The story published yesterday in the New York Times by Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean states, “(Luis) Elizondo is among a small group of former government officials and scientists with security clearances who, without presenting physical proof, say they are convinced that objects of undetermined origin have crashed on earth with materials retrieved for study.” Today Fox News is saying that there have been “retrievals from “off-world vehicles not made on this Earth.”

TTSA now has under study some of the bismuth-magnesium foam that came from the “Art’s Parts” cache. This material came to them from Linda Moulton Howe. As we reported on this website last October 11, I also possess some of this material.

I believe that there is much more to be revealed. I have known for years, based on what General Art Exon and my uncle Edward Strieber told me, that there were anomalous metallic and other materials gathered from the Roswell crash, and, as Diana Walsh Pasulka reports in her book American Cosmic, there is another site in New Mexico known to “insiders” as “the donation site” where materials have been gathered.

I might add here that I don’t view ’emergence’ as something like a landing on the White House lawn. From long experience, I have come to think that the visitors are in exquisite control of everything that happens concerning them, including government disclosure. To me, this means that, if the government admits that it does have materials that are definitely from an off-world source, it is the visitors who have made that happen. As to how that works, that’s a story for another blog.

Inevitably, all of this is going to lead the world to an acceptance that somebody else is here. What they are and where they are from will remain questions, probably until and if they emerge more openly.

I have lived with them for most of my adult life, and I believe that I had contact with them as a child. What started out as a very frightening experience in 1985 (the Communion experience) has evolved into a deep life journey that has been fruitful for me in many ways. It has been intellectually informative, emotionally satisfying and spiritually enlightening. It has also been difficult, frustrating and extremely demanding. I would not say that it hasn’t been dangerous, because I think that it has at times.

I have learned a few things about them from this long relationship. First, like us, they are highly social. But also like us, they are tamed to each other, but not to us. The result is that, while they are wise and have minds that are more profoundly integrated into the core meaning of reality than ours, both species are wild to one another. So, when we are together, both of us react with the same instincts that govern, say, the interactions of two different predatory species in the wild. It is, in other words, a wary relationship.

I feel pretty sure that there have been hostile incidents. I say this because they have been around sensitive military installations, and not only in the US, too often for this not to be true. I think that it is possible that it may eventually emerge that the US has considered them a hostile presence. My only response is that, in my life, that is not the case.

I am never absolutely sure how to interpret communications that seem to me to have come from them. For example, years ago, as I reported in Communion, I was shown (or believe that I was shown) a terrifying image of the Earth on fire. At the time, I had no idea what it might mean, but now it is perfectly clear what that was. As the planet overheats, vast fires are emerging in many, many places.

More recently, I have had some words come to me that I think are from them. The reason I think this is that they pop into my head in the same way that information does when I use my implant for research. (If you do not know about this superb device, you can find out everything I know about it in A New World.) Another experience, which I described in Transformation, involved being asked to recite the history of the British Empire which, in those naive days, I admired. As I reeled off the information, I found myself acutely embarrassed. I was made to feel like a fool.

I now understand the reason that I was given this lesson. They are extremely concerned about cultural colonization. By this I mean the disempowerment of a culture by exposure to a more advanced one. I do NOT mean that the more advanced culture is necessarily better. In fact, as far as the members of the inferior culture are concerned, it may well offer them far less satisfaction than their own culture does.

They have hesitated to reveal themselves to us because they know that this will cause cultural colonization. It will happen in spite of the fact that they don’t want it. When the world knows, for example, that these remarkable objects that have been flying around our skies for years really are craft created by another intelligence, we are also going to know that it is a superior intelligence. Like it or not, that will be profoundly disempowering to us. It is going to blunt the excitement of discovery. It is going to make us feel inferior, and most especially those who are at the forefront of scientific discovery.

They have also, and I believe this is pretty clear, communicated to me that they will not reveal themselves until and unless they are certain that we cannot survive without their help. Even then, they will do only the absolute minimum necessary to get us to face our own peril and stop dithering and start doing all we can as a species to save ourselves.

If I am right, we will soon know that they are here. Then those of us who have carried their rich, complex and challenging message in our minds and hearts for so long will make an effort to be heard.

The message is also very, very deep. If we really dive into this, learn all we can about them ON OUR OWN TERMS and strive to rebalance nature on our planet, we are going to end up as co-equal to them. They need not be our intellectual and scientific superiors forever. We have superb minds, too. We can meet them as companions in the journey forward. We need not see ourselves as inferior and act toward them as supplicants.

If this is how we proceed, we will, over time, get to know them very well. As we do so, we will also find our way forward into a truly new life and a new world.

