A new study published in The Lancet is forecasting a “jaw-dropping” decline in the planet’s population by 2100, with the number of people in 23 countries expected to drop by half by the end of the century. While fewer humans using up fewer resources might sound like a good thing, the study’s authors warn that a sharp decline in population growth can have serious sociological and economic consequences.

Team Humanity already has 7.8 billion players on its roster—a number that will continue to increase as time goes by—but population growth itself peaked in 1989 when 88 million new people came into the world. That growth rate dipped to 73.9 million in 2003, saw a somewhat smaller peak of 84.8 million in 2013, but has been on the decline since then, with 81.3 million people being born in 2019.

The planet’s population is expected to peak at 9.7 billion inhabitants somewhere around 2064, but will decline to 8.8 billion by 2100. Although some regions are still experiencing population growth, the overall downward trend is being fueled by the increased availability of education for women around the world, allowing them to enter the workforce, along with the improved accessibility of contraception and declining fertility rates, making for fewer deliveries by the stork every year. Already, the number of children the average woman can expect to have over her lifetime has already declined by half over the past 70 years (from 5 in the 1950s to 2.5 in the past decade), and is projected to drop by nearly another 20 percent by the middle of the 21st century.

The study predicts that this population decrease will hit some countries harder than others, with Spain, Portugal, and Thailand expected to have their populations drop by more than half by the end of the century.

“That’s a pretty big thing; most of the world is transitioning into natural population decline,” explains study co-author Christopher Murray, at the University of Washington. “I think it’s incredibly hard to think this through and recognize how big a thing this is; it’s extraordinary, we’ll have to reorganize societies.”

Although a decrease in the world population would appear to be a good thing in regards to the planet’s overburdened resources, this trend has sociological consequences, with fewer young people coming into the world to provide for older generations. This demographic imbalance “will create enormous social change,” according to Murray: “Who pays tax in a massively aged world? Who pays for healthcare for the elderly? Who looks after the elderly? Will people still be able to retire from work?”

New approaches will be needed to both cope with and compensate for this disparity, including more open immigration policies—a measure already being taken by some countries that are experiencing a decline in natural population growth. The robotics industry in Japan, a country where more than one-quarter of the population is over 65, is already developing robots called “carebots” to care for the nation’s elderly, along with powered exoskeletons to aid health care workers in nursing homes.

African nations, at least in the near term, will be the main source of population growth for the world, and won’t experience the declines seen by the rest of the world until after 2100. In fact, the study projects that Nigeria will become the second most populous country on the planet by 2100, with a population of 791 million. Murray says that “We will have many more people of African descent in many more countries as we go through this,” a factor that will force many cultures to address “challenges around racism,” according to Murray, if their cultures and economies are to thrive.

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  1. I don’t think we have to worry about 2100. Long before that time comes, we will have ascended to another reality. All the signs are here, currently. Firstly, The Shuman resonance has been increasing continuously for several decades. The Earth will be entering a dimensional shift and those of us who are resonant with this shift will be along for the “ride.” Those who have been controlling and suppressing humanity will not make this shift. Secondly, our solar system is entering a part of the galaxy that is highly energized. This is the reason for so-called Global Warming. But this phenomenon is occurring on all the planets. RM

    1. Long before that time comes, we will have ascended to another reality.

      That’s a nice way of pointing out that the majority of us will have died of old age 80 years from now. 😉

      Global warming—for the umpteenth time—is due to an increase in in the concentration of human-generated greenhouse gases at the Earth’s surface. There is not only zero indication that we’re entering a “highly energized” region of the galaxy (whatever that means), such an event would also have little to no effect on the planet’s temperature.

      Unless I’ve missed something, of course. If you have any links to articles regarding observations about any sort of increase in interstellar radiation (outside of sources retconning Hesse’s photon belt belief) I would like to read them.

