On July 15, Whitley was meditating at about 4AM when two loud booms detonated in quick succession outside of his house. He assumed that they were firecrackers and thought nothing of it. But then, at 3:56 AM on July 23,the same thing happened. This time he was not in the house and his surveillance system recorded the sounds and the flash that went with them. A video expert observed that the flash appeared to come from above the house. Although he couldn’t definitively identify the cause of the sounds, it later developed that numerous people in the area heard it and saw the flashes and reported this on the Neighbors neighborhood events app. Reports came from about a square mile area.

While these could have been fireworks or gunshots, there are interesting reasons discussed in the show that suggest that this may not be the case.

This week, Linda Moulton Howe joins Whitley to discuss the event and compare some similar videos that she has collected over the  years. Whitley’s friends don’t call his condo “the unquiet flat” for nothing! (The image is from the video of Whitley’s surveillance system at the moment the booms took place. The flash on the picture frame is a reflection of the camera’s infrared light.)

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THEN we move on to a powerful discussion with Mia Feroleto about her final Consciousness and Contact Conference, held two weeks ago in South Dakota. Whitley once again had a look into what appears to be another world while at the conference. You can read about that here. Mia tells us of the many high-intensity events that transpired at this remarkable conference. Enjoy Mia’s podcast New Obervations and read New Observations Magazine!

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    1. Still not seeing the download button for the high quality MP3. Perhaps I am the only person still using a desktop!
      Will make do with the low quality MP3 for this week.

  1. Author

    That’s strange. I am seeing it. I’m on a cell phone.

    1. I’m not seeing it either. HP Laptop with Firefox. I don’t own a gadget phone.

  2. Whitley: have you ever seen the film Midnight Special (2016)? I think of it every time you talk about your experience encountering the ‘mirror universe’ in South Dakota.

    Perhaps these booms are bleed-through from other ‘layers’ and time streams that don’t resonate with every frequency, too. That would explain why our experiences with them are so atomized.

  3. But that doesn’t explain all the booms Linda has been researching. And there’s this: nobody just sets off one firework, and doesn’t the flash come after? My husband is an electrical engineer and isn’t convinced about the transformer sounds, either.

    IS there a transformer near your condo, Whitley? You easily could check this with your local utilities. Also, my hubby says two transformer explosions so close together are rare, because they make damn sure the problem is fixed the first time. At least they did on his watch.

    I think Linda’s second video is quite similar to Whitley’s: a bright flash followed by two crisp reports. The interference on the call once they mentioned the radio was strange!

    1. I experienced two “boom nights” near where I live. About the same dates that Whitley mentioned. I also did not record the times but I remember it being well after midnight in both cases. It woke me so I didn’t see any flashes of light but possibly there could have been. Before I went back to sleep I thought, “why would that be fireworks as it’s not a Canadian holiday. And God forbid that it’s a gunshot”!! I basically forgot about it until I saw the posted comments on the subject. That’s all I’ve got!

  4. Interesting sounds. I live in a city and we have fireworks and gun shots all the time. However, the first sound resembles fireworks and lighting with fireworks often doesn’t match the sound. In the city the light also bounces off all the buildings and creates a light show. I feel like the other sounds were like lightening phenomena. I wonder if earth is having more unique electrical behaviors because of changes in weather, magnetism and the movement of the magnetic north. I assume this means the planet isn’t spinning on the same axis the way it has been. We might literally be experiencing some sort of friction. I’m not a geologist but I wonder. On the other hand, there might be some intelligence in this phenomenon as well. I noted as you and Linda talked, all the static that came up all of a sudden! Shudder…

        1. Wish I could get him in a room and have a long game of “Cylon Says” with him. BTW, my favourate C & G hits… “A Toasty Shade of Winter”, “The Sound of Cylons”… and of course, let’s not forget “Chromeward Bound”. Classics.

  5. It could be fireworks or mortars. It seems to me that there is a higher pitch with a firework explosion rather than with a gunshot. Gunshots are quicker, more like a pop pop sound. It was just after July 4th.
    If the firework or mortar is far enough away, you can see the flash before the boom. The fact that the flash is up in the air would lead to the conclusion that it could be a firework or mortar. Another indication that it could have been a firework is whether there was any smoke in the air after the explosion. People do tend to shoot them off at any time. I have heard them go off at 4 am before.
    Another possibility is that it could have been a meteor. I checked amsmeteors.com but did not see any meteor reports that took place around the time of the booms in the videos.
    Here is an incredible video of a massive explosion sound accompanied with a flash. This was taken by a security camera and was reportedly heard for miles around.

    Here’s an example of a mortar explosion. The explosion takes place around 2:17 in the video https://youtu.be/mhqzhHn0NpY There are also tons of fireworks being shot off in the video. They sound familiar to the sounds that you hear in your videos
    (Edited for grammar)

    1. Author

      I also think that they could have been fireworks, but the video expert is telling me that the flash and the explosions are not connected because the timing is wrong. They were also heard over quite a wide area.

      1. The timing is wrong… how? The first sound, without the flash sounds like the launching of a rocket (firework) and the other two flashes are very quickly followed by a bang, as others have commented, suggesting that it was very close by. As a very rough guess I would say the bang came 0.2 seconds after the flash, which would suggest it was within 70 metres.

