I have been working on my new book about Jesus so intensively that I was shocked to see that I haven’t posted a journal entry since July! In this wild year, July might as well have happened on another planet.

We finally updated Climate Watch, which makes frightening reading indeed. The visitors don’t want me talking politics on this site, so I don’t, but they DO want me to talk climate change, so I think that it is now inescapable that it is well under way. Out here on the West Coast, it’s like the end of the world. As a matter of fact, for many people, that’s exactly what it is going to be. The reason is not that they can’t rebuild, but that they can’t get insurance when they do so, or it will be so expensive that they can’t afford it. Therefore, banks can’t give them mortgages.

I keep seeing people sneering that “they should have practiced better forest management.” What is NOT said is that the biggest forest manager in the west is the US Government, which has completely neglected to manage its own forests, which comprise more than 50% of the forest cover in Washington, Oregon and California. All three of those states have fairly good forest practices, but the US Forest Service lags behind. So put blame where it belongs, which is mostly with the US government.

When I see these horrible fires, and the Amazon burning, I am haunted by my book Nature’s End, which describes such fires very accurately. It was written in 1984 and published in 1985, the last book I published before I went down the Communion rabbit hole and was marginalized by the media. When I did a press conference in Washington about Nature’s End–even before Communion–I was laughed at by a room full of environmental reporters.

And then there’s another haunting title: Superstorm. Speaking of being haunted by a book that was dismissed by the environmental movement, that one really bothers me. Instead, they embraced Al Gore’s mistaken gradualism. He even got a Nobel Prize. I understand their desire to believe that they still had time. They didn’t and they don’t, but they know that now…too late.

What is happening right now in the South Atlantic is only a prelude. It will get much worse. 

Little spoken about is the fact that the ice shelves that hold back the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica are melting rapidly, and it has recently been found that there is a great deal of warm water under the glacier. This means that sooner or later, it is going to slide into the sea. This will cause a 4 foot rise in sea level. Not only will this cause coastal flooding around the world, it will also put pressure on the continental shelves, which is known to increase volcanism and earthquake activity.

For me, the good news is my new book, which is an entirely new vision of Jesus and what his teaching and his life may now mean to us. It is a deep dive into many forgotten details which, taken together, have the power to redefine what his ideas of community and morality can mean for us now.

The following groups will just plain hate it: the secular academic community; the religious academic community; the atheists and agnostics; the evangelicals; the middle-of-the road Christians; others I probably haven’t thought of.

So who is going to like it? You. You are going to love it, because it is going to finally tell the truth about this man, and re-ignite the inspiration and power of his teaching.

The book doesn’t place blame. The gospel writers did their best. They applied their best understanding of the world to what they had experienced. But when Christianity became part of the Roman government, any chance the teaching had of having its intended impact was lost.

In the ideal world, the book will be out, at least as a Kindle and an audiobook, in late October. I am going to be reading the first chapter for Unknowncountry subscribers shortly, so you will begin to get an idea of what is to come.

And no, it doesn’t claim that Jesus was an alien. As those of you who read A New World, Communion and my other books, I don’t know myself if there are aliens here. But I will say this: whoever is here worked with me extensively, providing research support as only they can. Anne and her friends, also, participated. She was an expert on Jesus and his life, so her contribution is extensive.

What a life I live, and it all started because of two things: the first is that I do the sensing exercise; the second is that I went out in the woods in search of the visitors in the weeks and months after they beat me up. I was scared to death, but I did it anyway. They eventually responded. They became teachers. Now, also, partners. And I still have no certain idea about what they are.

For subscribers also, I will be posting 25 minute sensing exercise videos, each of which starts with a 5 minute commentary, then the exercise itself. For my own part, I now do it at 1PM, 11PM, 3AM and often 6AM because I am waked up now more than once in the small hours.

The early morning sessions, in what is known as Brahamamuhutha time, are rich sources of deep meditation and often new ideas and directions for life.

I would like to thank all of you who subscribe to Unknowncountry and keep it going. If you don’t, why not start now?

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  1. I am SO looking forward to the new book. I remember sending you an email several years ago encouraging you to write a new understanding of Jesus. I think it is the right time to gain a new perspective of his core teachings, and to push aside all the claptrap and spin associated more with the catholic church and its bent toward power and control.

  2. I have found resonance with John D Crossan’s scholarship and analysis. Jesus as counter cultural wisdom sage, healing being a major part of his work as well as the dining table being all inclusive. He says the Gospels UNDERPLAY his healing activity. He also dates the non dualistic gospel of thomas to 50 CE.

    Love your approach on this.

  3. I recently heard that most of the federal budget is used for firefighters and not mitigation type practices. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. I fear they are trapped in that backward policy. We are just running out of time!

    Does your new book about Jesus line up with the Cathars and their Gnostic movement? Except for us dreamlanders it was one, although obscure, group you left out. LOL

  4. I’m also greatly looking forward to the new book, and have always been very interested in your perspective on the life and meaning of Jesus in light of your experiences with the visitors. I’ve been wondering lately whether you have had any direct encounters with Jesus as a discrete being in some form or another. I remember that you’ve mentioned God manifesting to you as a dog, which, as a dog lover, I think is perfect. I also remember you mentioned in a New World that you had reason to believe that Jesus would respond personally to prayer on occasion. I took that to mean that you may have had personal encounters. If you have, I certainly hope it’s chronicled in the upcoming book. We all look forward to it.

  5. You could point out to them that Scientific American has always stayed out of politics as well, but even they have changed their tune in light of recent events. I would like to see what the visitor’s endorsement of a candidate would look like.

