Welcome to Dreamland’s 2022 year-end special. Our lineup this year includes, Yuri Geller, Jimmy Church and Linda Moulton Howe in a powerful 2 hour special. Both subscribers and free listeners get the whole show (free with ads) so, free listeners, give us a much needed Christmas gift and click here to subscribe today!

First, Uri Geller tells us of his expectations for an alien arrival–will they come, if so, when and why. He also describes the new country he has created and why you should become a citizen, then tells us some extraordinary stories about his meetings with rocket science pioneer Werner VonBraun and astronaut Edgar Mitchell. You can learn more about Uri on his website, UriGeller.com. And to join Whitley as a citizen of Uri’s new country, click here.



Then Jimmy Church takes us on a journey to Egypt and down into a secret pharaonic cave that contains a pool where they used to cleanse themselves spiritually. Listen to his riveting account of what it was like to descend into this pool and actually bathe in it–and that’s only the beginning of an INCREDIBLE interview. Become a Fadernaut today, join Jimmy every night on Fade to Black. Go to JimmyChurchRadio to find out more.



Linda Moulton Howe and Whitley have been friends and colleagues since 1987 when Linda was one of the first investigators to visit his cabin in upstate New York. Many of the greatest-ever Dreamlands involve the two of them, and when they get going the information flow can be incredible. This show is one of their finest. They discuss the reasons for the secrecy and the new debunking effort being undertaken by the Pentagon, then they get into the implications of the stunning 2007 Carl Higdon case and SO MUCH MORE. Join Linda on her weekly Earthfiles YouTube show, and don’t miss a day of Earthfiles.com.

This is a flat-out incredible two-hour special with some of the greats, and Whitley is at his best. PLUS, at the end of the show he reads a perfectly beautiful Christmas poem he has written just for us!


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  1. Thank you so very much for your hard work putting on these podcasts Mr Strieber. No one else comes close. I can’t tell you how happy I am whenever there is a new one. 🧚Looking forward to your good health for many, many years. I wouldn’t want to live in this world without your well thought out podcasts.

  2. Tears in my eyes, Whitley! Thank you for that haunting, sweet & insightful poem. Also, what amazing interviews! I feel like I’m already launched into 2023. May it hold new mysteries for us all. Happy Holidays to all of Dreamland & Unknown Country.

  3. The word that popped in my head from Uri was angel. Of course that may have been influenced by him talking about the Ark of the Covenant.

  4. The DNA manipulation is obvious. They want non stop procreation, and our sperm and eggs.
    Unlike us, nature only has animals mate by seasons.

    1. The vital missing element in the conversation about DNA manipulation, hybridization, etc. etc. is the larger spiritual structure within which this is taking place – and why. Like the ancient aliens (Nazi-founded) theory, the hybridization DNA manipulation narrative serves to keep us in our place as passive recipients of insidious control by Other Beings, making sure we remain stripped of our physical and spiritual autonomy. The truth as other spiritual systems and mystics have experienced and taught it is that these beings we call aliens or Greys are actually humans who have devolved so far into the divergent timeline of transhumanism that they can no longer incarnate in physical organic human bodies, and they know they need to in order to rejoin the organic spiritual ascension stream back to Source. They are trying to cut spiritual corners by avoiding renouncing their mistake and having to face themselves through new incarnations, and they think they can rape humans and rob them of their DNA to try and make themselves wholly organic. It’s a dead-end, misguided attempt at cheating the spiritual school that is the solar system. Continuing to regard this phenomenon as external, physical, and alien will allow it to perpetuate and continue as the masses subscribe to a materialist viewpoint of this inherently interdimensional/spiritual event.

  5. Whitley, I am not an experiencer. I am a seeker of knowledge and understanding. I appreciate the welcome that the unknown country gives me. I subscribe because what you are sharing feels important to me. I wish I understood more of what your guests share, but I let the knowledge come to me as life wills. I thank all the guests for sharing their experiences. Merry Christmas!