      1. It’s obvious that you haven’t done any research…….or like some others, content with the current narrative. You stated, “for the umpteenth time”: Is that a number you’ve been repeating or that given by scientists? The latter are government-funded and are compelled to stick to that one narrative. Here’s a book for you (and not the only one in that genre) that you can review on Amazon…..”Inconvenient Facts” 914, 5-star reviews. Secondly, all the planets are heating up in the solar system…….including the Earth. All the NASA probes have proven that there has been an upward trend in temperatures on the planets. With a little research, you can determine that for yourself. The amount of C02 that humanity generates is but a small percentage. As for this shift to a higher dimension…….it should occur within 10 years. For that, you can access, “The Law of One” by Ra. After you’ve done your research, then you can “talk” to me. RM

        1. I don’t get why you bring up the upward trend in heating in the solar system. Is it to argue that, since it’s happening to all the planets, there’s nothing we can do except die here? This additional heating is only making things worse, and it’s probably why all the global warming models are not keeping up with temperature rise. We need to be much more decisive or we’re going extinct. I have a 3 year old and a 7 year old, and they love life and want a future, and so do I!

          1. To address the first part of your reply; the Earth is part of the solar system and subject to the external changes that are occurring. So there’s not much we can do about it. And paying a carbon tax won’t either! I appreciate the fact that you have a young family and want for them (your children) to have a happy and meaningful future. I believe every young couple wants that. But change is constant and we’re dealing with nature. We can’t do anything about an earthquake or even a hurricane, except to move out of the way. And they happen all the time, somewhere in the distant past as well as the present. If you follow this website, you should be aware that death is a transition. In essence, no one really “dies”. The body does of course, but we are not our bodies! Whatever comes, let it. What’s coming is as much a spiritual transformation as a physical one. Don’t worry about death. Live for the day. RM

          2. I feel your pain acutely. Since 1984, even before I knew they were in my life, the visitors have been urging me to address environmental issues. Unless we could survive by doing so, I don’t think they would bother. As to the upward trend in heating in the solar system, that happened years ago, during the solar max. It is not happening now, but Earth is still heating up, and fast. I always think that people who say we can’t do anything about it, when that is patently false, have some kind of hidden agenda, whether they are depopulists or corporate shills or whatever they are. With proper leadership worldwide, we can turn this situation around and make a profit doing it. So here’s to you and your kids and my grandkids and all the kids of the world: may the future be yours to enjoy!

        2. Being a lifelong student of unusual topics, I’ve long since developed a compulsion to not dismiss information or ideas I disagree with out of hand, regardless of how little sense they might make to me. I’m not so arrogant as to assume that I know everything, since the universe has a helpful habit of reminding me otherwise. So, I bought the book.

          However, it turns out I had done my research, as I knew virtually all of the points in the book already (except for #2, so I guess the exercise wasn’t a total loss), as all of the points are just a rehash of old CCD arguments that I have already addressed multiple times, both as part of this site’s articles and in their respective comments sections (hence my “umpteenth time” comment), so I won’t bother wasting anyone’s time addressing them again. I will be putting in for a refund with Amazon, though, I do have better uses for that ten bucks.

          This is not to say that I’m dismissing any of the points, as I actually consider most (if not all) of them to be factually correct, at least within their own context. The problem is that the ones that are actually germane to the issue of anthropogenic global warming (the majority of them aren’t, and it’s surprising how many points are repeated multiple times) leave out key pieces of information or make leaps of logic that otherwise invalidate them as evidence that this is a natural phenomenon.

          As for the climates of the other planets in the Solar System supposedly heating up, that’s an old misconception. The actual claim is that the climates of some of the bodies in the Solar System are heating up (Mars, Jupiter, Triton, Neptune and Pluto–far from all of them), despite no such observations actually having been made.

          Separating seasonal variations–or changes in weather, for that matter–from actual climate change for most of the outer planets is currently impossible, given their long orbital periods: a 10 Jovian-year average for Jupiter’s atmosphere would take 120 Earth years to measure, 290 years for Saturn, and so on).

          The claim that Mars has been heating is due solely to a comparison of its apparent albedo in two photographs taken in 1977 and 1999, and an assumption that the darkening of the planet in the later image was due to its climate warming, rather than what was probably just a difference in the weather between the two dates. Otherwise, we have no indication that Mars is warming up as fast a scale as the Earth currently is.

    2. Most of this reporting that some of the planets seem to be heating and loosing ice. Is during the last solar max of the sun. The 2011-2013 period of time. {The actual solar max went for a little longer than expected}. Its very simple Hotter Sun, Hotter Solar System. At the moment we are now just coming out of the solar minimum. Coming to the next maximum somewhere in 2023-24. Technically the amount of output for the max is quite small in comparison to its average daily output. But any change in out put is seen though out the solar system. Eg, if I turn up the hotplate on the stove, even a little I can expect to see things cook a little quicker or get a little warmer.