  6. Author

    The visitors said to me, when I asked for their help by just showing themselves to the world for 5 minutes, “We will never steal your fate.” The moment they appear, everybody looks to them for all the answers. As far as they’re concerned, this is our world to manage and our life to live. If we fail, it’s our problem. Although it’s not impossible that their presence will become more obvious if we reach a point of no return. Once our fate is sealed, it’s not inconceivable that they might take some living people off planet for one reason or another. What those reasons would be, I don’t know.

    As to who they might choose, I have no idea of their criteria, or if this would happen at all. I do know the reasons that they concentrate on the US, Canada and Australia. It is because these three countries have a lot of open space where they can come and go easily, very mixed populations with many different races and cultures available, and lots of freedom so people are, to a greater extent than in most places, able to talk and think about things that are supposedly impossible.

    Their best “places” are semi-rural areas where there is a lot of movement back and forth to nearby cities. That’s why you find them in areas like the Hudson Valley and the Okanagan.

    1. Thanks Whitley – I remember reading Natures End and Superstorm and now virtually all of the climate models you presented and predicted are verifiable
      It’s so sad that it took a 15 years old Swedish girl to confront the global And corporate leaders and demand acknowledgement .accountability and progressive immediate reform and she is vilified as you were years ago – the planet is on fire , glaciers melting , birds falling from the sky, sea mammals and all creatures under duress and humanity is teetering in the edge of the abyss – your insight , leadership and relationship with the visitors and sharing the message are so important at this time !

      1. Back so many years ago when I was naive and thought Al Gore had a point about an “Inconvenient Truth” I truly believed that “we”, the human race, was to blame for “global warming” which has now changed to “climate change”. But I’m a lot wiser now and better informed. So what does a 15-year-old girl truly know about the dynamics behind our changing climate? Nothing! She was a “mouthpiece” for those who wanted to promote this absurd idea behind the reasons for climate change. But make no mistake, I do believe that there is a change in weather patterns and that there is more water vapour in the atmosphere creating these changes. The other point is that I agree that the Earth is warming up. But not because of “us”! NASA (never a straight answer) has admitted that the other planets in the solar system have been heating up, not just the Earth. And they have shots from the various probes to prove it. Mars in particular. Our solar system is and has been entering a zone of highly charged energy, plasma if you like. As a result, the core of the Earth is heating up, thus warming the oceans.
        It’s a cascading event that many scientists are ignoring. This energy is also affecting the Sun. So it’s understandable why many lament the “casualties” of this change in our weather, but please don’t lay the blame on humanity. Whitley speaks of the “visitors”. I believe there are benevolent as well as non-benevolent off-world entities in and around our planet. But I just wonder how these particular ones that Whitley confides in, are truly in service to us, or maybe in service to themselves, with a separate agenda. RM

        1. Author

          The visitors I know are neither benevolent nor malevolent. They are a very complex presence. They blame climate change on CO2 emissions that are an outcome of excessive population growth. They see refusal to acknowledge this as the action of an instinctive death-wish that is a result of overpopulation. We are not to blame for what is happening, but it is within our power to manage it if we try.

          1. Thanks for replying, Whitley. My reply was not necessarily directed at you but I guess it caught your attention. I believe you’re being misinformed. And I’m sorry to say that. Notwithstanding that the Amazon is being burned down or the forests in the western states. The fact remains that there are vast forests all over the world that use CO2, not to mention the phytoplankton in our oceans. Carbon dioxide is not the “villain” here, in my learned opinion. There’s a reason why there are so many people on the planet right now. A vast number of incarnated souls are here to experience an “event” that is coming. But I have no intention of explaining that here. The other point is that this planet can support so many more on it’s surface. And the idea that the “visitors” have about too many people expelling CO2 is just too ridiculous. RM

        2. I don’t know about everyone else, but where I’m from the act of shooting the messenger tends to cast the shooter in a less than sympathetic light, and is a sure sign that that shooter has no valid argument to meet the message delivered with. Thunberg’s age has nothing to do with the climate change issue itself, and yet is a sadly frequent go-to for the CCD crowd.

          As for the rest of this post:

          -NASA has never said that the other planets are experiencing global warming, let alone claimed to have proof of such a fiction. It is, in fact, impossible for

          If the contrary is true, I’d like to see a link to their statement.

          -We have zero indication that the Solar System is entering a zone of highly-charged energy, and even if we were the increase in radiation would have killed us long before any induction effect strong enough to heat the ground enough to account for the temperature increases seen in the atmosphere/hydrosphere could take effect.

          -The interior of the Earth is not warming. For geothermal energy to account for the increase in atmospheric temperatures the interior of the planet would have to warm by a very noticeable amount.

          -While it is true that CO2 is a vital energy source for photosynthetic organisms, the current atmospheric concentrations are 148% of what that collective metabolism can process year-over-year, meaning we have roughly 1/3rd more CO2 on the planet than we should to maintain climate stability. Otherwise, the “CO2 is good for plants” issue is really beside the point, and has absolutely nothing to do with the issue of the cause of global warming.

        3. I don’t know about everyone else, but where I’m from the act of shooting the messenger tends to cast the shooter in a less than sympathetic light, and is a sure sign that said shooter has no valid argument to meet the delivered message with. Thunberg’s age has nothing to do with the climate change issue itself, and yet is a sadly frequent go-to for the CCD crowd.

