Many people experience their first close encounters as children, and "Wade" is no exception. He found himself confronting the visitors when just a child, and when he was un-coperative, saw his parents brought to him in an apparent trance. He was then told that harm would come to them unless he cooperated. Listen as he tells Anne Strieber the unforgettable story of what happened next.

This is the last in our current series of contactee interviews. 

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Anne Strieber’s close encounter witness interviews are among the most popular programming we have ever produced, and this week’s is no exception as she interviews "Dave" who remembers one of the most enigmatic and controversial types of encounter: one involving both our visitors and the U.S. military. Some people have speculated that such encounters are entirely military operations. So listen as Dave describes his experience, and decide for yourself what you want to think about his provocative memories.
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For subscribers this week, Close Encounter witness "Nick" describes being implanted, but then finding that the object had been removed, but not without consequences. It seems that Nick has been left with a chilling and extraordinary power that is extremely difficult to cope with: sometimes, it just comes to him: he knows when people will die.

This is a very powerful and very usual interview with a close encounter witness who is coping with something that is far beyond the normal. Listen to how he copes with it, and reflect on what it might mean if such powers became more generally more

Anne Strieber continues her enormously popular and important series of interviews with subscribers who have had close encounter experiences. This week, Darin describes his powerful and dramatic experiences.

Here is what he says about what happened to him:

"On Sept. 15, 2009 my wife and I witnessed a UFO and believe we had contact with the occupants. Our lives have changed dramatically and we have had a profound shift of consciousness since then. We were not spiritual then nor were we seeking anything when this occurred.
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