The 2020 presidential election appears to be over. I say “appears to be” because of how divisive it has been and how determined President Trump seems to be to contest it. However, Joe Biden has won the popular vote by around four million votes, which means that he has a majority of the voters with him. Given our electoral system, it is possible to lose the popular vote and still win the presidency, as happened with Donald Trump in 2016. He lost the popular vote by about three million and still ended up in the White House.

Bill Clinton won the presidency with just 43% of the vote because it was a 3-candidate race. Ronald Reagan in 1980 got a bit over 50%. JFK one by a sliver of a percentage point. It looks like Biden will have about 52% of the vote which, by historical standards is a solid victory but not an overwhelming one.

COVID and Biden

The state of the country right now is that it is in the midst of what is rapidly becoming an extraordinary pandemic disaster. The infection rate will rise until a vaccine is generally available. Unfortunately, a new strain of COVID has appeared in Denmark which would almost certainly not be covered by a vaccine for the current strain. It has so far infected 12 people. It emerged out of the country’s mink population (mink farming is big business in Denmark) and is going to force the cull of the entire population of 17 million minks. This may or may not stop the spread.

President Trump’s term has been marked by extreme divisiveness and controversy. He never had much more than a 47% approval rate, and has received approximately that percentage of the vote. Given the failure of COVID management, many people are asking why he did as well as he did.

I think the reason is that he delivered a good economy before COVID derailed it, and people thought that, once a vaccine had controlled the pandemic, he would get those good times rolling again.

That’s a reasonable idea, and I think it sends a message to Mr. Biden that the country wants desperately to get back to normal and back to working as soon as possible. Those who voted for Mr. Trump are afraid that Biden will bring be more COVID restrictions than the economy can handle. Hopefully, more decisive and scientifically oriented management will bring this awful situation under control faster than continuing with Mr. Trump’s method would have.

Biden and Disclosure

I think that there is more of a chance for a level of official disclosure during a Biden administration than there would have been during a Trump administration. Of course, it’s always possible that Mr. Trump will say something between now and the end of his term, but I can’t speculate on that. Joe Biden knows John Podesta, who was Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff and lobbied for more disclosure during the Obama years. After Mr. Obama left office, Podesta said that his greatest regret was that Obama had not released the UFO information. Also, Christopher Mellon, who is an important player on all this and is a member of TTSA, has publicly sided with Biden.

To me, these are two of the things that suggest that the Biden presidency might do more toward revealing information than has ever been done before. Specifically, what I think could happen is that an announcement could be made that we do have evidence that there is an unknown intelligence behind the strange objects that have been recorded moving through our atmosphere, and that all the evidence points to the fact that it is not a human intelligence, at least not in a way that we now understand. To back this up, some of the enigmatic materials that have been collected should be declassified, along with the work that has been done to understand them.

Such an official admission would be a correct next step. It would open our culture, including our scientific culture, to exploration of the enigma. Formal studies and granting would then be possible.  Once there is a ground of realization that there is a true unknown here, we can begin to address it at every level of human life and human thought. A disclosure such as the one I describe might seem a small thing, but it would lead, inevitably, to a revolution in the human experience, but a healthy and productive one that would advance our world instead of sowing chaos, which is what would happen if a lot of speculative material–and most of what is still hidden behind the wall of secrecy is, I feel, just that–were dumped into the public space.

There is a chance to take a next step. Let’s hope it happens!




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  1. Everyone, look for much more information on emerging pandemics, vaccines, and the like, from Whitley Strieber, Matthew Frizzell (on the UC News Headlines section), as well as other UC discussion hosts.

    For example, we aren’t out of the woods yet on the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, for several reasons: 1) Even for an emergency use authorization, the US FDA will need weeks of testing before they can assure the human safety of this vaccine. 2) While vaccine distribution points are already being set up in the US (Michigan) and Europe (Germany), security issues alone for those locations will be huge. Those of you who saw the Hollywood blockbuster film Contagion will remember seeing examples of vaccine security problems. In addition, the thermal integrity of the Pfizer vaccine storage will be extremely challenging, since as the US cable TV show Bloomberg Markets explained this morning, most of the COVID-19 vaccines under development by various manufacturers, include today’s announced Pfizer vaccine, require refrigeration storage at minus 100 degrees Celsius; that’s super-cold storage requirements, and those machines “often break down,” according to the Bloomberg news anchor today. 3) US President-elect Joe Biden made a 10-minute speech this morning that was carried live on all US cable and broadcast TV channels. The majority of his remarks encouraged all US citizens and residents across the political spectrum to universally wear masks when away from home, since the Pfizer and other vaccines are in the pipeline, but will not be immediately available.