      1. You have an interesting “handle” in place of your name. Bok choy is a vegetable I enjoy in chinese stir fry. It still amazes me how incomplete or non-existent people’s knowledge is about what’s happening around them. Still, they promote their opinions as though they were the truth. Well, I have done the research and here’s what’s happening; our solar system, which includes all the planets and our Earth, are entering a highly charged part of our galaxy. ALL the planets are heating up, including our Sun. And it is absorbing a lot of this energy. In time, it will need to “shake off” this additional accumulation in what is being labelled, a solar flash. At this point is when the Earth and all that is upon it will go into transition. So here are your choices: you can believe in your own narrative, or do some investigative research from credible sources. Or you can also take my word for it since I’ve done the due diligence already. RM

        1. And there’s the catch-22: I’ve also done my research into these subjects–regardless of what you may personally believe in that regard–and I’ve found the exact opposite: there’s no indication that the climates of any of the other planets are heating up, the Sun has been steadily cooling down for nearly seven decades, and the Solar System is actually heading away from the “highly charged” (if one were to consider the ISM as such) plane of the galaxy. Like you, I have returned to the issue time and again to re-acquaint myself with the subject when the question comes up (I never trust my own memory), and that, needless to say, involves re-researching the facts from credible sources.

          These aren’t my “beliefs”, “opinions” or my own “narrative”, and you certainly won’t catch me dismissing what you’re trying to say as such: as far as I’m concerned, I know full well that what you know is as true to you as my own information is to me. I’ve found that being dismissive of the other person (or simply insulting them, something that happens all to often nowadays) is a sure fire way to drive the other person further away from understanding one’s point of view.

          So who’s information is correct? How do we separate mere belief from objective fact? Which of us was actually lied to?

          These are questions I routinely ask myself, especially ever since I’ve found myself in a world where the nature of reality is continually up for grabs–basically, if someone doesn’t agree with the news they’re hearing, they simply declare it “fake news” and dismiss the information out of hand as the fabrication of individuals that are lying to promote some sort of ulterior agenda.

          Following the money, as it were (along with some other key other criteria), is what leads me to trust the scientific community on issues like this, especially climate science, as opposed to the alt-news community promoting a contrary viewpoint. If you’re interested, I can explain my reasoning.

          In the meantime, do you have any sources to offer that provide evidence that the other planets’ climates are heating up, the Sun’s output has increased, or that the Solar System is moving into a more energetic realm of the galaxy? I would like to see them, since none of the sources that I’ve encountered claiming this have offered any.

  2. Respect for medical journals has hit a all time low due to the fraudulent articles they publish. Also, with the recent numbers fiasco that was clearly a terrorist type of tactic used to shut down global economies, I am paying no mind to the obscene numbers game. I was warning people about not paying attention to the drastic, terrifying & threatening numbers for loss of life due to pandemic. I was correct about this.

    There are many more important and worthwhile topics to discuss from now & into our future, that numbers don’t figure in to my game plan & reality right now, especially when you follow the money, we can see why it would benefit the 1% for us to derail ourselves emotionally & spiritually.

    A better line of discussion might be to talk about why EVERYONE isn’t questioning how it is that the talking heads in our country are not talking about why they are WITHHOLDING cost effective and non-toxic, proven treatments for CV19?! Why is the loss of life right now so important? Crime is being committed by withholding a range of various treatments that people could be choosing from……if only…..

    1. I wasn’t aware that respect for medical journals was waning, or that they were publishing fraudulent articles, could you post some links providing some evidence of this? I’ve been making extensive use of the studies as references for Unknown Country articles, and if any of our stories are bogus, I need to know about it.

      Also, what do you mean by “numbers fiasco”? I wasn’t aware someone had been manipulating everyone’s statistics on the pandemic for the last eight months. A conspiracy big enough to involve virtually every journalist, medical researcher and world leader on the planet would be the story of the millennium (not to mention the billions of dollars spent on the production so the world could lose trillions of dollars in productivity, that’s some Doctor Evil-level dastardliness right there), and I certainly wouldn’t mind scooping all the other outlets!

