Mainstream PhotoJournalist Captures a UFO

What happens when a distinguished, highly reputable photojournalist with credits from The New York Times, Der Spiegel, Marie Clair, Time Magazine and other prestigious journals – sees and photographs something in the skies he cannot identify? The answer is, of course, that he writes about it. In fact, he put his reputation on the line to write a straightforward report of what he saw and of his challenge to capture the image.

Richard Emblin is the director and editor-in-chief of The City Paper, the English language newspaper in Colombia. He has covered conflicts in Colombia and Angola and has published photo essays from around the world. But in the 4/12/15 on-line issue of The City Paper, Emblin’s article took a radical departure from his usual reportage.
In the summer of 1850 hunters in the Caucasus encountered a strange creature running naked and six and a half feet tall. They chased it down and captured it, returning it to T'khina. At first, she was violent, but she soon became used to domestic life. She was called Zana and was able to do simple household chores. She became a servant in an aristo...

Even a few seconds warning prior to a devastating earthquake could save thousands of lives. But Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) systems are too pricey for governments in some of the most earthquake prone regions – including Asia, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. Now a group of scientists think they may have found a solution: a cro...


I have been writing about the dangers of climate change since I published Nature's End with Jim Kunetka in 1985. It was considered overstated. When Art and I published Superstorm, it was considered overstated. It turns out that neither book was overstated. In fact, both were understated. Climate change is happening much faster than we imagined possible. In addition, the...
Over 50 years ago, the theoretical physicist and mathematician Freeman John Dyson – an expert in astronomy, nuclear engineering, solid-state physics and quantum electrodynamics – theorized that a highly advanced “extraterrestrial civilization would harvest most of its energy from their star, which would both limit the amoun...

brain-to-brain communication Laws and technologies invading and eroding privacy are widespread and ongoing. Soon, even the sanctity of our private thoughts – and the (highly-compromised) right to make up our own minds – may be quaint artifacts of a bygone era.

As with all other breakthroughs, the convergence of neuroscience and bioengineering brings w...


Over the past two years, the kind of serious crime that is usually reserved for humans has extended into the world of canines. In February of 2013, Cruz, a dog in contention at the 18th Annual Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show in Denver was murdered with poison. This had happened before, but very rarely, with the last incident in Denver's dog world taking place in the 1880s. Now, on March 9, it has...
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