          As for the rest of this post, I’ll be kind and simply call it “inaccurate”, with the only valid notion in this post being that there is an increasing amount of water in the atmosphere, but this is due to global warming, and it’s physically impossible for it to be the cause of the phenomenon. Otherwise, the other planets are definitely not showing signs of warming, the Earth’s core is not heating up, and there’s no indication that we’re entering a more energetic region of space. I’ve already covered these topics in previous articles and their comments.

          Prove to me that I’m wrong, and I’ll eat crow.

          1. The unwillingness to accept human responsibility for what is happening in our environmental matrix is one of the great perpetuating forces of the current self-destructive course of human events. As if carbon dioxide and ITS culpability in what is happening to our atmosphere, to our soil, to our water, to all the fundamental resources on which all earthly life depends for existence, is the only issue, the only way in which humans could be responsible for a changing climate! It’s all part of not knowing who we are, IMO. The “problem” is illuminated so poignantly in the late Brian O’Leary’s 1989 book “Exploring Inner and Outer Space,” in which he outlines the plan, conceived and promoted independently of government. by a group of Russian and American scientists, astronauts and cosmonauts, to replace the Cold War and the psychotic arms race it generated, with a co-operative mission to Mars by 1999. The response of the Reagan and Bush administrations (i. e. the “military-industrial complex”) was the hugely profitable (for them) Star Wars (SDI) project, while Russia was left, after the collapse of Soviet Union, to the predations of the hedgefund hyenas and the Russian mafia. In the thirty years since, what O’Leary wrote his book in an effort to avert (the Hell-race to manifest an Earth on which World War III could be made as inevitable as possible), in favor of putting humanity on its path to a destiny in the stars, has come to pass. So sad! So few people with the courage to transform! And none walking the halls of power, where greed and the lust for more power pretty much rule, apparently. Who or whatever makes the ultimate decisions on the shape of things to come obviously does not have the best interests of humanity at heart, nor can most people understand what’s being done to them, although so many seem delighted with viewing themselves as victims (“Yeah, the solar system’s heating up! It’s all the Tao’s fault!”).
            As the great poet e. e. cummings wrote, “Mostpeople and ourselves have less in common than the squarerootofminusone.” (“Ourselves” being of course what some call our “higher” selves), Yeah, I know, that’s a load of elitist, “white privilege” crap….But cummings also said, “Equality is what does not exist among equals.” If “mostpeople” could truly understand those two statements, without needing somebody to explain them, we’d be a lot farther along the path out of the current growing shitstorm…..And certainly a lot more awake!

    2. Hi Whitley. I know exactly what you mean about the fires as I live in Australia. There are people here who lost their homes that are still rebuilding so I empathize.
      I’m really looking forward to this book though, it sounds great. Will it be published as a regular book also? I’m old school when it comes to reading.
      You were one of the first authors I read after I got into the topic in the 90s after my own close contact experience. I have no doubt they chose to reveal
      themselves to me due to the circumstances that led to the encounter and experience, and also that there would be a couple of other witnesses so I wouldn’t just dismiss it as me hallucinating or something. I always wondered why, but I now think the purpose of it was to get me interested in the topic and through that experience I did get into the topic and began reading authors like yourself. I’ve had other experiences over the yrs that always rekindle my interest in the subject when it starts to wane. I’ve not had anywhere near the level of experiences as yourself, but I now have no doubt that that close encounter in 1993 when I was 17 was to kindle my interest in the subject and learn through others like yourself

    3. LIke you, I tend to disagree with the Visitors. If we inhabited this world alone, that world’s fate may be up to us. But who made us the final power over the fate of a planet that is home to millions of species? The Visitors seem to have no problem letting our insane civilization kill an entire ecological system made up of billions of sentient beings that we call animals and possibly plants (in their own way). What kind of consciousness could be so cavalier about the fate of countless billions of entities (not even including grubby humans)? This “hands off” approach (while interrupting the lives of individual humans to cause trauma and physical injury) is akin to genocide. You don’t let a 2 year old tumble down a stair case. You don’t let a childish civilization do the same. I grieve that The Visitors don’t seem to care.

      1. Maybe they can’t act. A higher power forbids it. Forever destined to observe.

  7. As a little kid growing up up on a ranch, I used to go out in the back field at night, and “call” out to the universe to take me. I didn’t get it until i Read communion. I’ve read every book since. This journal got me to subscribe, where do I find the sensing meditations?

    1. Hi SJAMESJE, you can find the meditations under “subscriber home” then “meditations.” There May be more under “subscriber specials,” I think I remember seeing them in two places. I’m just a fellow subscriber not Admin so I hope this helps!

  8. Author

    From above: “The other point is that this planet can support so many more on it’s surface. And the idea that the “visitors” have about too many people expelling CO2 is just too ridiculous.”

    Look inside yourself and you are going to find a world of hatreds that cause you to indulge in fantasies that are certain to end with the extinction of the human species.

    That’s the death wish the visitors talk about, right there in your own heart. And don’t bother to respond that you do not feel those hates. You do, or you would never have used an incendiary word like “ridiculous” in response to my comment.