  6. I’ve watched the new Missing 411 documentary from David Paulides. Missing 411: The UFO Connection.

    Good Lord what an excellent piece of work. Watch it at all costs.

    Here’s the official trailer:


  7. This is the show I’ve been waiting for all year!( Maybe longer)

    So many of the pieces of the puzzle are being strung together like pearls…I’ve been at this far too long, but suffice to say that everything discussed is connected. From the legend of Scota (which I attempted to get more information on in 2006 from, of all people, an archaeologist working on an unusual tomb, KV63 in Egypt), to Jimmy Church’s experience in the pool under the sands of Egypt, and Linda’s delving so deeply into the high strangeness of alien beings and government, it’s daunting…but, it’s there for us to wrap our minds and consciousness around in inexplicable ways.

    This reality offers us so much richness of experience with life, its mysteries, and the unknown. Let’s all embrace it, in each and every moment that we have…

  8. Merry Winter Solstice! Didn’t we hear a few weeks ago that the Ark of the Covenant is in Ethiopia, guarded by Coptic monks? P.S. my wish for the future of Dreamland: Would be great if at least once a year you had an indigenous person and another time an African American and another time a hispanic ans an Asian on Unknown Country. Their perspectives on the unknown would be great. Normally the show is very… white… surely more diversity can be found to talk about these topics?

    1. KolyaBahai, I agree. I mentioned the same thing about the need for different cultural perspectives on ‘Dreamland’ to my partner a few months ago. Jeremy Vaeni used to have more inclusiveness on ‘The Experience, so maybe Jeremy could do some future Dreamlands with that in mind. Mia also provided these other points of view on ‘New Observations’.

  9. “Toaster polishing” love it. I’m using that…

  10. Thank you ALL for this Dreamland 2022 year-end special.

    Just a few thoughts here……..

    I listened to this yesterday and the thought that crossed my mind is, “FLEET.” Might this indicate a visual nuts and bolts kind of UFO appearance, as in a FLEET OF SHIPS?

    Whitley and Jimmy Church in EGYPT. “WOW!” What an amazing event this will be.

    THEN, I want to wish everyone a most blessed NEW YEAR. We must always hold on to HOPE.

    Auld Lang Syne – Pentatonix

  11. I know this is off subject but am wondering about prophecy?

    Benedict XVI, first pope to resign in 600 years, dies at 95. The last day of year 2022.

    I believe it was Yuri Geller who spoke of NUMBER 11. That below is probably a misprint, but nevertheless here it is.

    “Pope Benedict, who was leader of the Catholic Church from 2005 to 2013 and retired due to old age, was the 11th pope.”


  12. After listening to the podcast yesterday in which Uri proclaimed we’d all be seeing 1:11, I awoke last night to 3:33 and then 4:44. Close enough!

  13. Maybe it’s just his personal style but Uri Geller comes across as less than credible to me. I think he may have displayed abilities at some point in his life but he has an air of flim-flam man that I just can’t shake.
    Jimmy Church’s experience was interesting but I found it curious that he didn’t really answer the question about what sort of ‘priest’ the man was…
    Linda Moulton Howe…she seems like a nice lady but far too credulous and seems committed to a sort of B- movie alien invasion type contact scenario. Still it’s all entertaining at least.
    I notice we haven’t heard from Catherine Austin Fitts or Joseph Farrell for a while – I hope we are going to get to hear from them this year.

    1. There’s a good deal that doesn’t seem to quite add up here, I agree.

      Regarding Geller, I was a bit put off by his idea of “proving the Bible” by finding the Ark of the Covenant. There’s no sense in trying to “prove” a set of ancient writings that is not generally meant to be accurate history and that has largely been DISproven by archeology (for example, the Israelites didn’t go into the land of Canaan, they were already there). Still, my feeling of this Ark business being not quite right led to some very interesting reading.

      A fair number of years ago, a friend told me that he attended an Uri Geller demonstration in which spoons were passed out to the audience. He didn’t expect to be able to do the spoon-bending himself, and was just listening with the spoon in his hand, when he realized that it had spontaneously bent.

