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Teaching Medicine in an Era When the Rate of Change is Approaching Light Speed

 Changes in medicine are finally leading to changes in how medicine is taught at some university hospitals. Now, in addition to learning how the body works, aspiring doctors are having to learn how the medical system, itself, works.

At the University of Michigan Medical School, second year students spend class hours improving their communication and negotiation skills – something that will be important to them for working as part of a medical team, sharing options with their patients, determining with colleagues who gets top-billing as lead author on a research paper, and explaining how the whole thing works to the outside world.
See video This appeared over San Diego early in the morning of April 30. It was reported on local news and observed by a number of people. Is it a cluster of LED lights on balloons? A genuine unknown. Apparently it was only visible for a short time. The red, white and blue coloring of the lights suggests a prosaic origin, but, as one of the commenters o...

See video An underwater volcano off the coast of Washington State may be blowing its top. At the same time, a massive new magma pool has been discovered under Yellowstone. In accordance with the predictions of two geologists (Bill Chadwick, of Oregon State University and Scott Nooner of the University of North Carolina Wilmington) the Axial Seamount...


I have completed Super Natural with my collaborator, Jeff Kripal, the Religion Chair at Rice University. It's going to be published by Tarcher/Penguin in February of 2016.
dna When I was a child, the biggest perceived threat to our long-term existence as a species was the bomb. While we certainly cannot call that ‘the good ol' days’, the number and types of threats today to the future of life on Earth have proliferated far beyond the spread of nuclear technology worldwide.

Take gene manipulation....

giant turtle It’s an ancient and well-known saying, ‘The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.’ This is an assessment frequently made of well-meaning NGO’s, who attempt to help struggling ‘third world’ cultures by imposing Western-style values and solutions. Turns out, our assumptions also get in the way of our assistan...


Over the past two years, the kind of serious crime that is usually reserved for humans has extended into the world of canines. In February of 2013, Cruz, a dog in contention at the 18th Annual Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show in Denver was murdered with poison. This had happened before, but very rarely, with the last incident in Denver's dog world taking place in the 1880s. Now, on March 9, it has...
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