For our subscribers, we go deeper with Anne Strieber’s latest interview of a close encounter witness. Given how convincing the evidence of close encounter has become–as shown in this week’s Dreamland, for example–Anne Strieber’s witness interviews are of extraordinary importance. They offer profound insight into the meaning of the experience, and thus are a window into what is likely to be a truly incredible human future, as contact continues to spread.

This week, Anne Strieber interviews contactee "Scott" who has had a lifetime of extraordinary experiences. Listen as he tells of the other-worldly childhood teacher for whom he felt great love, and describes the unusual marks on his body that are silent witness to a hidden life of deepest strangeness. He prefers to call himself a ‘participant’ rather than an ‘abductee’ and considers himself part of a great leap of consciousness that mankind is in the process of making.

Ken’s close encounters started in childhood, but he didn’t become aware that they were occurring until 2002, at the age of 50. Defense Department officials have had an involvement in his case, and an implant was removed from his son a few years ago. In college, he was a security guard for a secret defense related program, and he believes that this was somehow associated with his close encounters.

Listen as Anne Strieber uses her enormous knowledge of the close encounter experience to guide Ken through a very provocative interview.

Contactee "Susan" had dreams about being in a craft piloted by three grays. She was led by these dreams to seek certain Native American wisdom keepers, the medicine people of the Oglala Lakota Sioux community from the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. They interpreted her dreams and told her about their tribal contacts with the "star people."

This wonderous, rivetingly interesting contactee story is another example of what life is like at the edge of reality, where we break free from the bondage of our materialistic, linear and time bound lives and break free. Listen as Anne Strieber’s gentle voice draws "Susan" into telling her incredible story. There be secrets here to touch the heart and feed the soul.