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Turtle Talk

It’s an ancient and well-known saying, ‘The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.’ This is an assessment frequently made of well-meaning NGO’s, who attempt to help struggling ‘third world’ cultures by imposing Western-style values and solutions. Turns out, our assumptions also get in the way of our assistance to endangered animal species.

For instance, we generally think that turtles are neglectful mothers. Once the eggs are deposited on sandy beaches, it’s adios to the progeny. Thus, gathering the eggs and incubating them in the safety of a laboratory seems an obvious solution to counter the decimation resulting from natural predation, loss of habitat and illegal trade.
They knew it was coming. They knew it would be large and that it would be devastating. They just didn’t know quite when it would strike or exactly where. They also did not know what could be done in the short term to minimize the loss of life and property damage that would inevitably result.

That’s why they met in Kathmand...

Hemp Field Trees are going up in China even as they are coming down along the Amazon and in Indonesia’s Sumatran and Kalimantan provinces. Vegetation is increasing in Russia as abandoned farmlands regrow their forests. And because of increases in rainfall – grasslands have increased in Australia, Africa and South America.



I have completed Super Natural with my collaborator, Jeff Kripal, the Religion Chair at Rice University. It's going to be published by Tarcher/Penguin in February of 2016.
How would you like little electronic impulses to guide you on your way? Never mind the nudge of hunches and intuition. Forget the danger and bother of attending to Siri’s synthetic voice and frequently faulty instructions. Why not wear your directional signals in your underwear – in advance of getting them implanted – for streamli...

Surprisingly, this is the second time in a week that we find ourselves publishing a UFO story on the main site. Our policy is to reserve these stories for our Out There section unless there is a level of professional involvement and virtual certainty that the object cannot be explained. This is such a story. The photographer, who wishes to rem...


Over the past two years, the kind of serious crime that is usually reserved for humans has extended into the world of canines. In February of 2013, Cruz, a dog in contention at the 18th Annual Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show in Denver was murdered with poison. This had happened before, but very rarely, with the last incident in Denver's dog world taking place in the 1880s. Now, on March 9, it has...
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