      I’ve seen iron rebar bend without physical pressure, so bending silverware doesn’t seem too far out there to me, but I can’t explain any of it. Here’s what I observed, though:

  14. I promise I will not post anything else regarding this number. I do not want to annoy any of the readers.

    Early Thursday morning, September 8, 2022.

    First the facts without my emotional input.
    I have just come back from the bathroom and into bed. I am wide awake. Looking at the clock it reads 1:11AM. With my eyes closed but still in my line of vision, I see an illuminated/bright pink and orange something in what I think is the sky, perhaps clouds? There is a voice and an image of a man making an announcement, I only see his face which is ordinary. He says, “yes, according to your clock I am sending a SOUL GROUP. They have come out into the physical world at this time.”

    Now I have fallen into a dream-state. First there appears two women that tell me they are my aunts? I have no idea who they are? I tell both of them that I dream things. The first woman believes me, but the second woman has her doubts about my dreaming self? I do not think either of these women are living but have passed over. NOW, I see my mom, (passed over years ago). I am back at the house where I grew up but in reality, has been torn down and a new house stands in its place. She wants to know why I am sitting at a computer at this time of night. She tells me it is 11PM. I knew I had to get an e-mail to ……. but now I am confused. How can I tell ……. about the SOUL GROUP when it won’t happen for another few hours?

    I do not know if I heard the voices of the dead through my ears or thoughts?

    Thinking the deceased souls still had contact with the SOUL GROUP, they were NOT yet in the physical at 11PM.

    Although I believe this SOUL GROUP came in this morning, how can a person be absolutely sure if what I saw was, present, past or future?

    My feeling here is that this SOUL GROUP is not like us in all respects. I believe that GOD, THE HOLY SPIRIT or whatever you choose to call these elevated SOULS, have come in at our time of crises on this planet.

    Are these mothers aware that they have birthed part of a SOUL GROUP? Where are they? Who are they?

    Today the photo for, “Thought for the Day,” shows a bright orb with a man seemingly falling out of the sky and into a jeep? This image helped my emotions.

    Thursday, September 8
    “Know that all that materializes must first happen in spirit, and the law of cause and effect ever remains. Hence in spirit it is purpose and ideal.”

    Edgar Cayce reading 3412-2

    This was NOT a dream until later when I fell back asleep. This vision happened when I had just come back out of the bathroom and settled back into bed, so I was definitely WIDE awake. In short, the vision is, “THE SOUL GROUP HAS ARRIVED, IT HAPPENED AT 1:11 AM. This is when they came forth from their mother’s womb.”

  15. Back in the 1970’s I was a friend of the late paranormal journalist BRYCE BOND and in the the late 70’s he told me and a few others that Uri Geller had apported a Quartz Crystal to his apartment in New York City.
    Someone should check with Uri Geller to see if the above actually happen.

    1. Author

      I just asked Uri. Here is his reply: “ Yes it really happened Bryce was a lovely person.”

  16. A quick aside. I’m working in North London today. How quickly we all seem to have forgotten Yuletide, or have we?

    Folks I’ve been working with all week across Britain seem refreshed and relaxed after Christmas. I’m very grateful for the good, for the hope Christmas offers at the darkest time of year.


  17. 11:11 isn’t and hasn’t yet been significant to me. The special numbers in my life are, 3, 4, 9 and 19. Especially 9 & 19.

  18. I didn’t think we would, but 11:11 has turned up a lot

  19. I’m so late to listening to this but it is beautiful and Whitley Strieber is on point. Happy New Year!


    New York Times story on Piolet denying UFO’s..

    I used to have faith as the NYT as ‘THE’ only place of journalistic integrity.

    Then they also published the same old dumb crop circle’s are fake Doug & Dave story just LAST YEAR!

    This “information age” is full of lies ,propaganda and cover ups.

  21. Author

    We are in a DoD led walkback of UFO information. The Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and the big networks will move in lockstep.

    The reason that they are walking back is that they cannot afford for the public to discover that the abductions are real and that people have had eggs, sperm and fetuses taken.

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