  2. Why would the administration disclose any UFO-related information, especially after many decades of intense cover-ups? What would be their motivation?

    Harry Reid, the former majority leader of the senate from Nevada, has led the drumbeat for disclosure. Why? Out of sheer curiosity? I find this hard to imagine, considering the federal government has treated this topic as a national security threat.

    And what are the visitors involvement in all this? Surely, if they are the ones controlling this, they have some say in the matter.

  3. We must be able to show a sense of health and wellness beyond COVID. Reality has been one big metaphor that many are not grasping. For years I thought that ‘2012’ was nonsense. But on December 2, 2012, I was surprised to feel a shift, physically. Whoa!

    As for disclosure, are we, as a species truly ready for it? I’m not so sure…I, personally, am ready for it, but the majority of humanity? Maybe that is the true determining factor for who-or-whatever-they are…and for disclosure.

    Are we ready to get an up-close-and-personal look, face -to-face…with ourselves?

  4. I’ve been watching Daniel Liszt’s (AKA Dark Journalist) video on the subject, and he appears to be basing this close relationship entirely on a heading from a cache of Dr. Trump’s files titled “Patents correspondence from John Trump to Robert Van de Graaff and Vannevar Bush , 1934 – 1939” If Liszt has further information about the two being close enough for Bush to divulge Majestic-level classified information to Trump, he doesn’t bother divulging the source.

    The claim that Dr. John Trump spilled a treasure trove of UFO secrets to Donald Trump appears to be a leap of logic on Liszt’s part: although Dr. Trump and Dr. Bush (does that ever sound weird out of context) would have known each other, there’s no indication the two were close; in fact, I can’t find any information regarding Trump having worked directly at the Rat Lab itself: initially, he was the liaison between RL and the NDRC before he was sent to Europe as part of the BBRL fact-finding mission during WWII. Post-war, he became the director of MIT’s High-Voltage Research Laboratory.

    Even if Bush saw fit to feed Trump high-level classified information regarding UFOs, Donald Trump gave no indication that that’s what his uncle told him; the idea that the statement “my uncle used to tell me about nuclear before nuclear was nuclear” somehow means that Donald Trump has UFO secrets is another leap of logic on Liszt’s part.

    We also have to bear in mind that Trump has stated that he doesn’t believe in UFOs to begin with, so if he was told anything by his uncle or security advisors, he failed to take it seriously.

  5. I listened and watched ‘Daniel Liszt’ for a long time, and while he’s had some interesting guests and also presented some fascinating information in his “X” series, I did question some of it, particularly when it started taking a turn politically. I began tuning out ‘Dark Journalist’ early in 2019. One of the reasons that I like Whitley is that he can present information that is of a political nature without being political about it, and Liszt was headed that direction.

    That being said, and just based on Donald Trump’s lack of knowledge and respect for science that he has displayed for quite a while, I think that “my uncle used to tell me about nuclear before nuclear was nuclear” may be about as far as it got, and I have a very hard time believing it amounts to more than that.

    An interview between Whitley and Lizst might not be as interesting as one between Jeremy Vaeni and Lizst. I would even bring the popcorn!🙂

  6. Author

    I should never have published a word about politics in this situation that we’re in. Now I’m seeing all this dismal crap come up on my website. Some creepy weirdo even praised Alex Jones for the love of Pete.

    The visitors are indifferent to politics because it’s a waste of time on every level.

    Now Al Harlow who has been a volunteer here almost since the beginning has quit. His wife worries that some bloodthirsty extremist will come after him. Same here!

    The visitors intended the website to be about two things: the survival of the species and the strengthening of souls. I don’t intend to forget that again.

    1. I have been curious if the John Hogue (gone political) video meeting audio was interfered with by the visitors because it didn’t fit their intentions.

      1. Author

        That’s exactly what I think happened. It just…disappeared.

        1. I agree…I stayed until the end on the Hogue thing, and almost left the meeting early. Even when people say things that I don’t agree with, I try to hear what they have to say in order to attempt an understanding (if not agreement). However, sometimes there is simply no logic or understanding that I can find, even when I make an honest effort to to get there.

          So much has “disappeared”, beyond the video meeting with Hogue. I will be reading Paul Levy’s’Dispelling Wetiko’ again soon. If there is one thing I’m sure of, it is that so much of what is happening now cannot be blamed solely on politics, and that politics is more of a symptom, rather than a disease.