      “They” are withholding the (potentially) effective treatments for COVID-19 while clinical testing is being performed on them to make sure they’re safe to use under these circumstances. For instance, while there had been some successes with hydroxychloriquine, its side effects—typically not a problem for patients with malaria—could wind up killing COVID-19 patients with cardiac complications.

      As an example, I have a prolonged QT interval (a not uncommon condition), meaning that an HCQ prescription would be rather risky for me under normal circumstances; if SARS-CoV-2 is attacking my ticker, that would rule out any useful amount of the compound in my case.

      1. I don’t often drop in here, but since I’m here, I’m going to post twice. Where do you get off, Keeper? Scientific journals are only disdained by the antiscientific.

    2. As an outsider looking in at your country I often see a myopic view of realty held by many of your country persons. They are often America-centered and think that the world revolves around them, rarely looking at events and information from elsewhere. The tendency for so many, and not just in your country, to get their information and news from U-tube or social media sites just boggles my mind. Most don’t realize that original posting have been traced back to those of your enemies who seek to create discord and confusion to their own benefit. I find that even though people have education, their science knowledge is usually limited to the junior high or high school level and is woefully outdated. Ann has said that we need to be compassionate to our fellow human beings and provide them with they need to grow. Sometimes the best lessons are the hardest ones. When I here the comments about a covid conspiracy my response is not to try to convince them otherwise. Life is about lessons and if one’s lesson is to get sick and die, or worse yet, be stricken with a lifelong debilitating side-effect from the infection, then so be it. Maybe next time around they’ll pay more attention in biology class. Like the saying goes “life is hard, it’s harder when you’re stupid.”
      Time for some tough love.
      Rick Man

      1. I realize that my comments above may come across as arrogant to some. I can assure you that I have done some very stupid things in my life and have the scars to prove it. They say that youth is wasted on the young and based on some of my and my friends actions when young, we now pay the price. When I see the cavalier actions being taken by many young people in regards to the covid virus, I can only shake my head in disbelief. My father gave me advice when I was young, some of which I took and others I ignored. When I was a bit older my father told me that the advice he gave me was not to constrain me but, hopefully, to protect me and to prevent me from making the same mistakes he made. Some lessons I just had to learn on my own. A saying attributed to Benjamin Franklin is “Life’s tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise to late”. How very true. The reason I use rickety as my nom de plume is that’s how my body feels at this point in my life.
        Keep well and stay strong,
        Rickety Man

  3. You should read a book called “The Plague of Corruption” by Dr. Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively, JD, if you don’t believe that corruption exists in the world of scientific research and publishing. As to the numbers question, I work in the health insurance industry and have first hand knowledge that the death numbers being reported are not being accurately represented as to the actual cause of death.

      1. If it’s true that she is lying, why hasn’t anyone taken legal action against her for the things she has said?

        1. Because aside from the earlier theft charges brought against her, she doesn’t appear to have done anything illegal, regardless of the validity of the views she’s pushing. That does raise a good question: at what point does a false medical claim become grounds for legal action?

          In regards to the potential slander brought against Dr. Fauci, I suspect he has more important things to deal with than suing a discredited researcher that few people pay attention to to begin with. Fauci’s been publicly subjected to much worse insults from a far higher-ranking official than her, and so far hasn’t flinched.

      2. There are a lot of people doing that on a variety of subjects, just saying!

      3. Ty and Charlene Bollinger of “The Truth About Vaccines”, had Judy Mikovitz on a video release. I am sure they did their due diligence in determining the truth behind Milovitz’s claim before allowing her to tell her story. One just has to follow the money. Dr. Mikovitz’s claim that she uncovered fraud would be damaging to the profit-oriented vaccine enterprise. Thus she was removed and jailed without charge. So the question remains: who profits in this, or more specifically, whose profit is saved? Not that of Dr. Judy Mikovitz. RM

        1. I couldn’t claim as to whether or not the Bollingers performed any checks on Mikovits before bringing her into the production–that would only be speculation on my part–but even if they did an extensive investigation into their interviewee, what would that mean? Aside from Mikovits’s own story, there’s probably little more to be found than what the official record has to offer, coverup or not.

          From what I understand, Mikovits didn’t begin talking publicly about her views on vaccines/chemotherapy/etc. until after her dismissal and theft charges (she has since admitted to having been formally charged) claimed by WPI, so it’s unlikely that those actions had anything to do with her attempts to discredit the establishment.

