Fairy Lights Holography: Japanese Researchers Develop a Safe Open-Air Interactive Hologram

A research team from Tsukuba University in Japan has announced their development of an apparatus that is capable of projecting open-air holograms that are safe for humans to interact with.

While the practice of modern holography was invented in 1962, the holograms produced were imprinted on clear glass or plastic sheets, and required the viewer to look through that medium to view the holographic image itself. Open-air holography methods using fast-pulsing lasers have been developed in recent years, but the images themselves were hazardous, as the plasma generated in the air to produce the image was hot enough to burn human skin.
In the decades since the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22, 1963, a myriad of documentary evidence from the events of that day have been used to try to gain a better understanding of how JFK was killed in Dealey plaza. Audio recordings, photographs, and the infamous Zapruder film have been extensively analyzed to try to paint...

Plankton is spreading in the North Atlantic much faster than global warming models have predicted. This appears to be due to a much faster than expected "loading" of carbon dioxide into ocean waters from the CO2-laden atmosphere. Normally, carbon dioxide is absorbed into the oceans, which has been reducing the amount in the atmosphere....


I have been having an extraordinary time engaging with my wife. What has happened is beyond anything I would ever have expected. Anne was a teacher, and she still is. Not only that, she loved Dreamland and always participated as much as she could. When she could not lean in and ask questions herself because her voice was too weak, she whispered them to me and I asked them.
Researchers in Sweden have created what they are calling an electronic plant, a machine-plant hybrid that has electrically conductive wiring integrated into it's internal structure. The research team sees a wide variety of applications for this development, including plants that can react to environmental changes, or plants that could act as electr...

An investigation has been launched by the New York Attorney General against oil and gas corporation Exxon-Mobil, into allegations that the company lied to the public about the effects of fossil fuels on the Earth's climate, and to investors, regarding how said change might affect their business. Exxon-Mobil was subpoenaed earlier this month to hand...


This concludes Anne's Diary. Her first entry was posted on April 6, 2000, her last on July 27, 2015. She loved her diary, and thought that this collection of essays, more than anything else she did, gave expression to her mind and heart. Her first entry was entitled "Typical Radio Show Day," and her last, "...


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