    1. Whitley, I don’t have any hatred in my heart and none that I know of has ever been directed at me. I don’t even give way to anger. Frustration and disappointment, yes……but I do “move on” and I don’t allow these feelings to bother me much. You have a point of view which I respect, even though I’m in disagreement with some of what you state. I’m a freelance copywriter and do a vast amount of research. I’ve collected a lot of facts, some of which could be questionable. But my sources are quite diverse and this has helped me to form a better understanding of “what may be going on”. But I admit that the possibility exists that I may not have all the facts in coming to a complete and correct consensus. How many other sources do you draw from besides what’s imparted to you through the “visitors”? And I mean other off-world entities. Are you familiar with the “Law of One”? Are there other spiritual sources you have access to? When was the last time you communed with Anne? Has she imparted any new wisdom to you? I have read a number of your books and I have learned much from what you’ve written. But I have read so many others as well. And they have helped to shape and re-shape my opinions on much. But I believe that no one has the answers to everything. We all have views and opinions based on what we learn. On top of that, we have to include bias and prejudice in how we arrive at certain conclusions. But do they express unequivocally what the real truth is? I don’t believe so. In conclusion, I’m sorry if I offended you with my statement which included “ridiculous”. You implied that the point of too many people contributed to an excess level of CO2 which is what the “visitors” imparted to you. So my response was not necessarily directed at you but to that source. RM

  9. I wonder what the point of no return looks like…the point where the visitors will step in.

  10. Author

    I wish I could say how they view the point of no return. There is a point where civilization is so stressed that it becomes chaotic. There is another point at which a species faces extinction. Those are two very different places.

    The first one we are liable to see slowly developing over the next hundred years. The second one I hope we’ll never see, but if we do, I think that they would probably enact some sort of plan.

    As the abductions appear to me to have mostly been about extracting sexual material and possibly DNA, they might already have done something to preserve a record of the species. If they would do more, no idea.

    1. Whitley, you seem so dire in our collective future, based on what the “visitors” have imparted to you and probably “coloured” by your own innermost feelings. On the other hand, I believe there is a great spiritual movement going on to help right a terrible wrong by the few that hold humanity in their grip. And there will be a dire period we will all have to go through. But we will come through this successfully. Battered and bruised perhaps, but entering a whole new paradigm where all will benefit, free of the control that has been in place for generations. RM

      1. Richard, your comment is articulate and no doubt sincere. However, I note my disagreement with your characterization of Whitley’s view as “so dire” and distorted by “innermost feelings.” I think neither are true. While I have seen many posts from Whitley that are quite hopeful in tone and otherwise empowering, perpetuating a rosy picture at all times is to ignore the reality that we as a species are largely responsible for our fate, a notion that is certainly frightening but at the same time can force the type of personal and societal growth that we will need to survive. There simply are no guarantees, even on a planetary scale. It’s a challenging concept, and for me a downright scary one at times, but it’s the naked truth, free of the kind of distortion that could prevent us from taking the steps we need to thrive and flourish. Anyway, end of speech and, please understand, I certainly hope the outcome you perceive is 100% on point. It can be new world, if we can take it.

  11. Author

    I look at nature as math, and the math tells me that we are entering a period of climate change similar to but more powerful than the one that befell the Romans in the 200s and was a major factor in the end of their empire.

    As the climate change we’re facing now is more powerful, it is going to be even more disruptive. It is based on the steady rise of CO2 in the atmosphere, which has triggered most of the great extinction events in the past. And for people who don’t believe the science, look at Venus. It’s a hothouse because its atmosphere is mostly CO2. So the heat trapping qualities of that gas are proven.

    I am, however, hopeful that we can surmount both the odds against us and the craziness that is preventing us from acting on our own behalf, which the visitors call a “death wish” and say is an instinctive reaction to population pressure.

    Had I not been hopeful, I would have called my recent book something other than “A New World.”

    1. Hi Whitley! I’ve never been so “vocal” on this particular journal entry as opposed to others of the past. A reply I made on the 19th which wasn’t directed at you but to another, I explained about the fact that we’re entering a highly energized region within our galaxy that is heating up the planets within our solar system. A phenomenon that is also affecting the Earth. Math aside, this event is unprecedented, at least for the last 25,000 years. I’m not prepared to explain myself here, but it has been confirmed by a number of sources, including NASA. I went into more detail about it in any earlier entry as mentioned. RM

      1. There is no indication whatsoever that we’re entering a highly energized region in the galaxy, or that the planets are heating up. If the contrary were actually true, you would have produced links to your sources when you were asked earlier. Prove me wrong.

        As I have explained before, with the exception of Mercury and Mars, it is impossible for NASA to be able to determine if the other planets are “heating up” at this point.

        We simply haven’t observed the outer planets long enough to be able to separate seasonal variations–or changes in weather, for that matter–from actual climate change for most of the outer planets, given their long orbital periods: a 10 Jovian-year average for Jupiter’s atmosphere would take 120 Earth years to measure, 290 years for Saturn, and so on.

        Aside from one study published about 13 years ago that compared two photographs of Mars taken 22 years apart and assumed that the planet’s atmosphere was heating up because of a change in albedo, there have been no indications that Mars or Mercury (or Venus for that matter) are warming.

        1. Whitley……..I did mention two sources, though without providing the links. One was NASA, whose probes took pictures of the gas giants and measured temperatures on those planets which were higher than at any other time. If one views those photos, it would be clear to the viewer that unprecedented physical changes are occurring. The other you may find questionable…..and I accept that. This is about the channelled on-going discussion, through a medium, the source which is a collective spiritual entity which calls itself “RA”, These recorded and transcribed contents were later titled, “The Law of One”. It mentions these solar changes. And while I can’t provide a direct link to that specific part, anyone who wants to do the research can start there. But few know or would fail to comprehend what this information means and would easily dismiss it. However, your support of Climate Change/global warming is based on excess CO2. That assertion has far less credibility in my opinion. EDITED: Link to fake news website removed as per posting rules. Link to commercial website removed as per posting rules. I’m waiting for your censors to delete this website. And if it happens, that would be the second time an entry I made here was removed. RM

          1. There’s a massive caveat that needs to be realized when weighing the validity of channelled information of any sort: assuming that the channeler is being earnest in their efforts, the information conveyed could be outright incorrect to begin with (in my experience, even supposedly positive entities will feed us BS if the channeler gets too full of themselves), or the context of otherwise accurate information might fail to get across, leading to unintended misinterpretations.