          If one were to follow the money, you have to remember that Mikovits has published at least four books thus far, in addition to a new career on the talk circuit (speakers are paid for their appearances) and her newfound celebrity status that goes with it; she has her own motivation to keep her new career going, regardless of the veracity of her claims.

          1. Dr. Mikovitz was under a gag order. Her release from jail was conditional that she would not reveal anything regarding what she uncovered during her lab employment. I think the motivation behind writing her books was based on telling her story and revealing the fraud rather than any money earned from the sale of those books. Further, when she was arrested, much of her property was seized and bank accounts were frozen. I’m sure she was earning 6 figures before all this happened. The net effect was that she’s further down the “rabbit hole” than before. So I think you may be overstating her current financial status. RM

  4. Is there no way to edit a comment after posting on this site? I wanted to make a change to my comment to say that I don’t have first hand knowledge of the actual reporting of deaths due to the virus, but due to the nature of my work, I see that most people who suffer life threatening complications of the virus have other, equally life threatening conditions present at the same time.

    1. There’s a 30-minute window after initially posting where you can edit that post, but after that window the post is locked.

      And yes, there is the concern that the number of COVID-19 deaths are being underreported for a variety of reasons, including the appearance of another preexisting condition having killed an otherwise undiagnosed individual.

      For those unfamiliar with the concept, this is why many researchers are looking at the number of excess deaths that have occurred this year (number of deaths overall minus the average from previous years) to estimate the true toll of the pandemic.


      1. Matthew – there is no longer the ability to edit one’s post as the “update” link is missing.

      2. You misinterpreted that comment entirely. I wasn’t saying that COVID 19 deaths are underreported, but that it’s likely they’re being overreported. Wow, for a site like this, you sure are a MSM believer. I think you just helped me decide to unsubscribe, thanks!

        1. Every indication I’ve seen over the seven months that I’ve actively been researching the outbreak points to an underreporting of the numbers.

          If your sources are so much better than the “MSM” ones this sheeple uses to source his facts from, I’d like to see them.

          1. My source is my own daily experience, as I pointed out earlier. I’m not going to say anything specific about who I work for or what I do, because I need to pay my bills every month and privacy is a huge concern in my industry. If you don’t want to give any credence to what I am saying, that’s certainly your choice.

  5. What amazed me during my time in public health was the number of people who would listen to (and believe) information and people that really were not trusted sources for health information. For instance , listening to Jenny McCarthy about vaccines and autism, rather than listening to public health, the CDC, and the National Institutes of Health. And it has only gotten worse…

    Most politicians are not health experts, by any stretch of the imagination, which is why we should be putting our trust in the Dr. Anthony Faucis of the world, as well as other public experts.

    I hear and see the information put out every day by sources on social media, who are dubious at best. I live in Texas and I grew up in South Texas, so I already saw the deadly wave of COVID that was headed our way and that it would kill a lot of people, but many of them would be left out of the COVID statistics. The state and the country have been overwhelmed, and we are still in denial, despite hospitals and funeral homes with refrigerated units parked outside to hold the overflow of the dead.

    Matthew, keep doing what you’re doing. I know that you are doing your best to ensure that we get accurate information at Unknown Country.

    If you look at other factors besides COVID, it is pretty obvious that human and animal populations are in deep trouble. That does not mean that we wring our hands in worry and hopelessness and give up. It does mean that we must come up with solutions and a new sense of creativity to survive and thrive, along with our fellow beings. It can be done, but it also means really thinking about our needs vs. our wants, and what is best for all. Maybe we should begin with true survivors in order to get a glimpse of a sustainable life of simple joy and happiness of being…


  6. One thing this article doesn’t address specifically, is the sharp decline over the last ten years, in desire for offspring among the humans coming into their adulthood over that period. I heard an interview on NPR several years ago, with a researcher looking into this phenomenon of the rising generation. I was a little surprised to learn that it’s not just the young adults in my own net of contact, but apparently a global phenomenon affecting many nations. Some look at this as a selfishness symptom of the young, but that doesn’t jive with what I experience among them. In fact, I’ve wondered for some time if they are souls coming here knowing that they have more useful things to do here, at this point in the timeline, than mindlessly procreating more humans. Or perhaps that they know (even unconsciously) that the next decades aren’t a good time to be raising new humans? Just some musings.

