Don has had a lifetime of experiences, and they will change the way you think about contact! He writes, "In 1984 both my son and I were awakened in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, only to find a grey alien floating in the corner of the room. He was expressing interest in taking my son, so I told it I would come along as well. We were taken aboard a ship where I met a human looking being and we communicated telepathically. When I was placed back in my bed a couple of hours later I had what I term a ‘near death like’ experience where around a dozen other incidents flashed before my eyes. This is all a conscious memory with no hypnosis. I remembered all the way back to before I was born when my mother was giving birth to me in the operating room."

In 2001, "Eva" experienced the same type of stroke that would strike Anne Strieber 3 years later. Like Anne, she experienced a powerful near-death experience. In fact, she had one of the MOST intense NDEs anybody at Unknowncountry has ever heard described. Listen as she tells her enthralling, heart rending story to Anne Strieber, and these two NDE experiencers compare notes.

To our knowledge, this interview is unique in the literature. Both the interviewer and the interviewee were led to death’s door by the same dangerous illness, and both have returned with amazing and important messages.

"Camille" had no menstrual cycle for three months and had the symptoms of pregnancy. That same week, she had attacks of sleep paralysis while hearing a mechanical voice call her name. She woke up m to find a triangle on her leg and her dentist found an unknown object embedded in one of her teeth. She lived with her uncle at age 3. He worked on the Saturn 5 program and the tethered satellite experiment, and she sensed that his involvement in these programs had somehow attracted some very unusual attention to her and her family.