            Although I know that the phenomenon is valid, I’ve always taken channelled information with a grain of salt because of this. And in a bit of self-defeating advice, Anne conveyed the same advice to Whitley a few years ago.

            I tentatively okayed the Climate Hustle 2 link as it doesn’t appear to violate our Privacy Policy and Posting Rules (“…posts about and links to commercial websites promoting their products are not allowed.”), since they just appear to be charging admission to their film. Bear in mind that Whitley has the last word on that, and we may decide in the end that CFACT’s corporate ties may mean it falls under the commercial website category.

            As for the idea that the other planets in the Solar System are heating up, I’m preparing an article for the News section to lay out all of the evidence I can scrape together, but what I’ve found is immensely sparse.

            Richard, it would be an immense help if you could provide links for those NASA-based sources, I’d rather have all of the information available to reduce the chances of me lodging my foot squarely in my mouth.

          2. Author

            You violated our posting rules, so the link was deleted. If you don’t think that well-established science is real, you are free to express that opinion here, but not to offer links that violate the rules.

          3. Using channeled material to defend a scientific argument is what I would call ridiculous. I enjoy the RA Law of One material, but I would never try to use it as a reference in a discussion about a scientific matter like climate change.

  12. Author

    A reduction in solar output was the leading cause of the end of the Roman Climate Optimum, and then there was a period of extreme volcanism that started in 536. At one point, the entire planet was dark for 18 months. This was followed by a plague so severe that it ushered in the dark ages.

    Starting in the late 300s, because of the barbarian incursions, the continual upheavals in the Roman government, persistent regional famines and outbreaks of disease, people lost faith in the old gods and also the state. (In those days religion and government were profoundly integrated.) To save the state, Constantine abandoned the old religion and instituted the Christian Revolution.

    As gods had nothing to do with it, Rome collapsed anyway.

    Regarding the current situation, I am not aware of any published scientific evidence that the solar system is entering an “energized region.” The only place claims like this appear are on sites that appear to have a scientific basis, but don’t. Although this happened during the climax of the Pleistocene in 12000 BC, it isn’t clear that it is happening now. The amount of CO2 in our atmosphere has not been as high as it is now for 50 million years. At that time, the planet had no ice.

    Robert Schoch, who is often a guest on Dreamland, does feel that we are entering a region where there is a lot more debris, and the asteroid count would support this.

    Right now, the primary engine of climate change remains CO2. The science is entirely clear. How that has become a political issue and a matter of “belief” I cannot imagine. It seems sort of insane to me. When I see people claiming that CO2 doesn’t cause heat retention, I always think of Venus. Its atmosphere has a very high concentration of CO2, which is the primary reason it is so hot. (We are nowhere near that and never will be, but the level we are at now is out of balance by Earth’s standards and will cause disruptions that will be fatal to our most fragile civilizations, which would be the republics.

    A discussion by NASA of the claim that the entire solar system is warming can be found here: https://climate.nasa.gov/faq/14/is-the-sun-causing-global-warming/

    1. Fascinatingly, the history of anthropogenic-caused global warming research goes back to the 19th century, when Svante Arrhenius worked out how human-generated carbon emissions might affect Earth’s climate; and even Arrhenius’ work was based on earlier discoveries such as those made by Joseph Fourier, Claude Pouillet and John Tyndall, who each had a hand in putting together the puzzle of how CO2 both maintains and drastically alter Earth’s climate.

    2. Whitley, I haven’t gone to that link, but I will. And I will judge it against what I’ve learned from other sources. I am promoting this link again; [LINK REMOVED] which I stated in my last entry. I suggest that you view it as I’ll view the links you’ve provided. But I think you’re in a dilemma. You can’t agree with me or any source or link in the context of what I’ve been stating because that would threaten your credibility on the subject of “Climate Change”. I bought your book, “The Coming Global Superstorm”. It made for a great read and I believed in the scenario. But as I stated before in an earlier entry, I’m wiser now and better informed. I would suggest that you are misinformed from the sources you’re familiar with, on or off-world. Time to find new and more credible knowledge. RM

      1. Author

        I am not in a dilemma. I live with what I call the visitors in my life very directly. They are not liars and they have been very clear about the danger of climate change. If they are right, ClimateHustle2 is a pack of lies from beginning to end. I see them as extremely well informed and honest, unlike too many human beings. As it was put to me years ago, “human beings always like to believe that two and two be not four.” Right now, they are saying that something like 70% of the human species over the next hundred years will die because of climate change. The deniers and the climate hustlers are, collectively and personally, responsible. It is on your souls. I am sorry to be so blunt, but there it is.