        1. Author

          I know it looks normal, but the flashes and the booms should have been virtually simultaneous with the explosions if they were nearby. The flashes would appear to be too early.

          1. It mostly all looks and sounds perfectly normal to me, apart from only being able to discern one flash, that starts and then very quickly increases in intensity. This flash, as far as I can hear is quickly followed by a bang, which is a fraction of a second later. If you shot a rocket up from your property, after a couple of seconds it could easily get up to 70 metres… And at that distance, the sound would take approx 0.2 seconds to reach your ears, after seeing the flash, which is about the gap I can discern between the very start of the flash (before it gets very bright) and the first bang. The puzzling thing for me is that I cannot see a second flash associated with the second bang… But I am assuming you can have a bang without a flash with fireworks?

  6. In watching and listening to the ‘boom’ videos, it’s very important to remember that light travels a lot faster than sound—a LOT faster. That”s why to gauge distance of lightning we always used to count how long it took before you would hear the thunder when I was a kid.
    So, in the first video the flash appears almost simultaneously with the booms. My guess is fireworks, fairly close by. There is no evident flash in the middle video. But in the last video the boom occurs AFTER you see the flash. So, whatever caused the flash (and the boom) was some distance away.

    Several years ago, my partner and I experienced something similar, while there was still plenty of light in the early evening. While watching TV, we thought we heard a boombox in the distance. The next thing we knew, there was an exceptionally loud boom directly over our house! The whole house shook, and we ran outside. There was no sound, and no people outside in our neighborhood. It was eerie. I grew up when sonic booms were common, so it was similar, but seemed very much ‘localized’ directly over our house. You could feel it in your body…and I honestly have no clue what caused it.

  7. high quality mp3 won’t play and has no download button-please fix

  8. Didn’t Deb Kauble in a previous interview say there was a sharp cracking sound when a portal opened to allow a Visitor to step through it into their house? I wonder how loud an airbourn portal would be, that was large enough for a craft to fit through?

    With regards to the reported sounds, firstly, a double boom that was described by Linda MH is normally associated with an aircraft sonic boom. The sound at Whitley’s sounded like a firework to me. The one in Tameside Greater Manchester, sounded like it had enough power to be a sonic boom… Also just out of interest Tameside is on the flightpath to Manchester Airport about 20 miles away…but there was no double-boom…so a gas explosion maybe? … Although I’m sure I would have heard that on the news. The last one, there was a flash and then a boom so I’m thinking electrical, either atmospheric or otherwise. In any case if we make the assumption at the point of origin, that the sound and flash are coincident, then like lightening and thunder, you can calculate how far away the origin is by looking at the difference between the flash and the sound….which is 0.2 miles (332 metres) per second.

  9. RE sonic booms: assault rifle rounds make small sonic booms that wouldn’t be heard over nearly as large an area as, say, a jet fighter going supersonic. I have no idea if that is what these booms were, but thought I would point that out.

  10. The discussion with Linda was reassuring. I hope you found it comforting Whitley.

  11. Hi Whitley,
    Unrelated I know, but I’m intrigued by the art on your walls. Any artists names and dates please?
    Best wishes

    1. Author

      The print is called Symbols for Speed. It’s by Lee Smith. Anne purchased it in 1984.

      1. Thanks Whitley, yes it does look very 1980’s. I’m guessing the larger painting in the background is earlier? Sorry to be a bore but I’m a bit of a collector myself, and am always intrigued by what people put on their walls.

        1. Author

          When I look at a video of me in the room, I see a photo of Anne and the print I mentioned. What other painting are you referring to?

          1. in the static picture on this show page there are two white armchairs and in the alcove at the back of the room there is a large bold painting that looks like it has a flower and possibly a tree in it? I have to say it looks pretty cool.

    1. Author

      I have done a lot of research, and we’ve run stories. I certainly hope nothing like that is anywhere near either of us!

  12. I’ve heard experiencers occasionally mention that they believe certain sounds are associated with the presence of a remote viewer, astral projector, time traveler, etc. These range from sounds like knocks to the distinctive noise of a piece of crumpled piece of paper hitting a hardwood floor.

  13. Thank you Whitley for another important and captivating podcast. Someday we may know the source of the mysterious sounds; I appreciate your research and all the comments by faithful listeners.

    Excellent to hear the recap between you and Mia Feroleto. The Consciousness and Contact in the Badlands conference continues to resonate in so many ways, personally, in our community, and beyond.

  14. Someone cracking a whip in the ether. A localized torsion effect might cause a micro-sonic boom in a small area.

  15. I have heard these booms at 2 different times. Once at my house and once at my office. Both times it sounded like something hit the roof.
    At my office the whole building shook. 2 other people were working in my office at the time and neither of them heard nor felt the building shake. So I asked down the line and another person 3 offices down had heard it and described it like I did.

  16. Just got around to enjoying this episode. I know a bit late. Whitley, your video is interesting in that after the second boom you hear a car alarm going off as well that was not going off after the first boom or in the beginning of the video.

    If you listen to the second video from Linda Moulton Howe’s video (the one that is not from Greater Manchester), after the second boom you hear some sort of alarm — like a smoke alarm — going off.

    I’ve often wondered if there is a relation between these booms and the Havana syndrome sonic attacks.

  17. Author

    I have worried about that too. A lot. There is somebody out there with some very evil weapons. I just do worry.

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