  7. Matthew, on your comment about your Q-T interval changes, that reminds me of the medically “innocent” heart murmur I had for many years, until a year or so after I started consuming only organic whole foods and discontinuing all refined sweeteners … my heart murmur was gone, a cardiologist told me. So you never know what might improve when you find at least some elements of a more holistic food regimen. So that’s that. Then there’s your question above about the Earth entering a “higher energy” area. Brace yourself. Our solar system is entering the Milky Way galaxy. That’s why the Milky Way appears at an angle in the Earth’s sky. Here’s a link that explains it; I am a member on that user group under the name Uphill … some pretty wild people there, but their user norms are strict and are strictly enforced, so never fear. Link:http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread638674/pg1

    1. Thanks for the advice Indy, although I’ve pretty much ruled out diet in this case. The problem cropped up suddenly two years ago, and I suspect that it had to do with an antibiotic regimen I had taken shortly before the ECG that revealed the issue. My diet was fairly clean beforehand and I’ve altered it since (for other heath issues), but the prolonged interval hasn’t changed.

      The idea that the Solar System is alien to the Milky Way is an intriguing one, and one I’ve been familiar with for some time, but the time scale involved is far too long for any increase in the particle density of the interstellar medium to have affected Earth’s climate in such a short amount of time–a single half-oscillation from top to bottom takes tens of millions of years. We’re also actually currently headed away from the galactic plane, so if anything, we should be seeing a slow decrease in ISM density, if a change that slow were to register to begin with.

  8. Maybe I missed it but no mention of the effects of climate instability and sea level rise. Incredible disconnect that a supposedly well researched study on population decline does not mention the effect of life lived in the natural rapidly changing world. Such a major shortcoming as if our human needs and wants are all that matter. Mother Nature will readjust our perspective on population decline and much more.
    I think when ancient prophecies, recent channeled material and science research tells the same story we better listen and prepare. Because without question a lot of us will be ascending over the coming years.

  9. I just want to point out that all opinions expressed by site personnel are personal. They are not site policy. The site is a neutral forum.

    Also, I’ll let the webmaster know that the edit function has disappeared. You need to be able to edit.

  10. Think there is an error in the article

    Team Humanity already has 7.8 million players on its roster

    That should be billion not million i think

  11. Spoiler alert: this will challenge religious, ethical and legal norms in way some will find offensive. I’m sorry but we live in unprecedented circumstances and the following is a personal view of what it will take to survive as a species until we can find a new home planet.
    All projections are based on a set of assumptions. In an over-heated world it becomes more difficult to determine assumptions that offer a % of reliability. The one thing we do know is that the planet is finite as are the “resources” on it. We also know that prolonged drought and famine are increasing in frequency. We know that arable land is becoming more scarce. We know that the population of the planet is ageing and birth-rates declining in some areas. The result is a majority population unable to provide for itself in advanced age. Given a scarcity of arable land, the frequency and intensity of droughts, the loss of species at the rate 1200 per day, humanity needs to face the fact that we and our planet dying. As starvation, ecological displacement of people and animals, and loss of habitat intensify we must look at the possibility of self-determined life-spans. No one wants to be dependent on others for feeding, toileting, washing, etc. No one wants to die of dementia. The compassionate thing to do is to legalise medically-assisted suicide for those who choose to control their lifespans and decide under what conditions they are prepared to continue living. Making self-determined lifespans legal and accessible to EVERYONE whose life is – in his or her eyes – untenable is something we must do to prevent avoidable suffering and to honour the right to make one’s own life and death decisions. Failure to make self-determined lifespans a universally available Right will result in global economic collapse, mass murders wars for water, food, and all scarce resources. Under these conditions, we either die voluntarily or we will be killed in bio-chemical/neurological warfare or nuclear warfare or a combination of them all in successive wars that end in human extinction. Many human taboos must give way if humans are to survive as a species. The only “interventions” we can expect are ones we make happen ourselves. There are no rescue missions or miracles heading our way. We change and evolve into self-reliant, compassionate, rational humans who take responsibility for our species’ survival or we go extinct. There is no “return to normal” now. We have passed the turning points that nature presented to us. Now we have to re-conceptualise human culture, ethics, self-governance, legal systems, etc., and choose adaptation over extinction. Or not.

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