        1. Well, I can see that I’m being threatened with censorship, that I would dare give out a link to a well-documented video that wishes to provide a different narrative than the one being promoted by the UN and those who support the “Green” movement through the Paris Accords. You’re quick to call those who put this video together as “liars”, Whitley. Yet, I believe you have no desire to even learn that there is another side to this climate change story. And you’re right…..you’re “not in a dilemma”. You can’t afford to be! You have to stick to what you believe in or risk loss of credibility. I know you trust the “visitors” and I read your book, “The Grays” and I really loved it! But what’s wrong with having an open mind and looking at other alternatives? You’re like a fundamentalist Christian who believes in everything the Bible says. And I’ve known a few. They think that God’s word, as interpreted by that Holy Book, is the only “narrative”. I watched that video and it wasn’t about lies……it was about truth! So don’t be so quick to denounce it until you’ve watched it. Then you can judge it. I know you’ve been denounced yourself. I’ve been “following you” a long time, Whitley and I have bought your books and donated money to your cause. So why would you denounce those who made this video? It seems that your attitude is somewhat hypocritical. I’ll have to think twice about whether or not I want to continue my subscription to your website. RM

          1. So… how is this fossil fuel industry-sponsored film different from its predecessors? I’d just like to know if I’m about to waste $21 on something I’ve seen/read dozens of times before. Is it just more talking heads saying stuff without backing their claims up? And that trailer, talk about alarmism!

            Speaking of the Illuminati, you still haven’t addressed any of the questions from my last post. I thought you knew everything there was to know in matters? Open minds want to know…

          2. I have another inconvenient question for you to conveniently ignore: why carbon dioxide?

            In the ever-shifting CCD narrative, global warming is always due to virtually everything else… just not CO2. Changes in the Earth’s orbit, increased solar output, volcanic eruptions, mysterious energies from outside the solar system, the Earth is heating from within, etc, etc, etc, but CO2 is never to blame.

            It’s anything but carbon dioxide. That’s the only constant in the ever-changing CCD narrative.

            A constantly-shifting narrative is a sure sign that the storyteller doesn’t have their story straight, and that’s because there’s no actual truth to base any of the climate change denial cult’s claims on. Every one of the myriad causes the CCD tries diverting attention to has turned out to be, demonstrably, not happening. And each time one of these bugbears turns out to be yet another nothing hamburger, the narrative shifts to yet another potential, and yet just as false, culprit.

            But not carbon dioxide–anything but carbon dioxide. But why the single-minded focus on–or rather, the attempts to take the focus away from–‘ol-fashioned carbonic acid?

            Who actually stands to gain from clearing CO2’s name? What industry could possibly host members that have have repeatedly been caught red-handed in paying PR firms to promote the CCD narrative? Who could possibly want the negative focus to be shifted from carbon dioxide to virtually anything else? Who stands to lose hundreds of billions of dollars if humanity has to cut back on emitting this one, solitary substance?

            Global warming has no “narrative”: it just is. Climatologists don’t present a narrative; they present their data, and the studies that process that data into useful information. Liars present a narrative. CO2 has been known to be a lab-demonstrated greenhouse gas for over a century and a half; the exponential increase in human-based carbon emissions have been a matter of record over the course of modern industry; and the levels of atmospheric CO2–repeatedly demonstrated to be a greenhouse gas since the mid-nineteenth century–is now nearly 50% higher than it has been throughout all of recorded human history.

            And all the fossil fuel cult has is an ever-shifting narrative of lies.

      2. Richard645: You have posted a link to a commercial site in violation of our posting rules for a second time. If you continue, you will be prevented from using Unknowncountry.com’s message boards.

  13. The politicization of the climate change debate – from both sides – is, to me, a great tragedy. Moreover, it’s hard to believe that the right and left will not get further apart on the issue given the political climate now. I tend not to engage my friends, the majority of them anyway, in conversation about UFOs, aliens or climate change because they are often willing to simply rest on their beliefs about these issues without having taken the time to investigate the evidence, especially not with anything resembling an open mind. I keep asking myself: what is there to “believe” or not “believe.” Go where the evidence takes you, and, frankly, it’s all leading in a single direction now. I wonder why people find it so difficult to acknowledge that their fears drive their unwillingness to consider these issues without anything other than a dismissive waive or, as is the case with many people I know, ridicule. Nothing wrong or shameful about being afraid. Happens to me all the time.

    1. We, the slaves, serfs, underlings…..or sheep have been under the control of and by a very few relative to the whole of humanity. By the manipulation of these few, in concert with those who carry out “The Mission” or “Plan” for those of the elite, we are being led. The Climate Change movement has more to do with control of our energy resources and punishing some of us by imposing a carbon tax on our fuel derived energy sources. But doing so under the pretext of curbing the warming of our atmosphere. A complete and utter fallacy. The same “few” who are pushing COVID-19 as a deadly disease needing a vaccine to “immunize” the entire world “for the good of all”. But there is good news amidst this “bad” news scenario. The time of these global elites and their corruption of science, health, truth and their minions is coming to an end. RM

      1. Author

        As the visitors say, “human beings always like to believe that twice two be not four.” So I guess your answer is that two and two is what–four and three quarters? Five?

        If you ever find your way out of fantasyland, let me know.

        1. Whitley, I don’t live in a fantasy world. I collect data from many sources. I’m an information “hound”. Meanwhile you place your trust in what appears to be one source on the subject we’re discussing. You have convinced yourself that this “source” is infallible. Here’s what I think; you’re being manipulated……and you don’t know it. RM

      2. Richard, you keep going on and on about how the rest of us should just adopt your beliefs, but at no point have you offered any real evidence whatsoever regarding their validity: you just expect us to just take your word for it, and fall in line like gullible sheeple.

        So far, you’ve only offered two links, Inconvenient Truths and Climate Hustle 2, both of which, on further digging, turn out to be fossil-fuel sponsored propaganda pieces. I’ve read Inconvenient Truths, and my thoughts on it are best summed up in the article linked above; I plan on watching Climate Hustle 2, but I’m waiting to find a free version, as I see no reason to help support a product that is promoting dangerous misinformation that already has corporate backing.