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  1. I worry that the powers that be are going to try and create a false flag narrative. The old Hollywood trope of the invading army. Independence day, war of the world’s type thing. Personally, I’ve always felt the visitors were here to help. I’ve never been harmed, that I know of, and they’ve only ever engaged with me for seemingly positive ends.

    Will they side with us in the event of a fake war? Will they just walk away from us? I really don’t want them to leave. However, I don’t have much faith in the general population to see truth, even when it is obvious.

    I’m WAY more scared of what other humans will do, than i am of what the visitors would.

    1. Author

      If there has been conflict between the military and the visitors, and I am fairly sure there has, then this is going to come out as fact. It won’t be a false flag, but it will be an indication that we have work to do if we are going to make their presence here useful to us.

      1. Well, I stand ready, willing and able to put in that work. I want this on a level I can’t really explain. Hopefully they can give me more guidance as we go along. Every night I meditate and do the sensing exercises. I’m open and waiting. I guess all I can do it wait for them?

        1. Author

          “All things come to those who wait.” It’s an annoying proverb, but in this case very true.

          1. All hoped-for things will come to you
            Who have the strength to watch and wait,
            Our longings spur the steeds to Fate,
            This has been said by one who knew.

            ‘Ah, all things come to those who wait,’
            (I say these words to make me glad),
            But something answers soft and sad,
            ‘They come, but often come too late.’

            by Lady Mary Montgomerie Currie “Violet Fane”
            Tout vient a qui sait attendre

  2. I check the NY Times pretty carefully everyday and somehow I missed the article. They must not have put it out front on the home page. It did get a lot of comments though. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    1. It was under the ‘Politics’ section. That fact, in and of itself, is informative

  3. I think we need to proceed with caution, bearing in mind Stephen Hawkings’s observation that contact between Europeans and native Americans didn’t work out too well for the Native Americans. Moreover, it is possible that there is more than one species of visitor, friendly and hostile something an earler generation of Ufologists accepted. We need to be polite, but reserved and wait and see. Shooting at them or giving in to their demands could turn out badly for us.

    1. I have always not understood why a hostile alien race wouldn’t just appear and take what they want. Unless we are being protected by some sort of interplanetary law, I wouldn’t think hostile aliens would care less about cultural contamination or respecting our free will. They would just do what they want, just like a criminal organization that invades our community to break into homes. (which happened where I live).

  4. I think we are already blending together with them. They are here in hybrid form. I think the grays are exerting a powerful influence but need us (want us) to use our psychic influence to effect change outside of dysfunctional traditional and covert power structures.

  5. Hi, Whitley…… Cultural colonization is an interesting term. It is one that describes what we know of our history. Colonizing powers like Britain, Spain and others like the Dutch and the Portuguese have subverted and converted the established cultures of people in other lands. And let’s not forget the Romans. I believe from everything I’ve read, viewed and listened to, that our culture has been shaped by alien visitations of the distant past. And I truly believe that our current technology is a result of interaction with off-world races. So I don’t think cultural colonization is anything new. We are due, anyway, for an upgrade in our current belief systems and our way of doing things. RM

  6. Yes, they have been with us for an incredibly long time…

    If anyone has read ‘Exogenesis’ by Bruce and Daniela Fenton, I also highly recommend a book that is mentioned in ‘Exogenesis’, ‘Alcheringa’, by Valerie Barrow. I have also been in correspondence with Valerie, as well as Bruce, recently. ‘Alcheringa’ is a difficult book to get your hands on, and I finally scored a hard copy at a decent price only yesterday, after reading a digital copy that I got directly from Valerie.

    For me, ‘Alcheringa’ is as important as ‘Communion’, and adds to the story. It adds some layers, and explains things from a surprising point of view about the ‘why’ of all.

  7. Shooting at the Visitors is a prime example of why the human species should not be allowed to venture out to the stars, even if they find a way to do it. We are too violent and too prone to the allure of subjugation and destruction. Imagine what we would do if we were able to reach a distant, lush planet inhabited by a meek population of sentient beings? It would be a feast!

  8. It’s important to keep in mind Stephen Hawking’s concerns about how contact turned out between Europeans and Native Americans, but there are some improvements over that situation to remain aware of when overt Earth contact happens with our Visitors: 1) For the first 400 years after Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492, the vast majority of Native American deaths was due to European infectious diseases for which they had zero immunity. So, when you’re dying from a mysterious contagious disease, it’s not practical to try to defend your ancient culture at the same time. 2) In the 21st century, those humans who have some practice with meditation may be able to help the larger Earth population in comprehending and attempting some peaceful communication with these Visitors. Some human meditators may volunteer to help establish diplomatic contact with Visitors, or related tasks. Time will tell.