    2. Thank you Whitney, for not mentioning politics again. You promised not to before, and then went ahead anyway. I’m terribly disappointed in reading about this subject here, on one of my favorite sites

    3. Whitley I don’t understand why you believe the “visitors” aren’t interested in our politics. To my mind what we’re seeing in our current political climate is fear. I would think they would be interested in our reasoning, or how different our values are, etc. Or how we seem to diverge so greatly from a cosmic oneness. One thing is for sure… can’t seem to escape the hyperbole anymore.

      1. Author

        I hope that I am right about this. They are such a very complex presence and filled with contradictions and what appear to me to be rivalries.

        The ones I work with, or think that I do, have expressed a profound dislike of deception. I live by that, but I would whether or not they disliked it. I dislike it!

        However, there is SOMETHING beneath the surface who I think DOES like deception very much and, in fact, lives by it and wants us to self-destruct. Whatever that presence is, and I am not at all sure it is alien as we understand that term, is very much interested in politics, encourages conflict and uses mind control, possibly on a massive scale.

        The only way out of that matrix is to live by love, compassion and humility. If you work like hell to understand those terms and what they mean in your life, and constantly watch yourself, you will begin to see the world very, very differently.

        Embracing just one of them, compassion, with your deepest heart and truth can change your vision of yourself and the world profoundly. You soon begin to see the actions of evil and how very helpless most of us are in the face of its lures and lies.

        How to engage compassion? My very wise wife summed it up perfectly when I asked her that question. She said, “each one of us is all we have.”

        You look at another person in that light instead of through the lens of your own beliefs and assumptions about them and the world around us, and it makes an amazing difference.

        You will understand very clearly “do unto others,” and this will also give you immense power, which is the power to see the world as it really is.

        1. I know you’re right, but what percent of the masses need to know you’re right in order to make a difference? How do we move the needle? Otherwise this conversation is just about our own entertainment.
          I’d like for my kids to have a chance. I feel like I have to fight for their chance. I just don’t know what that fight is…physical or spiritual or ????
          I’m tired of everybody’s conversation. There has to be something that gets attention on a mass scale. What is it!?!
          If we leave it to each individual to find compassion through the eyes of the suffering we will NEVER get there. It has to be more profound.

  7. The survival of the species and the strengthening of the soul requires the safeguarding against mortal threats and the preservation and expansion of human freedom. Like Whitley has stated previously, No freedom? Extinction. We live in a world where the threat of nuclear annihilation is still very real and the scourge of climate change rapidly closing down upon us. Any individual or faction who deliberately steers us toward these dangers in order to protect their own power or wealth must be excoriated and nullified.
    They are a danger to our civilization and to the welfare of our species. We cannot afford to allow our governing systems to be taken over by demagogues or authoritarians who’d lay waste to our basic freedoms and wouldn’t hesitate for a second to dismantle all that we have built in the name of human advancement if it suited their purposes. For those who choose freedom and prosperity for all souls, we must be vigilant and call out those who threaten these rights — not through condemnation or condescension, but through hard compassion, in whatever form appropriate.

  8. I started A Promised Land yesterday and Obama’s personal honesty and transparency is a jaw-dropping antidote to some of the regressive things we have been seeing that comes from fusing with fiction and riding with that.

    I met him in October 2007 when he met with us precinct captains in Reno. He was low in the polls and donors skittish. I said to him: I think you are going to do this, Senator. He gets a crestfallen look on his face and asks: “I’m going to have your help?” (I nod yes.) Trump is Mr. I Alone Can Do This.

    I hope the next 4 years has some of the trans partisan atmosphere of the Ike Era. Maybe even some of the boredom from then too! Could be as Biden wisely doesnt want to encourage the drama of federal investigations of Trump.

    The Q and Alex Jones world may soon die of a starvation of attention over time, as Trump fades from the scene, and as we are required more and more to deal with real stuff.

  9. Two very different comments to share:
    1) The degradation of the Y-chromosome and the decline in male fertility (due to environmental toxins?) are among the existential threats facing us.
    2) Philosopher David Chalmers has a thought experiment in which there is a live person and a “zombie” twin. Both act and behave as if they were conscious; both register the same electrical impulses flashing in the brain etc. Yet one is conscious and the other isn’t. This means that consciousness as such (as opposed to the brain activity that supports it) is untethered from energy. (Otherwise, a difference in energy expended would mark the difference between a zombie and a real person.) But if consciousness as such is untethered from energy, it also is from mass; and if from mass-energy, then from spacetime.
    This may be why remote viewing is possible; and it may also be a starting point for catching up with the ETs in understanding the nature of consciousness.

  10. There is always a dichotomy and push me pull me, a light and dark and a left and right.. recall the triangle of the trilogy… the third is recounciling of the friction of the opposing two but what is the 3rd of left & right? Independent?

    Man will always be a political animal.

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