        As for these two conspiracy theories you’re trying to promote, man, do I ever have questions about these scenarios, and I’ve been itching to air them for quite some time:

        Toward what end do these conspiracies serve? Regarding the global warming “hoax”, why would the Illuminati need to go through such an elaborate–and massively expensive–facade, spending at least tens (possibly hundreds) of billions of dollars every year in hush money and production costs for decades, just to… give local governments an excuse to raise taxes? And ruin their fossil fuel cash cow in the process? That doesn’t make a lick of sense. Wouldn’t it be easier to tell the thralls to just, you know, raise taxes, without the expensive song-n-dance? And why would they want to raise taxes to begin with, something that is proven to eat into the corporate profits they draw on?

        And in all this time, over the decades that this supposed conspiracy has been drawn out, considering the millions of individuals that would have to have been involved to make such an elaborate scheme work, not one single whistleblower has come forward. Not one. The much smaller UFO coverup has leaked like a sieve, amongst other, much less ambitious conspiracies that have cracked over the years. But the idea of such a massive facade being maintained for so long would require some flat earth-level supernatural intervention to be even remotely plausible.

        Although COVID-19’s presence has been much shorter, the same incredulity applies: why would TPTB spend tens (to hundreds) of billions paying off virtually every politician and health official on the planet; the same with virtually every medical researcher involved, the hiring of tens of thousands of “crisis actors” to pose as front line heath workers, their patients and their families; an army of science writers to produce an avalanche of faux-yet-authentic-reading scientific papers, to cause a trillion-dollar crash of the world economy (a massive blow to TPTB, BTW), etc, etc…

        Just to make a few tens of billions in vaccine sales? The sheer world-crippling cost of such a hair-brained scheme that Dr. Evil wouldn’t even touch with a 10-foot syringe doesn’t even come close to justifying the potential profits. And if the motive is to microchip the world population, I need to point out that that’s already been done, without the need to bring civilization to a halt, and with something massively more profitable than $1 vaccines, with a product that people have been voluntarily spending thousands of dollars each to equip themselves with: cell phones.

        Perhaps it’s more plausible that–and bear with me here–the phenomenon of global warming is indeed real, and the fossil fuel industry has been protecting their billions in profits by spending mere millions of dollars over these same decades to sow the seeds of doubt, through government lobbying and faux PR campaigns, about the reality of the situation, a reality they’ve known about all along. And perhaps–just perhaps–the CCP had its head so far up its own… um, party line, that it failed to contain a SARS-like outbreak that they had ample warning of?

        Look, I enjoy a lot of science fiction, but for virtually every work you have to turn off a part of your brain and suspend disbelief to overlook a number of things for the plot to be plausible. But the effect doesn’t work that well in real world scenarios, at least for me.

        1. Matthew…….I don’t know who you are, but I get the idea that you have some affiliation with Whitley and this website. I don’t spend all my time here as I have other projects to pursue and complete. So I apologize for not being able to respond to all that you have posted. I haven’t mentioned the “Illuminati” or “Inconvenient Truth(s)” nor “Inconvenient Facts.” But I’m familiar with them all. It seems to me that misinformation and outright lies are disseminated freely, but sometimes the “truth” comes at a cost. I’m willing to pay the price allowing you to view ClimateHustle 1 and 2. I could advance the funds through PayPal if you like, for example. Perhaps you and Whitley can view it together…….? RM

      3. Richard, your words seem to be lacking in humility. A wise man knows that he may be mistaken, no matter how many books he has read.

        1. You may be surprised, Michael, but I’m prepared to be proven wrong. But to your point, there are very few “wise” men around and for those who are less than “wise”, try to promote a point of view without exploring other alternatives. My purpose here has been to present an opposing concept. And one that I feel has validity. RM

      4. I am late to this party, but for anyone reading the comments, my brother-in-law in New Jersey died from covid19 in April 2020. The virus is not a hoax. I am so sick and tired of constant lies from the right wing!

  14. Author

    The fact that there is a climate change debate at all is tragic. I cannot imagine any motive for denying the entirely clear role of CO2 in the heating of our planet and the breakdown of our climate, except perhaps a hidden religious motive to induce the end of the world or corporate greed so myopic that it is self-destructive.

    The longer the fake debate continues, the more the chaos and suffering will increase and spread.

    1. The human contribution to the overall budget of CO2 out there is like 5%. Which really is a small part. The problem is that even a small contribution adds up over time if its not balanced out. Simple math tells you that if nature doesn’t counter that emission by deposition/sequestration, in 20 years humans have added what all of nature does in a year.

      The CO2 molecule is really a dead end energetically, it literally takes the power of the sun to add on those wonderful hydrogen molecules that we cherish so much for running our civilization. Unfortunately carbon dioxide building up in the atmosphere deflects back some of the radiate energy that the earth tries to get rid of by letting it dissipate back into space. Nature will balance things out, its what happens in natural systems. We are building heat which will take its toll on us at is drives on, anyone with eyes and ears can attest to that.

      Richard645 hasn’t given one science based reply to the “don’t worry be happy we have no hand in the earth warming up” mantra. He says he has a knowledge of the subject but is really just spouting opinion. Come on Richard, just one relevant reference that backs up what you say. Emphasis on relevant peer reviewed science or its really just “believe me when I say”.