    1. 3) Starting during the 1960s, the present Age of Aquarius introduced a much higher level of energy and awareness in human beings. For example, the events that unfolded in Whitley’s book Communion took place in the first few decades of this new age. So it could be that this new and more intense energy level will support the further development of contact (perhaps even harmony) with the Visitors in ways that may otherwise have much more diminished in our previous Age of Pisces.

  9. In one of psychic Sylvia Browne’s last books, she predicts that leading extra-terrestrials on Earth (including at least one astronaut and one delegate to the United Nations) will admit publicly to their actual origin. Some of them will submit to having samples obtained from their skin and other organs for scientific analysis. I will have to find those books, but the forecasted date for these events was some time in the 2020s.

    1. Sylvia Browne stated the miners in the West Virginia mine disaster were alive while on Coast to Coast am, which was broadcasting live, in response to an erroneous news announcement. After the break, the story was corrected. All but one had died. Ms Browne tried to cover for herself but it was too late. That was the last time she was a guest on Coast to Coast AM.
      She also said that people who see auras should have their eyes checked. Quite a statement from someone who sees dead people. I see auras, and I have my eyes checked every two years.
      Look at some of those other predictions she made in the book.
      I wouldn’t make any bets on ETs shaking up the U.N.

    2. No offense, but Sylvia was a fraud. This is a very harsh statement, but now that she is dead I feel free to just state that I knew her and she wasn’t authentic. She had plants in her audiences and seminars that were scripted so that she could appear very psychic. But with everyone else, she was very general and often wrong, A famous case got her banned from Coast to Coast when she proclaimed a little missing boy was dead. But in one of the coincidences of the universe, the boy was found alive DURING the program. And Sylvia tried to walk back her prediction of his death. It went over like a lead balloon with the host and the audience. Please donate her books to a recycling plant. I lived close to Sylvia in the Bay Area and knew her. She was no more psychic than a rock, but she was slick and appeared real to the general public. To test her, the San Francisco newspaper sent a reporter for a health reading. Sylvia totally messed it up. The reporter had cancer but Sylvia didn’t find it. The reporter had an inflamed intestine but Sylvia missed it. The newspaper said that Sylvia couldn’t even identify cancer in a lady who appeared emaciated in general at that time.

  10. The Thursday, July 30, 2020 edition of the DemocracyNow show, which just finished its broadcast on free US public television TV channels, is a long-ranging interview with US academic and writer Noam Chomsky. The full transcript will be available online later today. He makes the point that the trigger for the completed devastation of the Earth is the Bolsanaro presidential administration’s current destruction of the Amazonian rain forest. My suggestion for all on UnknownCountry is that the conversion of the Amazon rain forest from “the lungs of the earth” to a net carbon emitter is the signal for extra-terrestrials to emerge in Earth societies. It’s now or never. Link to that broadcast on the DemocracyNow website:

    1. Are we sure the Visitors will ever directly intervene? They are watching the earth being devastated for the temporary benefit of a small handful of ultra-wealthy humans who own the planet while the rest of us do our best to pay our bills. These rich owners have enough money to live 10,000 years but “Too much of anything is never enough = greed”. So they will gladly destroy our habitat for more wealth than anyone could ever use in hundreds of life times. But the Visitors did not intervene when Europe was in ruins and millions were being marched into Death Camps. I honestly do not think they will intervene even if only 1 mating pair of humans is left. I am not condemning them, just stating that they seem to have an almost religious dogma against directly getting involved on a macro level, even if it means the death of the planet as a habitat for mammals.

  11. I guess now we can all prepare to help with public ed on this now. If not professionally or personally risky, reach out to friends, family AND your community with sober and vetted intoductory material.

    1. I have been doing that for a long time. Slowly, surely, patiently, I have made progress without being vilified. It can be done, but it is not easy. I began being consulted by friends, family, and coworkers in the late 90’s. I worked full time in the business sector and public health, and also raised two sons. Don’t be afraid to try—and keep your integrity intact.

  12. Humility – I think. Surrender to them and learn – if we WANT to be their equals, we never will be. If we cease to care and respond with love and with student-like attention … then without knowing or wanting, we may (one day) become as they are. To judge them hostile is illogical, they could have colonised and enslaved us a thousand times over by now – their absence and silence speaks volumes about their lack of imperialistic intentions. I would like to be of service to them – and I know I have been for their hybrid programme (at least I think) – they visited me in my Sydney apartment about 15 years ago, and took from my body. Broad daylight – no missing time. They said “thank you” a strong telepathic machine-like voice in my head … “thank you” …. nothing more, nothing less. And – they’re welcome, – I’m glad to be of service. Unfortunately I must stumble through this gloomy obstacle course of a life in order to lighten my soul, that’s what I am here for – it’s not my lot (it seems) to be taken by the hand by them, and to be shown or told anything substantive, or anything at all. I have a small secret “key hole” though, that I can peer through now again to try and see what’s going on in that other huge mysterious room, , – that key hole is (of course) Whitley Strieber’s writings. //

    1. Serious question: Do we really want to be as they are? They seem to need or want something intrinsic to being human that they do not have. We must value our unique place in this corner of the galaxy and seek communion, not a desire to be subsumed within the drama and issues of a totally alien (no pun meant) civilization.

