In this week’s Dreamland, Whitley speaks first to Eric Saethre, an anthropologist who discovered while living in a remote Aboriginal community that they often saw UFOs. While they weren’t afraid of them, they would warn non-native people that they could get abducted and if that happened, that they would never come back.  Eric also discovered that UFO sightings in the area were confined to just one community. Listen as he tells of his eye-opening discoveries.

Then, Whitley interviews contactee “Mike” (Not Mike Clelland) about his own shocking UFO experiences. Mike’s interview will also be archived in our Contactee Section.

This edition of Dreamland starts with the adventures of an anthropologist who takes no position on UFOs himself, but finds a remarkable situation in a remote area that has never been visited by investigators before. While the local people have plenty of media access and so aren’t unfamiliar with alien and UFO stories, there are also elements of the situation that link it in ways the locals probably could not know, to some of the most consistent features of not only the UFO story, but the fairy-faith that preceded it.

“Mike’s” story, which is an in-depth report by a direct encounter witness, takes us on an extraordinary high-strangeness adventure.

The image is of one of the “Devil’s Marbles” in the Australian Northern Territories.  © Brett Andersen |

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  1. I asked my American friend if you used the word ”dole” in America to refer to welfare, and apparantly you don’t?

    Guess you picked that up during your adventures in London 😉 ?

    1. “On the dole” was certainly used in the USA in the 1940s and 1950s informally. I don’t think it was “government-ese. I think it was used pejoritively by Conservatives.

  2. Author

    I am well known among friends and family for using outmoded slang, so maybe “dole” was once used here, but no more.

    1. Great show and excellent guests! I particularly resonated with Mike.

      Thank you!

    2. I concur on the show with Eirik being a great one. Having been listing over the last few months to the Podcasts during the pandemic,, this one finally moved me to get a paid membership!

    1. I probably should add that as it says in this artical they aren’t believed to be “aliens” but spirit beings. Which to me is another way of saying interdimensional

      1. By appearing in this world as humans, taking on the limited human self-consciousness and identifying with it, our original true nature which is divine and not from this world has become alien to us.
        Yet we still are Who we really Are. We willed to extend your original happiness to other beings, so we imagined being them, in this case human beings.

  3. I’m very curious about Mike’s ethnicity, since he feels related to the visitors. Well, I just heard him refer to the Nordics. So maybe his ethnicity is related to Scandinavian ancestors?

    My own experiences have led me to understand that the visitors I’ve experienced are ancestors and not aliens. They have figured prominently into everything I know & understand about life.

    Really enjoyed both speakers & totally get where they’re coming from. The anthropologist was so fortunate to have been introduced to the beings in the community, so they would cause him no harm.

  4. As an Australian I was pleased to see that you were doing a story on our ancient indigenous people. I recommend that you look up “wandjinas”, a totem from the Kiimberley region of Australia that is depicted on ancient rock art. In my opinion it shows beings who are not of this world. It also reminded me of the work of Ardy Sixkiller Clarke who looked into North and Central American indigenous peoples encounters with UFOs.

  5. Sorry “Dude”, I didn’t see your post above and I have repeated some of your comment.

  6. It was an anthropologist who opened my eyes to cultural relativism and for that I am forever grateful to the field.

    Also, thank you “Mike.” I enjoyed your half.

  7. I subscribe to Academia and Eric’s paper showed up in my email inbox at exactly the time his interview started on Dreamland. The possibility of being profiled on Academia is truly worrisome; even more so then some kind of synchronicity.
    Great interview!

  8. Blessings ! Could the crystal veins in Australia be of importance? Are there any studies on relationship to the paths the visitors and crystals veins travel?

  9. It was not said during which months the wet season takes place there, not whether the aboriginal live 20 years longer or shorter than the white people.
    Everything in this virtual reality dream world being symbolic, the original inhabitants symbolize our true Identity, while the white foreigners who occupied those lands symbolize those who are alien to us, which is the whole human race:
    “ET 101”

  10. PS:
    “ET 101” symbolizes the “hybridization” of the human from this earth with the divine from heaven. Our original Self elevating the self to Itself.
    The appearances of the hybrids are also symbolic. Less hair for example meaning less animal. More innocent like babies. Really new beings. Our spiritual Self still appearing in this world as a human body.
    On a certain subconscious level our Self might be testing us to see if we are already more like it, meaning loving unconditionally.

  11. Super interesting that the indigenous people are left alone when it comes to abduction. I have traveled some but never stayed more than two weeks away from what I call home. When I have, I start feeling uncomfortable, not necessarily home sick. I get upset that I can’t identify plants/trees even rocks and I want to be back in a place where I feel I belong. I’m constantly curious as to where storms would come from, not being familiar with a “strange land”.

    Are people that are abducted out of some kind of comfort zone or are not connected with their environment? Is their spiritual or soul immune system vulnerable because of that? Are the visitors trying to fix something or take advantage of that situation?

    I’m an avid gardener and self identified naturalist. I’m drawn to this site but I can’t say I’ve ever been abducted, even remotely. A major draw is the visitor’s concern for climate change, and frankly their association with elves, fairies and their connection to the natural world.

