Weekender: When the Unlikely and the Unbelievable Collide

by Trish and Rob MacGregor

In the aftermath of an early morning UFO encounter in his back yard that ended with both he and his wife losing consciousness, Charles Fontaine was haunted by a series of strange coincidences and paranormal experiences. Even though he rarely read books outside of his field in aeronautics, he went to a bookstore in a Montreal mall and picked up one book, the French edition of The Seven Secrets of Synchronicity.
See video Speaking on Dreamland on May 9, 2014, Dr. Robert Schoch said that Planet Earth along with the rest of our solar system is entering a region of space that contains more debris than the region we have been in...

On December 28, Air Asia Flight QZ8501 suddenly ascended during an extreme thunderstorm, then crashed into the Java Sea with the loss of all 162 people aboard. Now a Germanwings A320 has crashed into the Alps with the loss of all 150 people aboard. In this case, the weather was normal and the plane was at an altitude of 38,000 feet when it went int...


I have been writing about the dangers of climate change since I published Nature's End with Jim Kunetka in 1985. It was considered overstated. When Art and I published Superstorm, it was considered overstated. It turns out that neither book was overstated. In fact, both were understated. Climate change is happening much faster than we imagined possible. In addition, the...
A study just published in Nature Climate Change reports an "exceptional" weakening of the Gulf Stream system across the twentieth century, and suggests that the entire system of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation is in jeopardy. But...

Russia has threatened Denmark with nuclear consequences if it participates in NATO's missile shield program. The program is designed to shield the NATO alliance area from missiles from any region, not just Russia. It has been made a defense priority in Europe, primarily because of the missile program under development in Iran. European intelligence...


Over the past two years, the kind of serious crime that is usually reserved for humans has extended into the world of canines. In February of 2013, Cruz, a dog in contention at the 18th Annual Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show in Denver was murdered with poison. This had happened before, but very rarely, with the last incident in Denver's dog world taking place in the 1880s. Now, on March 9, it has...


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