  13. Author

    Tom DeLonge, who is the TTSA spokesman, has recently called them “bugs,” reflecting the meme that started with Robert Heinlein’s novel Starship Troopers and is, I think, pretty much what the military and the government insiders think.

    It’s a real shame.

    1. If all humans could see the aura (light signature) of everyone (including the Visitors) we see, the entire world order would collapse and perhaps Tom DeLonge would be the “bug” in terms of consciousness. Certain people in the White House would be a Black Hole of desperate greed and need. I have a life long friend who can see auras and he says that the reality of each person’s light signature would cause total chaos as so many people that others emulate would be seen as they really are. Other humble people, e.g., the lady who sincerely smiles each day without guile and serves you at the coffee shop, might be a blaze of beautiful light. I think certain political rallies would be equivalent to Dante’s Infernal in terms of the dark light engulfing everyone there.

  14. Late August Comment: Frankly, with all the evil that is being spewed out of the White House now (the GOP convention is horrifying me), I think a lot of people would be if not consciously perhaps unconsciously relieved if the Visitors would just come forward. It would comfort us to know that entities of a higher intelligence who don’t make money and power their god are here watching what is going on.

  15. I recently had a strange experience. I studied A Course in Miracles for almost 20 years, beginning in the year 2000. I believed it wholeheartedly. But my adult son thought I was dumb to believe in it, because there is no evidence that it is the truth. He suggested that I study philosophy to learn critical thinking. So I did. And when I did, I read a chapter on Science vs Pseudoscience from the book, Science and Unreason. Suddenly, I realised that everything that I believed in was based on pseudoscience, not science. I was no longer a believer. I now believe that the scientific method is the best way to understand reality.

    I looked into A Course in Miracles to see if I could find any evidence that it was a genuine spiritual phenomenon. What I found is that the woman who wrote it (Helen Schucman) had been encouraged by a man, William Thetford, who had worked for the CIA. I already knew this because there is disclosure about it on the official ACIM website, and there is a chapter on it in Carol Howe’s book, Never Forget to Laugh. But I was a true believer then, and dismissed it as a mere odd fact. This time, I looked into it more deeply, and found out that Thetford had top security clearance for MK-Ultra, CIA mind control experiments.

    I then looked into MK-Ultra, and found out that the CIA had conducted terrible experiments on unwitting people during the 50s, 60s and 70s, until MK-Ultra was shut down. Further CIA mind control experiments took place after that under a different name.

    I came across your name in my research on the CIA and MK-Ultra and have since read your book, Communion. I’ve just started The Secret School. Is it possible that you were a victim of CIA experiments as a child and throughout your life, with the visitor/alien explanation being imposed as a cover memory?

    I believe that the CIA is directly involved in the UFO phenomenon in the US. Military aircraft (from the 1940’s on) may have been seen and described by people as UFOs, which was initially confirmed, then denied, by US government officials. It makes sense for the government to use belief in UFOs to account for secret military operations, then deny the truth of UFOs to make the people who have witnessed them appear crazy.

    It makes sense that if they were abducting children and experimenting on them (with hallucinogenic drugs, torture, brainwashing, etc) as part of the MK-Ultra project that they would use alien abduction as cover memories, while publicly denying the truth of abduction. This would explain the people who appeared to be wearing masks in some of the abduction experiences.

    I don’t doubt that you were abducted, tortured and experimented on. Having found out about the atrocities committed by people working for the CIA on the MK-Ultra project, I don’t doubt that human beings are capable of inflicting such terror on innocent people.

    1. Author

      When I was writing the secret school I did not know for sure that certain memories involving a program I was in, I believe at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio at about the age of seven, were true.

      However, an old friend who is a little older than I was when I was in the program recalls being recruited for it.

      There is little doubt in my mind that this was an MK ultra program for children, and that Information about the use of children in MK ULTRA is in the 40 boxes of files that the judge agreed should remain secret in the national interest when the MK-ULTRA files were being made public.

      As to whether or not it produced an illusion that appears to be aliens or it opened a door somehow into an area of reality that we do not normally have access to, I don’t know.

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