    Thanks for that show. Pretty sure that was some fresh info in a genre that is constantly recycling itself.

    1. I identify with your post and you stated so clearly your connection to the land. Rumi says, “If love did not live in matter, how could any place have any hold on anyone?”

  12. What fascinating stories. The idea comes up that the Subaru symbolizes the “vehicle” or consciousnesses of our non-terrestrial Self. That the Self -including individuated- can see us -by experiencing being us- but we might not see It by not yet having recognized It as our Self. And and that the human consciousness -light- is painful to our Self. So dark glasses. And also on one level of development of awareness big eyes seeing much more than we on the human level covered with dark glass-like looking protection.

    1. About the Subaru I meant dark windows. (Which are also glasses of course.) The big eyes with dark coverings are shown by the Grays. Gray symbolizing an in between state. Not completely dark any longer, but also not completely in the divine light or consciousness yet.
      The non-terrestrials are shown to us according to our perception or interpretation. A self-reflection or projection.
      Until in union with our divine Self there is extension. Union as One and in mutual relation as One. Who we are as individuations of the One to the One, and and the One is to us. And we are to each-other. All extensions of the One who is our ultimate Self.

  13. Earthquakes portray the shaking up of things -as if shaking up out of sleep- so many erroneous ideas we have are shaken off. One of the results is people suddenly are feeling less as strangers to each other, and being more loving and helpful. Which is more in line with Who and How we really are.

      1. Thanks for the links Carollee, that looks like a very credible multiple-witness incident.

  14. The sardonic comments from you and Mike are intriguing, and I remember mention of it in Communion. Of all things, what role does sarcasm play in the visitors’ relationship to us? Are they somehow mocking our state of development or understanding when they give off this impression? Does not seem like them and sarcasm would not lend itself towards our inner growth.

    1. Sergios, I remember Whitley using that term as well and it has always rolled around in my head as to what could possibly be at the root of the sentiment.

      Like, do the visitors find aspects of what they do to be a waste of time?

      Is there a part of ourselves we’re not privy to (as we inhabit this human costume) who might be behind this sentiment in some capacity?

      Perhaps they didn’t ‘sign up’ to be teachers as it pertains to our inner growth?

  15. I’m receiving more coaching from
    Them lately; ‘do that, don’t do this, go back and look or do again, be kind, give that person a chance, be more compassionate’ etc. I am hearing and feeling them

    I too have had heightened electrical sensory experiences with technology as well as a premonition dream of nuclear fallout 2 weeks before Fukushima. Earthquakes, Tsunamis are things I have felt off and on since I was a child dreaming about them without knowing “why”
    Regarding the blue light I did experience a blue beam of light that came in to my bedroom and I experienced a similar reaction- oh my god! This is real, it’s happening , I’m SEEING this,
    I’m awake, they’re Here and I will remember this. I also experienced a visit from my deceased Grandmother in my bedroom and the room was freezing , and fill with the Blue Light and mist.

    I’ve long since felt some kind of affinity to Arcturus, and had an ancient elder turtle/reptile Grandfather with wrinkled brown skin pop in to me one morning with the most deep and Overwhelming love for me than I’ve ever felt from anyone.

  16. Please note that EIRIK SAETHRE generates Amazon hits for books by an anthropologist who has worked in Australia’s outback and was affiliated with the University of Hawai’i — but no Amazon hits for “Eric Saethre” as spelled by This discrepancy might prove an obstacle for folks who want to read his publications. (Meanwhile, let me also suggest the books by Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, emerita professor from Montana State University, who likewise gives voice to indigenous peoples of North America of many different backgrounds, who have had experiences with abduction, UFOs, etc.) Many thanks for this interview!

  17. @45min brilliant reframing of 18,19Century history–that aliens as colonizers,invaders on Earth shield or protect aborigines by disappearing the colonizers/whites. It re-empowers the indigenous by removing the control of the SOWS (systm of white supremacy).
    Fascinating guest and his research. Thk you, Whitley.

  18. Dr. Arde Sixkiller Clark, a must read if you’re interested in aboriginal cultures and UFO’s.

  19. Author

    Ardy has been on Dreamland a number of times. She’s been under the weather, but I’m hoping to have her back in the fall.

  20. Just listened to Eric. It added to my understanding of the experiences we have. Two things to put forth: First, Space does smell like burnt metal. You can confirm this with statements made by US crew when airlock is utilized for extra-vehicular activities. Second, please write everyday about your experiences. It will hone your experiences for the re-telling and provide you with a construct or rota to randomly access salient points for recounting. I would look forward to reading your first manucript! Thank you.

  21. Love to hear encounters by “regular folks,” Hope to have more of these. In the Unseen podcast Cristopher Knowles mentions about treading carefully with UFOs. I so agree! From my family’s personal encounters experience, I have learned that they often take more than they give. I am always amazed how abductees that come back with physical problems later say that their experiences have been ‘positive.” The fact that we cannot control them is a warning in itself. In the Ra Material which i highly recommend, it clearly stated why they should not interfere directly. The ones that do will not help really us.

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