      1. You have a point of view……and you’re entitled to it. I don’t pretend to be an expert. I look at both sides of an argument from many sources and look for any real, underlying motivation behind the assertions made, either for or against. The “Green” movement seeks to tear down our current energy paradigm and replace it with renewable energy sources. To attain that goal the “establishment” uses propaganda to promote the concept of global warming/climate change due to “our” CO2 emissions. And that was what the Paris Accords were all about. To bring leaders of nations together to implement the new paradigm. What Climate Hustle dot org tries to explain is that these renewable energy initiatives cannot replace our current energy sources. So, in the final analysis, this “movement” towards a “greener” energy future has more to do with profit and control more than anything else. Do the research yourself. Whitley has one point of view which he won’t waver from, unfortunately. RM

  15. Author

    The reality of the problem is very well explained in this New Scientist article: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn11638-climate-myths-human-co2-emissions-are-too-tiny-to-matter/

    I think that people deny global warming largely because of fear a) that they will have to change their lifestyles in ways they don’t like; b)because they are misled by companies with a stake in fossil fuels into believing a false narrative (that they want to believe anyway); 3) they are badly led and so don’t understand how possible and profitable it would be to fix the problem. I am not politicizing the fact of bad leadership. It has been true of both parties in the US and is true of much of the world.

    1. Yes nice article. Its important to note that we are degrading carbon sinks all the while we are increasing emissions. Permafrost that is rapidly melting was a sink and now is becoming a significant source.

      We truly are in for a ride. People need to think about growing there own food. Small scale farming can adapt quicker and provide directly to hungry local mouths. I think the visitors may like the communities that come out of that. Cities are often food deserts but there has been a lot of CO-OPs popping up, these will become lifelines if they survive the violence. Even if they are physically destroyed the knowledge will remain.

      If we get out of this fossil fuel based economy and invest in proven alternatives we can avoid a lot of calamity. This will take leadership, and it will not come from politicians.

  16. Thank you, Whitley, for providing links to accurate information on climate change. And I eagerly look forward to your book on Jesus. Blessings!

  17. So the visitors don’t want to talk politics and yet they seem ingrained in every facet of our government.
    What a cop out. If we don’t get high road leadership soon we are all doomed. I guess they don’t really want to
    “Take me to your leader”

    Any elaboration as to why?

  18. Author

    I think I have correctly discerned their motives and I have explained this very carefully in A New World. To sum it up, as soon as they appear with their breathtaking technology and knowledge, our own journey of exploration ends and we become their supplicants. It is exactly like what happens when a primitive tribe meets a technologically advanced culture. They lose their own originality.

    The visitors are here, I think, largely to experience, with us, our discoveries of the universe that to them is already known. The crave our innocence to a degree that, when you were with them, you would find extraordinary and amazing. It is more addictive to them than heroin is to us.
    They crave our innocence to a degree that, if you we’re with them, you would find extraordinary and amazing. It is more addictive to them than heroin is to us.

    As I said in the book, I think they are in a quandary. If they emerge then their reason for having come here in the first place is ruined. If they stay hidden then every day that passes, it becomes more likely that we will go extinct.

    If we are falling off a cliff, I think they probably will emerge. But I do not think that they are going to be very happy about it at all.

    1. I’ll have to revisit New World. I thought we were talking current politics- I get the lack of emergence, who needs another Pacific refrigerator cult?

      Thanks for the clarity.

    2. If a modern technological civilization came upon an Amazon tribe, even with a “Hands Off” directive I would hope that civilization would stop that tribe from starving to death or dying from disease due to ignorant decisions by the tribe’s leadership.

  19. Author

    I think I have correctly discerned their motives and I have explained this very carefully in A New World. To sum it up, as soon as they appear with their breathtaking technology and knowledge, our own journey of exploration ends and we become their supplicants. It is exactly like what happens when a primitive tribe meets a technologically advanced culture. They lose their own originality.

    The visitors are here, I think, largely to experience, with us, our discoveries of reality, that to them is already entirely known. They crave our innocence to a degree that, if you were with them, you would find extraordinary and amazing. It is more addictive to them than heroin is to us.

    As I said in the book, I think they are in a quandary. If they emerge then their reason for having come here in the first place is ruined. If they stay hidden then every day that passes, it becomes more likely that we will go extinct.

    If we are falling off a cliff, I think they probably will emerge. But I do not think that they are going to be very happy about it at all.

    Maybe they would get involved in our politics somehow at some point. But we will not be in an obvious way. It will also not be in a way that we might expect. I have had them in my life too long to think that they are going to do something in a probable and explainable way.

  20. I have been meaning to ask this for years, as I’ve heard you refer to your nightly meditations frequently, but I always forget — and forgive me if you’ve addressed this in a video that I’ve not seen: How important is it to do a meditation in the middle of the night? Or rather, is that just what you’ve found works best for you, or do you recommend it for all? Because given the difficulty I have getting a good night’s sleep, I can tell you that if I were getting up at 1 or 2 or 3 in the morning to mediate, that would ruin me. My deep sleep, if I can get it, is between 11-4, and if anything interrupts it, I’m a wreck the next day. Could you address this?

    1. Author

      The reason I do the 3 AM meditations is discussed in both afterlife revolution and a New World. To learn more about the value of meditating at this hour read up on Brahma Muhurta time.

  21. Suggestion for ETERNALSCRIBE: Over the last 15 years, when my diet includes fresh green vegetables (most are lightly cooked except occ. salad), I have a great night’s sleep. Even if I wake up in the night, I can get back to sleep in minutes. Try that for a month … you should see a huge improvement.

    Why? Fresh green vegetables contain a lot of Vitamin E, folate, and folic acid, all of which improve sleep. Frozen vegetables do not, because freezing kills almost all of these nutrients that are in green vegetables. The richest sources of Vit.E, etc., in green vegetables are in cooking greens such as collards, kale, baby spinach, etc.

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