobody approaching us in anything like a conventionally understandable manner.

Now, whether you believe that extraterrestrials are here or not, a good argument can be made tha...
See video The Chilean government has released the results of a study that has declared two sightings of aerial phenomena as "genuine unidentified flying objects."

The study, which has been conducted by the CEFAA (Committee for the Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena), has analyzed two high-quality photographs of UFOS seen flying over...

See video Watching the first kick of the football at the start of this year's World Cup was a very special moment, as the kick was taken by a paraplegic wearing an amazing mind-controlled exo-skeleton.

Juliano Pinto, a 29-year-old Brazilian man suffering from paralysis in his lower body, was able to control the legs of the special suit using h...


There’s a joke in a Woody Allen movie about a man who kicked a TV set. The next time he went into an elevator, he heard an ominous voice say as the doors closed, ‘are you that guy who kicked the TV?’ The elevator had apparently been waiting for him.

Something similar happened to us this morning. Whitley’s alarm clock fell onto the floor beside his bed, and when he reached do...
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