Our interviews with Unknowncountry subscribers who have had close encounters have become one of the most popular features in the history of our subscriber program, and this week Anne Strieber talks to "Tim," a close encounter witness who had some experiences that are startlingly similar to what Whitley Strieber reported in "Transformation."

Don’t miss this remarkable record of one man’s face-to-face encounter with the unknown presence that lives in so many of our lives. 

This week, Anne Strieber talks to another member of the Unknowncountry community, "Steve." Rather than explain what you should expect from this interview, we’ll let Steve tell you in his own moving words:

"The things that have swirled around me as I have lived my life are so odd that many times I never told anyone, because they were too weird for me to believe, let alone anyone else. Sometimes I am so lonely I could cry. I just want so much to be heard by people like you, because It means so much to me that I know these things have happened to others as well. I feel my struggle has not been for nothing. I don’t know why I have been chosen to experience these things when I see others live their lives in relative peace.

The last large group in the western world who can be freely laughed at and mocked are the alien abductees. Minority groups such as racial or sexual minorities, the mentally ill or the disabled are protected from discrimination and derision. But let an abductee report publicly that he or she was raped, and they will have the same experience that Whitley Strieber had: their suffering will evoke sneering laughter from the media, they will lose their social standing, and they will end up isolated outsiders.

But not to Anne Strieber, who has more knowledge of the experience than any other researcher, and the wisdom and open-mindedness to get abductees to tell us not just what they hope we will believe, but their TRUE stories as they actually remember them.

We return to our ongoing program of interviewing Unknowncountry subscribers about their experiences, and this week "Diana" tells Anne Strieber the riveting account of her numerous contact experiences. Her insights are vivid, unusual and very thought provoking, so don’t miss this wonderful interview. It opens a real door into what actually happens to close encounter witnesses, and how the experience impacts their lives.

Interviews such as this are literally unique in the world, and only available on Unknowncountry. Don’t miss this extraordinary event.